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Report: NBAers Involved in Armed Standoff

1/1/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His nickname is Agent Zero, but a new report claims NBA star Gilbert Arenas went 007 on a teammate when he allegedly drew his gun on him during a disagreement over money.

Gilbert Arenas, Javaris Crittendon

Arenas and backup point guard Javaris Crittenton got into it on Christmas Eve, says the NY Post, to the point where the two pulled out their guns in the team's locker room. A source told the paper the argument involved some sort of gambling debt.

Arenas admitted on Christmas Day that he had been keeping unloaded guns in his locker, which he turned over to the team.

Arenas and Crittenton both play for the Washington Wizards, which used to be known as the Washington Bullets.

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Oh yeah 'Sounder' I'm sure #0; Areanas carries his entire $10M (or whatever) with him, but then again that's synonymous with the Black Athlete...

Looks like Gilbert could have pulled that 9mm out of his NOSE.

1733 days ago


Gotta LOVE the "Hip Hop" mentality that has swept our country and culture and society in general. Got a problem in the lockeroom, "pull your gun"!!! Got a problem at the nightclub, "pull your gun"!!! Traffic altercation, you guessed it, "pull your gun"!!! I also find it funny how people like "Really Doe" want to defend these types, and call all of us "rasicts" for bringing it up. You obviously voted Obama...LOL You CAN'T tell me that there is not a "Thug Mentality" that runs rampant and DEEP thru alot "NOT ALL" but "ALOT" of African American males today. Just listen to what "Rappers" Rap about "Guns, Guns and MORE Guns"! Do you honestly think that does'nt "sink in" after you hear it constantly? Until members of the "African American Community" starts condemming this type of behaviour instead of making excuse for it, sadly it will continue.

1732 days ago


From Paul Pierce nearly getting stabbed to death to these others. Athletes are known and known to have money. They are easy targets and prey. A 1 minute google search and copy/paste.

NBA foward Antoine Walker was duct tapes and held at gunpoint during a robbery at his home July 9, 2007 in Chicago's River North neighborhood.
NBA center Eddy Curry and his family were robbed at gunpoint in his suburban Chicago home. They two were bound with duct tape and robbed of cash and jewelry by masked gunmen.
NFL cornerback Dunta Robinson was robbed at gunpoint in his home at night when two men entered Robinson's Fort Bend County home shortly before 8 p.m., bound him with duct tape and then made off with several pieces of jewelry.
University of Miami football player and NFL prospect Bryan Pata, who was shot to death Tuesday at his apartment complex in Kendall, Fla. Pata, 22, was licensed in Florida to carry a concealed weapon.
Five Duquesne basketball players who were shot in September on the Pittsburgh campus. All survived.
Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jerome McDougle, who was shot in the abdomen and robbed of a $20,000 watch last year while he sat in his Mercedes in Miami. McDougle survived.
Vanderbilt running back Kwane Doster, an NFL prospect, who was shot and killed in 2004 in the parking lot of a nightclub in Tampa .
Former Red Sox minor leaguer Dernell Stenson, who was shot to death in 2003 after he was kidnapped in his SUV by two men outside a nightclub in Scottsdale, Ariz.
Baylor basketball player Patrick Dennehy, who was fatally shot by a teammate, Carlton Dotson, in 2003 in Waco, Texas.
Chris Childs, then a guard for the New Jersey Nets, who was robbed at gunpoint outside New York nightclub Justin's in 2002 of $30,000 worth of jewelry and cash.
Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia and his cousin, who were robbed at gunpoint of $44,000 worth of jewelry and cash in 2002 at a Cleveland hotel.
Tim Carter, a New York Giants receiver, who was carjacked outside a New Jersey movie complex in 2002 and robbed of his BMW and $10,000 worth of jewelry and cash.
Telfair's cousin, Stephon Marbury, then a guard for the New Jersey Nets, who was robbed in 2000 of a $150,000 diamond necklace as he waited in his Bentley for a light to change in Manhattan.
Antoine Walker, then a Celtics forward, who was among six people robbed at gunpoint in 2000 outside a nightclub in Chicago. The robbers made off with $100,000 worth of jewelry, including Walker's $55,000 Rolex, and $3,000 in cash.
On November 26, 2007, at 1:45 a.m., NFL safety Sean Taylor was shot in the upper leg by an armed intruder at his Palmetto Bay, Florida home, critically wounding him by severing his femoral artery. The next day, Taylor died in the hospital.

n 2008, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker was beaten and robbed in Las Vegas.

2008 weeks before Plaxico burress incident, Giants Wideout Steve Smith Was Robbed

Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed early Monday when his white stretch Hummer was sprayed by bullets after a nightclub dispute following a New Year's Eve party.

In 2008, Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier was shot and paralyzed as he sat in a vehicle with a former teammate.

Yancy Thigpen (search) of the Tennessee Titans (height: 6-1, weight: 203 lbs.) has faced three armed robberies since joining the NFL eight years ago. The last one left him and his fiancée tied up inside his house with their 2-month old daughter locked in a closet. An earlier robbery involved a carjacking.

-- Will Allen (search) of the New York Giants (height: 5-10, weight: 195 lbs.) was assaulted, doused with gasoline and robbed by an assailant when he returned to his house one evening in 2001.

2008, Houston Rockets forward Carl Landry suffered a minor leg injury after a gunman opened fire on his vehicle just hours after the team had returned to Houston after a game against the Hornets.

Early in the morning on Jan. 21, Corey Fuller (search), the 5-foot, 10-inch, 210-pound defensive back for the Baltimore Ravens, was confronted by two armed robbers outside his Tallahassee house. One robber chased Fuller into his house where his wife and children were sleeping, but Fuller was able to grab a gun and fire at the attackers, who then ran away.

1732 days ago


Sadly I'm not surprised that racist motards jumped at this story. Par for the course, especially around here.

My question is: If one really feels they need a gun for protection, why keep it unloaded?

These guys obviously aren't real so-called thugs 'cause if they were they'd know you don't pull a gun on someone unless you're ready to use it. I grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood and doing that kind of stuff on the streets will get you killed. Fast.

1732 days ago


foolish asses

1732 days ago


it never ceases to amaze me...white men make themselves look so punkish criticizing handsome successful black men, just because they are handsome and successful...stop whining about it...you forced us over here and now we are your competitors...live with it

white men form groups like the nra and involve themselves in militias (which is some real off the wall kooky mess) and will pull out guns just as fast as any other race on the face of this earth...talk about thuggish

so hypocritical...you are such girls, stop crying so much...grow a nice athletic body and make some money and shut up

1732 days ago


#46 wrote: "Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed early Monday when his white stretch Hummer was sprayed by bullets after a nightclub dispute following a New Year's Eve party."

But, what you FAILED to add was that Darrent was running with KNOWN gang bangers that night who happened to pick sh1t with "other" gang bangers in the club...
Those same gang bangers were INSIDE the limo with Darrent when he was killed...

And he wasn't "affiliated"?...BS!!!!!!!!!

1732 days ago


ain't nuthin but a gansta buddy!

1732 days ago


@ Truthhurts
I'm with ya.

Can the posters that are calling some comments racist please explain why there is a more Thug like behavior with the NBA/ NFL and in the Rap artist community. Especially with the gun incidemts and Rappers being shot or someone in their entourage being involved in a gun or shooting incident.
Let's say in comparison to the PGA or Folk Singing community.

1732 days ago


basket BALLS

1732 days ago


tiredofwhitemenwhing...that was one of the stupidest comments I've seen! And talk about whining, let's examine that shall we? African Americans cry "racisim" every chance they get. When Marion Barry was caught on film with a Crack Pipe in his mouth was he condemed for it? HELL NO!!! The Black Community cried RACISM and re-elected him.Everything that goes wrong in their life it's "Racism"...GET OVER IT!!!And "we" did'nt bring anyone over here, you wanna blame someone "BLAME THE DUTCH" and your "own people" for selling you to them for the slave trade! Do some research. Lastly, there are fine African Americans in every aspect of American life, Politics, Police, Entertainment, Sports etc. They worked hard to get where they are and Im sure it makes them sick to hear so many of their people cry racism so eaisly. Take responsibilty for your actions and quit blameing the evil "white man"!!!

1732 days ago


Being called thugish isn't a term designated for black people it's a mentality one holds when they're trying to prove they're hard... many of these comments are racist, judgmental and just plain ignorant that being said we all have done something studpid in our past lets just pray these players have learned from this incident and we all could learn to show a little compassion for one another.

1727 days ago


Any truth to the rumor that his attorney will claim this was just his way of "hyping" the local effort by some to change the Washington Wizards name back to the Washington Bullets?

1727 days ago
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