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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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LOL, You post a poll on a pretty much 100% lib site and he still gets over 50% thumbs up.

Lets run that same poll over at Would be 98.9% get well soon.

Yet another media trick to fool the small minded libs into thinking "the US hates Rush" when in fact he would NOT be doing so well if he were not in fact doing a good job.

I know it makes you libs mad and I love it. Get upset! Call him a racist b/c that is the only card you got to play.

Why don't you go cry to Barak for another handout because you sooo deserve it sitting at home.

1753 days ago


Me thinks the libs have a metal object to close to the Moral compass if death is wished on those they disagree with.

That is if one has a Moral compass.

Sounds more like some are sailing through a fog bank listening to the Echos......

1753 days ago

Pat G    

(#355) love that gutter licking poll by TMZ, the best poll EVER!!! especially when it is about "Rusty"...

1752 days ago

Rip It Up    

Liberals are EVIL. As you can read on this site, they are poisonous monsters. They MUST be eliminated.

1752 days ago


DIE ALREADY, you ignorant moron! Take a mouthful of your own medicine - PURE HATRED!

1752 days ago


Double standard Real issue
Rush& tiger

Rush doc shopping,oxcot,viagra across borders ... all feloneys !!!! ( slap on wrist)
tiger admitted in hosp OD over dose , entered william Smith , ran into tree, fire plug ... 164$ fine
double standard squared ..Jail ,for both of demeBs !!! a--hat to u all

1752 days ago


"The U.S. has the best health care service in the world" - LOLZZZZ! Fact is, the US has one of the WORST in the OECD! Every other nation which calls itself civilized has decent public health care for everyone instead of disgustingly fat private insurance executives. This shows once more your imbecility and how little you care for the life of others. Guys like you are the reason why tens of thousands have to continue dying and hundreds of thousands have to file for bankruptcy every year. Health-insurance related deaths and bankruptcies are ZERO in Europe! SHAME ON YOU!

1752 days ago


it amazes me that anyone listens to this big blow hole. he has a small mind, and finds fault with anything the dems do. i wish he would just go away.

1752 days ago


Why am I not suprised that Liberals would talk like this. Oh us liberals care about people. Pssshhh yeah right. You are the most hateful group of...I guess I have to call you people but you all have NO sole, no heart, and NO compassion. If this was a Liberal ( Shuddering) I would have wished them the BEST!!! Why? Duh I'm not a nasty Liberal. No wonder liberism is dying!! You are discussting. How can you sleep at night...oh wait that's right you are Pro-Abortion and Anti-Death want the innocent killed and the Criminals saved...enough said!!! Good Luck Rush and come back soon...we HUMAN'S love you and miss you. Those of us with a heart and a mind of our own (Not Obama run) Wish you the best. I also wish the best of anyone else that is sick or loves someone that is. I say my prayers to you all. God Bless.

1752 days ago


Where in the poll does it say anything about death? Is there an additional question....perhaps one which doesn't appear on my monitor? Wait a minute....did the Republicans jump the gun again and assume that the opposite of "get well soon" is death?

I personally was hoping his effin heart would fail...much like he wants President Obama, thus our Country, to fail. It wouldn't hurt if Sarah Palin's, Ann Coulter's, Sean Hannity's, Michelle Bacchman's, and John Boehner's hearts failed too. As a matter of fact, that would pretty much get rid of the high profiled Republican party idiots.

C'mon karma.....I'm waiting.


1752 days ago


I hope Valdese from Honolulu has a stroke tonight! Hope your mothers heart fails tonight and we all would be happy. I wish and pray that you get in a major car accident in the next few days. Karma will get you Valdese you will get yours soon! Rush is the man.

1752 days ago


I love Rush Limbaugh and I hate the liberals that are no good for a nice society. The liberals usually have some type of mental issue, gay, black, or something wrong with the liberal. No place for these dirty people in our society. Liberals=Liars and child molesters!

1752 days ago


Rush is a good person that has the same views as I do. I think Rush should get back on his show so I may listen to him again, I'm tired of the re-runs. We miss you Rush, hurry up and get better.

1752 days ago


This poll is a pathetic example of how far our country has fallen -- wishing death on someone just because he has a different political viewpoint is shameful. Even worse is the fact that so many people are proud of their hatred and death wishes for an American that only wants what he believes is best for his country. So much for tolerance, intelligent exchange of differing opinions, and the greatness of the First Amendment. Both the left and the right of our country have their fair share of crazy fanatics. The non-crazy, intelligent democrats should (loudly) denounce the results of this poll(and the corresponding comments). Disgusting.

1752 days ago


I resent the fact that people who can't stand Limbaugh are automatically assumed to be liberals. I am about as conservative as it gets but I absolutely can't stand Limbaugh and can hardly wait until his mike is silent, however that happens.
He has done more damage to the conservative party than any liberal could ever possibly do. He only seeks to line his own pockets by inciting violence and by spouting absolute nonsense and outright lies just to increase his own media exposure. I wouldn't doubt this "heart attack" is nothing more than a ploy to grab headlines.
The greatest founders of the Republican party would hang their heads in shame to think that a vile, hatred filled, Jabba the Hut is considered by some to be the voice of the Republican party. He doesn't speak for me and he doesn't speak for millions of other Republicans. He is nothing more than the Joseph McCarthy of our generation and it is embarrassing that no one in the party has the guts to call him out for being a self serving liar and pull the plug on his mike. When his mike is finally silent-it will be one of the best things that could happen to those who are real conservatives and the Republican party.

1752 days ago
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