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Rush Limbaugh: I'm A-Okay!

1/1/2010 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh just addressed the media in Hawaii where he told reporters he did undergo an angiogram, but he's doing just fine.

He did not suffer a heart attack or any kind of coronary episode and test show nothing wrong.

Limbaugh was hospitalized Wednesday night after experiencing chest pains.

Limbaugh made it a point to thank the staff of the hotel he was staying at, the Kahala Hotel and Resort, and he proclaimed (several times) the U.S. has the best health care service in the world.

He called the outpouring of support from fans very "humbling."

We're told after the press conference, Rush went back to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.


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So many candidates for today's Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award that it's very difficult for me to choose! But what else can I expect from those who are part of the oh-so-loving, oh-so-tolerant, oh-so-much-better-than-the-rest-of-us Left. They are incapable of answering his arguments, so they have to rely on personal attacks. And for your information, he is no longer overweight. He just lost 90 lbs in the past year, but very few "news" organizations are updating their file photos.

1717 days ago


Of course he thinks it's the best healthcare system. He can pay for his own bill and he is getting vip treatment. Private room, the doc's are kissing his butt, special treatment. There is no equality even in healthcare. If he was a middle class homeowner who lost his job last month he would be singing a different tune. I am a nurse who has worked in hospitals for 15 years. Anybody who disputes me on this doesn't know what they are talking about.

1717 days ago


So TMZ was surprised that a majority of responders wished Limbaugh a speedy recovery? Must be miserable to walk around believing that everyone is a low-life like those who post such nasty remarks as some on here. Most people don't wish others an untimely death.

And those of you who blast Limbaugh's remark about our health care system...are you living in an alternate universe? I live in an area with a huge medical complex. ANYONE with chest pains can call 911, be transported to that major hospital, admitted ahead of ANYONE else with a lesser emergency, and be given the exact same quality medical care as Limbaugh was. Doesn't matter one whit whether they have insurance or not. That's the reason that Limbaugh or any other "wealthy" person pays high insurance premiums. They cover the cost of those who can't or won't buy their own.

Grow up, get smarter, and inform yourselves on how our health care system really works. Then maybe your opinion will actually mean something.

1717 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

US Veterans are entitled to a great health care system paid by the tax payers--THEY EARNED IT.

The US cannot afford....
for states to be strapped with increasing Medicaid recipients in this economy. (Notice how many states are on the verge of bankruptcy?)

The US cannot afford....
to pay the increased Medicaid premiums for NEBRASKA (forever) to buy Sen. Nelson's vote. (So tax payers from all OTHER states must pay for this corrupt quid pro quo.)

The US cannot afford....
to increase its debt. Our national debt is now 13 trillion since Obama came into office. The national debt was approx. 4 Trillion when he got into office!

The US cannot afford....
Another stimulus package--to stimulate jobs (AGAIN) that was supposed to be addressed by the 3/4 trillion stimulus voted in by the Dems in the Spring. (Where are all those shovel-ready jobs?)

The American TAXPAYERS have been polled repeatedly and have shown that they are INCREASINGLY against THIS Universal Health Care Bill.

Why are so many people without insurance? BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING THEIR JOBS!

This Dem controlled WH/CONGRESS needs to quit finding ways of SPENDING money and find ways to attract and support new and established businesses.

By the way....
Cap & Trade will INCREASE the cost of fueling your cars/home...that bill is sitting in the Senate waiting for a vote. Now if any of you kids are paying the electricity to run your computers into your mom's basement you may not like what that does to your allowance.

Looking forward to listening to you RUSH---hope you'll be in on Monday!!!

1717 days ago


"63. Why would he get an angioplasty if he didn't have a heart attack????"

He had an angina attack....his arteries are narrowed by plaque causing blood flow to his heart to become squeezed off. If he had done nothing he would eventually have had a full blown heart attack.

1717 days ago

truthfully yours    

I think "old enough" has too much time on their hands.
Mature adults don't wish death on anyone. I think I am done wasing my tme on TMZ with all these teenagers and inbreds.

1717 days ago


And I thought 2010 was gonna be a great year!

1717 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

I'm actually surprised it isn't even worse here. LOL

These are the folks that drank the koolaid and used their first voter registration to elect this administration. These are our future leaders. The folks here represent 12+ years of public education (propaganda) from the likes of Jennings and Ayers.

As it says... terrible times shall come. These folks really represent a fierce generation. Just wait until they are sharing voting privileges with their kids.

1717 days ago


I don't believe in wishing death on anyone.
But I've seen commenters on TMZ wish death to various people before.
How come all of a sudden it's wrong and people are jumping up and down because it's being done to your beloved Rush?

That seems hypocritical to me.

1717 days ago


Dwood posted: Yeah he got the same care as a homeless bum on the street. Give me a break.

You are correct. A homeless guy would expect us to pick up the tab. Rush had his hospital stay paaid for by his PRIVATE insurance which is paid for by his EMPLOYER.

It must stink to be one of you liberal death mongers right now. LOL!!!

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


Glad to hear Rush is okay. Shame on these liberals! Rush's girlfriend is with him. I wish he didn't have to marry her. She is 31 years old and she look like she is a liberal Democrat. She probably going after his money. I give them about a year when their marriage is finally over. Rush love his radio more anything else than marriage.

1717 days ago


First off, Obama is a great prez. You dopes in the conservative party messed this country up so bad its disgusting. I'm so glad we kicked the conservatives out of the white house. All I gotta say is Palin is a stones kick away from down syndrome and Rush is just a puppet for the right wing propaganda machine. How does anyone on fox news keep a strait face while they flat out lie to the American people. Amazing. Hey! who wants Jesus camps, nascar and family members from deliverance? join the conservatives. No thanks. you...

1717 days ago


Re: Judy #15.

Because the last time I looked it was a free Country.

FYI: That guy you helped put into the WH is now at 44% approval...worst ever!

1717 days ago


Leave to the "liberal media" to get it wrong.

Actually, when asked about Rush Limbaugh's heart, the doctor said "he has none, but that shouldn't stop Rush from continuing his self-agrandizing, pocket-lining, idiot-instigating, misogynistic media parade."

1717 days ago
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