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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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I wish you had less money and be hospitalized. Then you would understand how it feels like to live in the poverty line. Actually you would not be in Hawaii if you did not have money, actually you would not be smoking that Cuban. Thanks TMZ all christian watch websites are the most favorite again. Rush don't rush to get better, country is much better without your pathetic and paid comments.

1724 days ago


Wow, you "compassionate" liberals never cease to amaze me. If this was one of your puke-inducing liberal heroes (Pelosi, Obama, Micheal Moore, etc), you all would be outraged at the result of this poll.

1724 days ago


309. I don't wish death on anyone, but for all the damage Rush does poisoning the minds of people - - - -

Yes, he sure seems to poison the lefty hate group.

I can't really say he poisons the "mind" of a lefty, as that presupposes they have one!

1724 days ago


Evil wishes coming out of you, will only come back to you. God help us all. Rush is a good man. We need him. Listen to find out why!!

1724 days ago


The fact that you would even post this poll on your site shows the depth to which your ignorance and political bias goes. The level of hatred that you would have to have for someone to be willing to show such disrespect for human life is despicable.

1724 days ago


Rush is not 'against' anyone, he is 'for' the very rights that enable you jackasses to leave hateful messages about him. He is for good government that listens to the people, that encourages free enterprise, that spends our money wisely (not using is as a bribe fund for the elite in Congress), in EQUAL rights (not SELECTIVE rights) for all citizens. See, the guy in the White House doesn't care for you or what your potential is, all he cares about is how much more of your money he can take while crippling your rights beyond measure so as to ensure you never become on of the celebrities ya'll seem to adore so much. So when the great US of A becomes just O nation, and we are forced to compete with fellow citizens for basic care of self based on what someone with little or no knowledge of your needs thinks is best for you, you'll wonder why you didn't turn off your tv's and turn on your radio. For even though we are a nation of various political persuasions, we are all free people (at least a little bit longer) and we need to join together to protect our Constitution & Bill of Rights so that we can preserve our feelings of national strength and pride, and share with people everywhere a desire for peace and freedom & human rights around the world. God Bless, Rush!!!

1724 days ago


Yeah, TMZ reposting this poll is pretty low even for you guys. Last time I checked it when it was up the first time the numbers were in favor of him getting better. Once again your bias is showing.

As for Rush, I think he is nothing more than a racist, hate-mongering windbag that does damage to this country simply by opening his ignorant mouth. I think he preys on the weak-minded and gleefully encourages the like-minded to wallow in their own stupidity. I don't find anything he says entertaining in the least and it's hard for me to understand how anyone could.

And my dislike of him doesn't mean I'm against free speech either. He can say any vile thing he wants and I can disagree and that's what makes America one of the best countries on this planet.

I don't wish him dead because in the end his death wouldn't put even the slightest kink in the vein of blind hatred and willful ignorance that runs through this country. The sheeple will always find a sheperd to tell them what they want to hear or how to think and/or feel. And there will always be someone willing to lead the sheeple to what will ultimately be their doom. Man cannot survive soley on what the Rush Limbaughs of the world feeds it, forcefully or otherwise.

All that being said (and if anyone is still reading this) I certainly won't be sad when this guy goes. If that makes me a bad person, I think I can live with it.

1724 days ago


A) Conservatives are full of hate
B) So are Liberals
C) So are people in general, especially when someone isn't "down" with them and their beliefs.

I don't consider myself a member of either group. I don't like other people telling me how I should ALWAYS think or feel about a particular issue.

This whole "gang" mentality is why our government can't get anything of significance done. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, remember?

1724 days ago


I guess our government & union run sorry education system is doing its job keeping people ignorant especially to what freedom really is. Most of you are so stupid you will give up your freedoms just to feel like you're getting at someone. It's OK to have an opinion as long as you ignorant idiots agree with it; otherwise, censorship is just fine. You deserve to be slaves to corrupt politicians who just want to line their own pockets with taxpayers' money all the while lying to your faces. Go ahead, give up all your freedom, just don't give up mine. This is what Mr. Limbaugh is all about. Morons: learn about the precious freedoms we have while we still do. Listen to Mr. Limbaugh's show as I'm sure most of you morons have not. You make me sick.

1724 days ago


Rush believes that medical care should be a privilege for some Americans, himself included, but not all. He feels that if an uninsured person gets sick they should have to choose between not seeking medical care or facing financial ruin.

Why should I feel empathy for him when he gets sick?

1724 days ago


I think the poll is telling to the losers who are attracted to TMZ. I have to admit I stoop to the level of watching sometimes but its the lowest of intelligent TV.

1724 days ago


Liberals show their true colors on stuff like this, they wsih anyone who opposes them dead! They not only hate conservatives they hate their OWN Country! This is what the average working American should wake up & figure out, Russias was right when said it would destroy America without firing a shot, from within, these people are communist/socialist who have every intention of destroying the free United States of America & it is happening now!All in the name of loving people & wanting int help them against the evil rich racist white man or business. Wake up folks or answer to your children why you stood by & let it happen.

1724 days ago


Harvey , attention whore, Levin here's hoping your new year brings a flesh eating disease, swine flu, and throw in a case of clap to round out your year you sick bastard. Happy New Year douche bag

1723 days ago


Wishing ill of others is extremely poorly taste. Shame on TMZ for this gutter licking poll. A new low.

1723 days ago


And we are all supposed to believe that TMZ isn't biased? Just looking at pictures of your staff tells me they are all upright, non-drug users & as for Harve, well his name says it all. If they had any guts, they would have just said THEY wanted Rush to die, instead of couching their true liberal feelings in a skewed so-called "poll".

1723 days ago
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