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Hayden Panettiere -- Beauty & The Beast

1/2/2010 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for weird? Hayden Panettiere spotted in Miami with boxer Wladimir Klitschko.


Klitschko, 33, currently holds the IBF, WBO, and IBO world heavyweight titles. He also holds the title of Lucky SOB.

Fun fact -- He's 6'6" and she's 5'1". Good luck making that work.

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From other photos I saw, that IS her. And yes, she has bigger boobs now. A present from Santa, perhaps?

1755 days ago

Johnny Knoxville    


Finally a realistic look at the state of heavyweight boxing and it has to be buried in the comment section of TMZ.

Any moron who thinks that isn't Hayden, needs to be euthanized.

1755 days ago


Everyone here acts like it's such a shocking thing for a 20 year old girl to be seen with someone in their 30's. All of the parents out there who have a young daughter please read the following: your daughter WILL go out and WILL hook up with someone much older than them at least one time in their lives. ESPECIALLY if your daughter is away on college, she WILL hook up with some 30 to 35 year old.

While I'm still in my 20's, the girls I've gone out with, who range now from 20 to 25, have all mentioned that they've been with someone in their 30's before. And it's not to be just friends; it's just to sleep with the 30 year old guy. As strange as it sounds, it's tantamount to a tradition for girls nowadays to do this. It's like they want to see what it's like, then move on.

From a guy's standpoint of course it's all heaven. To have some 20 year old college girl show any interest, they'll of course say anything the girl wants to hear, making them seem as if they're the most important love of their life, when of course it's just a way to get that hot 20 year old body into their bed.

1755 days ago


To you morons who keep insisting this is not Hayden, a quick check of the web shows other pictures of her from this set where her ugly (and mispelled) rib cage tattoo is clearly visible. There is no doubt it is Hayden.

1755 days ago

Consuela bananahammock    

Seriously? Someone can't figure out how the sex works with a big height difference? LMAO That is funny! Either you don't get sex very often, or you have an incredibly boring sex life.
The sex is unbelievable, and the logistics work out amazingly!

1755 days ago


Special ED,,, MY thought exactly- What the hell is the deal here u cant be serious about the height diff,,,,,LOL Ummmmm I AM that same height as hayden and Size damn near and all my Bf's have been tall and way bigger than me.Mayyer a fact they said they really love a tiny chick b/c they can "Do more with her",,lol their words not mine.And they call us "Spinners" too.And believe me im not a total freak in the sheets but i guess people dont stop to think before they comment- u guys and girls that say that"How does that work" etc jus have not experienced it. And yes that IS Hayden!!!!!! And yes i too have dated guys older then myself,,,sometimes ya HAVE to b/c the ones your own age are so damn immature u can't stand them.Etc

1755 days ago


To the gay guys at TMZ, heterosexuals have their own version of doggy style plus a host of other positions that they can employ and ENJOY during sex where the height differences are not a factor at all.

1755 days ago


You are calling that TROLL THING a BEAUTY????? Bi*CH, PLEASE!

1755 days ago


omg i am reading the comments HOW OLD ARE YOU PEOPLE??? SHE ISNT A TEENAGER she is 21, her parents raised a very mature, environmentally aware young person who is dates does not make her a whore she dated TWO people within a 2 year period or less what is wrong with all of you???? Secondly, you do not know the man, so he boxes that doesn't mean he is junk... some women such as myself like MEN not BOYS and until the age of 26 most guys our age don't hold the maturity... LASTLY the picture doesnt show her on top on him or him on top of her Paris Hilton and LiLo are whores NOT her. Get into the 21st century people my God. And rememberL He holds his PhD... someone answer me this please, why is she whore to you?

1755 days ago


It so is Hayden, and I too don't understand why this 18 or 19 yr. old girl is continually in the company of men in their 30's. Well, aside from the obvious gutter humor stuff anyway. I never quite understood the great attraction with this girl. Maybe she is really nice and intelligent and...nah.

1755 days ago


LLLLLeeettts get ready to TUMBLLLLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Seriously she is a slut

1755 days ago


Oh Brother, these comments are ridiculous. SO WHAT. WHO CARES? I like Hayden and I am sure she knows what is good for her and what is not. To me her morals and priorities are intact. Someone mentioned that we do not hear about Wladimir Klitschko and they are right, so back off on the complaints. Most people posting have never heard of him, so why are you complaining....

1755 days ago


It is Hayden.....another website has her walking on the beach with a cover-up and the same bikini top straps showing.

1755 days ago

Big Papi    

TMZ was well behind on this one. The news of this came out 11 months ago!!!!

1755 days ago


Doesn't Hayden have a tattoo on her left side? I don't think that's her.

1755 days ago
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