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Blackstreet Singer Recounts Fight with Kids

1/1/2010 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teddy Riley gives us the final word on whether he's a good parent trying to discipline his children ... or a guy who physically assaulted them.

Teddy Riley

The Blackstreet singer was slapped with a restraining order by one of his daughters after an alleged altercation. Riley released a statement to TMZ explaining how he feels his kids have simply grown up to be spoiled adults.

Yesterday Riley gave us his version of what went down.


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DUDE!!!!!!What are you thinking!? Who needs witnesses when there are fools like you? Don't you know it's illegal to do what you did? And here you are practically holding a press conference with all the details,thereby incriminating yourself. You need better legal counsel.

1718 days ago


You know it is all these white folks that don't understand. LOL I'm kidding. It is a stereotype...had to put it in. lol GREAT JOB TEDDY! More parents need to discipline their children. It was not abuse. What people don't understand is it is very difficult to be in that position. You get to a point when you tell yourself, "Dang do I have to go there?" As for the naysayers, you havent been there yet. There are many types of children. Some are smart enough to understand, some are stuck on stupid and need the extra. It is all about education with children. You have to adjust to the type of child, not all of them are the same.

1718 days ago


#15 When I want a comment from butthole, I will ask you to speak it's obvious what's going on this man is dating someone that is his children's age and I am sure she may be quite manipulative. White people put theirs kids out like cats and dogs and don't give a damn how they eat or survive. Yes it's his house but obeying the rules don't mean taking an azz whipping or whatever Mr. Riley feels like dishing out to his kids.

1718 days ago


I feel bad for Teddy because he is really a good guy that used bad judgement in a heated moment. When his daughter didn't wanna leave he should have called the police and waited for them. He started the physical contact that escalated into assault and battery. The police would came there and physically removed his daughters from the house. The domestic laws changed a lot from 20 years ago especially here in Cali. You are NEVER suppose to put your hands on anybody. Blood is thick so they will reconcile.

1718 days ago

Ms. X    

Hilarious! He goes through all of it. He needs to lawyer up..that's "shut up" to you Teddy. Father of the Year award goes too....???? Lol

1717 days ago


This mess is funny as hell, he got tag teamed by some grown as women! They need to GTFO!

1717 days ago


teddy needs to hush up talking to the white man without an attorney! what the hell is he thinking? oh he isnt thinking honestly.
some of these kids today do need an ass whipping. they old enough to have better sense than this. but again - Teddy shut the hell up!

1717 days ago


Even if you swung that guitar at them, I wouldn't hold it against you. Nearly always the cops will take the female's side before yours, despite them hitting away and provoking all hell to break loose, the female is rarely seen as the aggressor.

I hope you can put this tabloid attention behind you and you can continue kicking (musical) butt.

Thanks for your work and your dedication to your craft.

1717 days ago


In my opinion, there was no reason for Teddy to touch Taja at ALL!! She is 18, not matter how the situation was going all he had to do was call the police and let them be the ones to remove her...and it had to be pretty serious for Deja to get involved if it was just a simple argument between father and daughter!! Also if she is "spoiled" then you can't drop the hammer on them so quickly, number one it would be his fault if she was which i dnt think so cuz i have met Taja and she is sweet and humble!! So, Teddy u have no one but to blame but yourself...i mean if my father at one point tried to give me a "MTV" sweet 16 then 2-yrs later is slinging me around in an attempt to kick me out a restraining order would be the least of his worries!!!!!!!

1717 days ago

TR fan    

Unfortunate it had to happen the way it did. But Teddy shoulda kept his mouth shut.

Oh, and hey TMZ, Teddy Riley is not just a "Blackstreet singer," as you guys insist on calling him. He is a legendary record producer - actually one of the most influential record producers in R&B and Hip-Hop music. Give credit where credit is due.

1717 days ago


Good Parent!

1717 days ago

old school    

Because he's going through a mid-life crisis is more like it.

1717 days ago


If you assault an adult, don't be surprised if that adult invokes the law. Too bad, dad. Your little girl is now old enough to drive herself to the police station and take out a restraining order. Count your blessings that she didn't have you arrested for assault.

I can't work up any sympathy for a father who thinks he can beat up on his adult children because they are "spoiled" (and by whom, pray tell? or does "spoiled" just mean they don't agree with you?). Makes me wonder what exactly he did to his kids when they were younger. Such violent behavior doesn't generally suddenly appear, it's typically part of a long-standing pattern. Be ready for his very young wife's 911 call...

He talks about his daughters disrespecting him, but that also doesn't occur overnight. He might very well have been throwing them around as usual and was surprised that they didn't just take it as in earlier times.

1717 days ago


Well Teddy, it looks like you just made your daughters case for them. In case you didn't know, the court of public doesn't matter. Meaning all the people that agree with what you did (I'm not among them) won't help in a court of law.

If your account is true, you're the one that initiated the physical contact so they can probably claim self defense.

Seems like your parental instincts kicked in a little too late and trying to get tough with kids that are grown and obviously not afraid of you wasn't very smart.

1717 days ago


I do understand that he shouldn't have touch them ok, but if they were so angry that they didn't want to leave and he call the police would it have been better if the police slammed them all around trying to get them out the house? He was in the heat of the moment and probably didn't want it to happen like that. also for the ppl saying oh he shouldn't have touch her y don't u say the daughter should have listen and left his house? everybody should take responsibilty for their actions. I know if it is getting heated and someone ask me to leave their house I would with no problem.

1717 days ago
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