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Rush Limbaugh: I'm A-Okay!

1/1/2010 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh just addressed the media in Hawaii where he told reporters he did undergo an angiogram, but he's doing just fine.

He did not suffer a heart attack or any kind of coronary episode and test show nothing wrong.

Limbaugh was hospitalized Wednesday night after experiencing chest pains.

Limbaugh made it a point to thank the staff of the hotel he was staying at, the Kahala Hotel and Resort, and he proclaimed (several times) the U.S. has the best health care service in the world.

He called the outpouring of support from fans very "humbling."

We're told after the press conference, Rush went back to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.


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Outpouring of support lol, guess they give out rose-colored glasses in Hawaii. The comments I've read on various sites definitely aren't supportive, unless you are just sticking to Fox News and the sheep who post over there (and that's not a Republican vs Democrat comment, just reflective of those who tune into that joke of a "news" channel.
The ones who say "I hate Rush and everything he stands for, but I wish him no harm and a speedy recovery" are equally idiots and just trying to say the right thing and sound right. Be honest, most people wish he'd disappear and take his audience of morons with him.

1723 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Read the comments. Pure proof that Democrats are Evil. If they don't like you, they wish you dead. Sounds just like the middle eastern creeps, doesn't it? If the shoe fits.

1723 days ago

Artie Lange    

Sure sounds like a publicity stunt. Chest Pains in Hawaii where the President is Vacationing. Only to have nothing wrong in his own words and a waste of Insurance money by getting an angioplasty.


1723 days ago


Rush Limbaugh -- the man who never met a pill bottle he didn't like!

1723 days ago


It has been widely reported that when Rush was told he needed an "angioplasty", he asked if he could have gravy on it.

1723 days ago

Mr R    


1723 days ago


Is that the lastest picture TMZ can find of Rush? Or is TMZ using old pictures because they like the heavy Rush?

1723 days ago


Lay off the pills rush... BTW I think you need to also lose some weight.

Bring in the crane.

1723 days ago


I am glad to hear Rush is ok!!! People may not like what he has to say, but last I looked we lived in the Unites States of America where Freedom of Speech was suppose to mean something!! We do not have to always agree with each other but we should respect one another.....

1723 days ago

And thats the truth    

I am not rich. I have an HMO and I can tell you that I get great care every time I am there as well as my Mom and my husband. I have no problems getting a specialist if I need to. I sit in the waiting room for about 15 minutes or less. Sometimes they are calling my Moms name even before she gets to the waiting area.

The media/politicians are spoon feeding you crap just so they may push their agenda. Do you know that in Canada, people have to wait in line for chemo? Also, in Europe people that are younger get treated before someone that is older with the same disorder/disease. Have you ever seen a Europeans teeth! That is a good indication of how their health care program works and Obama wants the same thing for us? Europeans pay through the nose in taxes for their "healthcare" but I bet you do not hear about that do you?

Do some research kids! Do not be so gullible in thinking that this new healthcare issue is going to be a godsend...... do not believe everything that you are told.....

1723 days ago

Old Enough    

Knew it wasn't a heart attack as that would require him to have a heart. He's shown time and time again that he doesn't. I can't wish a person dead for speaking his mind but I can wish he learn to listen to other people and take other people into consideration before he open his trap.

1723 days ago


Say we have the best health care system in the world just confirms what stupid ass Rush really is! Fox news is the only one who really cared if he lived or died

1723 days ago


"Lose some weight, and you'll be fine, tubbo."

You've obviously not seen a recent picture of him, Dumbo.

1723 days ago


Best health care that MONEY can buy, if you have INSURANCE...AZZHOLE PEDOPHILE!! I didn't wish death on you before, but after this typical rich Republican statement, STFU and over-dose on your little blue pills! "What was Rush doing in the Dominican Republic? Why was he returning from a country known for its thriving sex trade, with a bottle of Viagra that didn’t have his name on it?"
Get a clue, most Americans cannot afford insurance or are lucky to have a job. Most Americans are thankful to keep food on the table and the house heated.
Go to hell, Limpbaugh!

1723 days ago

Fred Farkel    


And speaking of Cadillac Health plans... HEY YOU OBAMA LOSERS!!!!

Come and work for ME!!

I'll give you a CADILLAC HEALTH PLAN after only 30 days on the job.

But the bad news???

You actually have to roll up your sleeves AND WORK.

We always laugh at the pigs that come around when their respective health issues are so far gone that THEY ARE FORCED TO GET A JOB WITH A HEALTH PLAN.

Oh yeah, same old thing... get those health issues taken care of on MY DIME and then POOF - you guessed it!!!

They're gone!!

Good luck RUSH... and I will never forget the day you walked up to the camera on your show and proclaimed that:


Because yep... THEY DO!!!

1723 days ago
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