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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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Don't be ignorant people!

1755 days ago


You liberals never fail to surprise me. Supposed to be filled with love and tolerance of others views yet your hate filled hearts wish death on another human being. Regardless of his political views he is still a person that is in a fearful and vulnerable position. Someone mentions karma. What a joke. If karma exists what do you think it holds for the person who hopes death on another person or finds joy in their pain. You should be ashamed.

1755 days ago


Why do so many progressives wish the man ill will? He has no control over our lives, unlike the Craven Criminals on Capitol Hill.

Your hatred is misdirected.

1755 days ago


Poll results reveal that atleast 48% of the TMZ audience has a brain larger than the size of a pea!

1755 days ago


Why would it surprize anyone that the majority, (small majority 52-48%)who read this rag website would wish Rush ill will! While Rush may go a little overboard at times that God he is out there to counter you bleeding heart liberals! When your "Annointed One" and his minions have total control of every aspect of your lives and finances then maybe you will understand what people like Rush, Shawn H., Walter W., and a few others are trying to get across to you. Get well soon Rush, tne true Americans, ones that have conservative values, will be praying for you! (Until they outlaw that as well!)

1755 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Rush once said that Kurt Cobain was a worthless piece of flotsam because he used drugs. Well a couple years later, guess who got hooked on drugs? Now the flotsam is in hospital. Wake up Rush.

1755 days ago


Who in their right mind would wish ill upon anybody? I don't care if you like them or not.
Has our society actually become this calloused?
I am embarrassed for all of you.
I for one wish Rush all the best.
And, I also wish all the all of you.

1755 days ago


Once again proving Rush's point: Whether it's drugs or sickness, you have to be an addicted or unhealthy lib to be loved by the media! Now lets get back to the real victims...Baucus drunk on the Senate floor, and Nobama's injured golf buddies kid...!!

1755 days ago


You TMZ morons put no thoughts in your actions thinking that it is so cool to bash a man who has different opinions than yours. For a progressive minded thinking group you radical leftist reactions just shows how stupid and ignorant you are. If you really believe in Karma then you will be nothing but a miserable bunch of idiots following the the herd of sheep that you are to a reality of torment and turmoil. I will never watch your dumb ass show again and hope that people who saw you poll will also boycott you forever. AMF YOYO

1755 days ago


The Progressive Liberals in this country would like everyone to think they believe in peace and love and look at what they write. Rush would pray for anyone on this site if they became ill. Who is the better human being?

1755 days ago


I must be one of the very few more conservative(libertarian) TMZ fans here. I am sadly amused at the resentment and FEAR that Rush seems to engender! WHY are you guys so afraid of him ? It is also sad that I would bet the vast majority of the "haters" have not ever listened to his radio show, much less listened enough to understand his style and what he really is all about. You should know what you are talking about before you "spew". Makes one look ignorant . , a bunch of lemmings off the cliff. Talk about "mind numbed robots"!(That is what a lot of the media like to call Rush listeners and it is quite the opposite! You cannot really listen to RUSH without your mind being wide open and going!)

Feel free to disagree and never listen. But do not be so threatened . I guess people are scared of the unknown! You are buying into the mainstream media portrayal of this man.

Karma being a bitch comes right back at you. I disliked Ted Kennedy politically but had a lot of compassion for his situation and wished him well. Talk about hatred! Rush could never hold candle to the hatred spewed on here about him.

Get Well, Rush and quick! We need you.

And I still am a TMZ'ER but know I am in the minority here. Oh well! HATE ON.....

1755 days ago


ssongtan, you're right it was all TMZ's fault that Tiger Woods and Rush have received any negative press. They have done nothing wrong. Wow! You must be a Palin follower.

I am not going to wish death to Rush, but Conservatives, Come On! You were saying FAR worse things when Ted Kennedy was ill and after he past away. You condemn Liberals for saying that they are not sad that this man is ill, but don't see the irony in you defending a man who has made a ridiculous amount of money wishing ill will on those who disagree with him. And you call us hyprocrites???

1755 days ago


Limbaugh(lim-bah). Run him over to a volcano and THROW HIM IN!!!!

1755 days ago

Cheese Fries    

Oh kids.... Tiny rightwinged children... not wishing someone well, does not equate with wishing them dead. As usual, your misgided misunderstandings lead your tiny rightwinged minds astray.

I wish Rush (say that five times fast!) lessons in compassion and openmindedness. May he learn from this experience. I do not wish him well in his efforts to harm innocent people with the power of a rich republian Malfoy from Slitheran.

1755 days ago


Rush has the same goal as Osama bin Laden, destruction of the United States. When the US is going good (Clinton years) Rush is pissed off. When it is going in the toilet (Bush years) Rush is happy. And so are his spiteful little dittohead hypocrites.

1755 days ago
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