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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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The only reason why these narrow-minded people would wish harm to Rush is simply because they fear him. He is the voice of millions and that scares the hate mongers on the left. Get well real sonn El Rushbo!!!!!

1651 days ago

Rene Defourneaux    


1651 days ago


106. Funny, isn't it you conservatives that want Obama dead? That's all I see on TV is the threatening signs and rants of conservatives


Please give me some web addresses, I can't find the so-called hate from the right.

The net is full of Lefty hate. Sorry for the redundancy.

I am a different jim than #106

1651 days ago


Wow -- such bad manners shouting in caps. Let's calm down, folks, and try to follow by best example: Hawaii and the people there. Though obviously he rushed there while the Obamas were together as a family on vacation, into Obamaland as well. Obviously he rushed there to blast his message to a larger crowd. I lived in Florida for years and had it blasted to me there, don't know where anyone else gets it. Luckily for all his family, friends, and those continuing to defend him, he is still being given the best possible Health Care at the Honoluly Hospital. Most of all, he didn't land into the tortuous practices from which President Obama will always defend me.

1651 days ago


This is awful. I don't agree with Rush usually, but to wish someone harm because they express their thoughts is pathetic. You can't eliminate everyone who offends you or with whom you disagree. You don't have to like them, but wishing bad one someone affects your karma... if that's what you all believe he's suffering from right now.

1651 days ago

what a loser    

Thanks Harvey and TMZ for allowing ALL comments on this story. I went over to Huffington Post and there was an overwhelming positive tint to the comments about Rush. All these sappy liberals wishing Rush well and orgasmic at the prospect of how wonderful they all were for doing it. I am also a liberal, but I am also a realist. I tried to post to their site a couple of times and my comments were rejected -- they only want positive well-wishes for Rush over there. What a joke! Anyway, your poll reflects the truth and some just can't accept it. To quote another post on here, "I hope Rush fails". He is such a source of hatred and this world (and nation) would be a much better place withOUT him!

1651 days ago

Mary Jane    

OK. The Loud-Mouthed, Fat, Obnoxious, Drug Addict wants to live.
So, since he "happens" to be in Hawaii, did anyone think he probably is in Rehab......Again? Chest Pain-Withdrawal Pain, whatever!
Prior to getting caught, he used to Mouth-Off about Drug Addicts too!
Whatever happens to him, he should just learn to keep his Big Yap shut.
As a Nurse, I wish he could see the harm he does to others with his moralistic comments. As a Republican, I want him Out of our Party so we can get some reasonable people in instead who can get elected.

1651 days ago


The results of your poll don't surprise me. Just goes to show you the level of intelligence of people who follow "Entertainment" and and celebrity news. These are people who only wish they had a life and are not people to make something of themselves. These are the same morons who buy and read the National Enquirer They swallow the liberal Hollywood bend to thinking.

1651 days ago


Not a fan of Rush, but wishing ill will on someone else says more about you than the person you are wishing ill will on.

1651 days ago

James W Moore    

Don't worry Rush,
We all know the picture of you on a yatch with 50 naked Playboy Bunnies is a fake. Right TMZ!

1651 days ago


Pathetic, ignorant libatards... hypocritical lately? Morons, claim to be pro choice, and against the death penalty, good will to all, take from the rich and give to the poor... then you wish someone like Rush bad because he disagrees with your ignorant self-serving views. You should carry a plant around to replace the oxygen you waste.

1651 days ago


I'm a liberal, but this makes me pretty tired of other libs calling out Limbaugh and other righties as "haters". BTW, I'm a 60's liberal, not the communist version of today.

1651 days ago


Years of snorting OxyContin (aka hillbilly heroin) must have damaged his heart.

Here is an intro to Oxc for all R.L. fans. While most strong pain medicines last only about four hours, OxyContin gives a steady 12-hour release and has fewer side effects. But to addicts who chew the pill or crush it and snort or inject the powder, OxyContin produces a quick, heroin-like high that can kill.
His recent weight loss would seems to indicate that he is back on Oxys.

Rush is a junkie

1651 days ago


Rush is one sexy dude!! Get well soon Rush!

1651 days ago


There are some people that would make many of us smile - if we heard of their demise. Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein, Castro, as well as the heads of Government of North Korea and Iran. Unfortunately based on his hate rhetoric and the real danger he represents for freedom, justice and democracy - Limbaugh is one of them for me. Those who worship his ideology are also worshippers of bigotry, hate, white power and greed.

1651 days ago
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