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Charlie Sheen's Wife -- OK to Protect Me a Little

1/1/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are no longer asking the judge in the domestic violence case to lift the restraining order.

Law enforcement sources tell us both Sheen and Mueller are fine with certain parts of the existing order -- specifically, that Charlie not be in possession of a gun or other weapon, that he refrain from drinking or using drugs, and that he not harass or annoy Mueller any possible witnesses in the case.

We're told they are now asking the judge to merely lift the portion of the order prohibiting them from having any contact or cohabiting with each other. They also agree that a "safety plan" be put in place for Mueller's protection.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the prosecutor will neither support nor oppose the more limited motion by Mueller and Sheen.

But, we've learned, swift justice is not forthcoming. We're told the hearing on the motion -- set for Monday -- has been postponed, and it's likely the motion now will not be hearing until January 11.

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They don't have to be there on the 11th, but that's the day I'll be in court in Aspen. Maybe I'll get some big scoop. LOL

1764 days ago

Jeff Wise    

If it's hard to understand how a woman could stay with a man after he attacks her with a knife, check out this post on Psychology Today: In a dysfunctional, abusive relationship like this, violence seems to become a part of the "normal" dynamic -- and that makes leaving all the harder.

1764 days ago


Ok, HER blood alcohol was a LOT higher than his, so what the heck is going on? Why doesn't SHE have some stipulations from the court?

1764 days ago


This is one marriage that should fail. You never give a man a second chance to put a knife to your throat. Never! Even if there is no murder it will leave an ugly scar. Put miles or countries between you. Too many fish in the sea to risk that.

1764 days ago


What the hell are you thinking charlie? It's ok to be stupid, don't make it to obivious. duh!

1764 days ago


Excellent points #17. It's amazing to me how people are defending Charlie Sheen. He's an abuser, but hey...he's white and she's blonde so it must be her fault. Even TMZ is backing that thought with the pictures and things they say.

1764 days ago


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.
I have never heard of a couple 1st screaming for help, she's about to be murdered. Then they are going to make the arrangements for the restraining order...ha ha ha ..

Unbelievable.......Only in America

1764 days ago


Sounds like Sheen is violent and dangerous when he drinks, he even ripped her eyeglasses off her face and broke them during this fight. Clearly he can't control himself, wife & kids aren't safe around him. Sad.

1764 days ago


Giving them ample opportunity to have another incident in the meanwhile.

Does anyone remember the War of the Roses, where lawyer Danny DeVito advised Michael Douglas that he could legally live in the house with spouse Katheen Turner while negotiating the very bitter divorce?

1764 days ago


Funny thing is Tiger is losing sponsors left and right over a wayward libido, yet Charlie's Hanes commercials with Jordan are still on the air?

1764 days ago


Why is it so shocking to some that this is a case of birds of a feather....

We all knew Charlie would be up to his old antics, but, I guess Brooke, not unlike too many other misguided females, thought her pu$$y shot sparks and thus she was clearly better than the OTHERS in Charlie's life, so, they were meant to be, duh.

My point is, Brooke is no Mensa program attendee.

Ahh, the comedy of Charlie, 44 and still a sausage. I'm 42 myself, kinda feel like we grew up together, well, I grew up with him I mean.

Sorry Charlie, you still have plently of issues left I see. And there will never be a shortage of girls like Brooke to jump in where the last one left off.

Now one needs to decide, which girl would YOU want to be?

1764 days ago


S**t or get off the pot..!!! Orders of Protection are not to be taken lightly.

I don't want them to do this or that, but I want to be able to bang them whenever I want...Two IDIOTS..

1764 days ago


she needs to put in jail. these people seem to think that filing false police reports is a right. piss on her.

1763 days ago


#16 tells us "keep your opinions to yourself" what is your post considered? Gospel truth? Or an opinion? And I think the whole point of TMZ allowing us to post is so that we can express what we think.

1763 days ago


elin was full of rage because she couldnt stand the idea that i am attracted to other women and broke my jaw with my golf club and knocked out all of my teeth and i ended up being hospitalized for several weeks and probably will never fully recover and if i do im pretty sure she will try arsenic if ever there is another time that i piss her off due to my attraction to other women...

i want to work things out though...i totally understand you brooke

by fatlippednoteethtigerwoods

1763 days ago
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