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Rush Limbaugh -- Better Safe Than Sorry

1/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh held a press conference Friday afternoon to tell the world he's just fine -- but we're told Rush is playing it safe anyway.

Sources tell TMZ that Rush has returned to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort -- the same place he experienced chest pains on Wednesday. But, we're told, Rush has asked hotel security to remain stationed outside his room 24/7 ... just in case something happens.

Rush went out of his way to praise hotel staff for taking care of him during his health scare.


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Sam A.    

Way to build Americas hopes up Rush and then disappoint us by not dying!

1755 days ago

danger baby    

In the interest of fairness and accuracy, I need to correct the post about Rush being in possession of illegal Viagra (the prescription was not in his name) during his trip to the Dominican Republic (with his buddies). It was in 2006, apparently, not recently.

Anyway, here are some other interesting facts about the Dominican Republic. Who knew?

"Prostitution is illegal in the Dominican Republic and the age of sexual consent is 18, but child prostitution is a visible and growing phenomenon. The UNICEF report on the problem estimates that there are now at least 25,000 children involved in the sex trade in the Dominican Republic, of whom 63% are girls (UNICEF, 1994). Though there is, and has always been, some local demand for child prostitutes, it is tourism that has fuelled the rapid growth of this market for children bodies."

1755 days ago

terry b.    

Its oxy time. Rush the drugster. Your wife is with 3-afro-americans. Hope your heart explodes. love ya. terry.b.

1755 days ago


151. ... But, most of all, keep looking out for us and
letting us know the truth.

Exhibit A. Another victim brainwashed by Rush Limpballs. Ay carumba. Letting you know the truth? Listening to him? You're more likely to walk on the moon before you hear a drop of truth from him. Please, for your own sake and the sake of our country, please, please, please think for yourself. You don't even need to be a lib ... stay on the con side, just do it by using your own brain, not the words that he tells you in order to fatten his wallet.

1755 days ago


I'll put it the way Monty Python might have put it(borrowing some of their script here): "he's got nicer legs than Hitler and bigger tits than Cher".

You can see that to compliment the man is not ethical, not reasonable, not logical, not rational, not called for, not substantiated, not hopeful, not likely and not happening.

1755 days ago


A true American, we outside this once fine country pray for his recovery so Americans can see just how insaine their Media has become. Are Americans not ashamed of such idiocy on their air waves?

1755 days ago


This guy looks like what I would imagine the Devil to look like.

1755 days ago


to #10---Olberman has to stay alive to expose all the lies told by Limpballs, Beck, and all the other lying sacks of dirt in the Repubs line-up. Christians my a--nkle.

1755 days ago


He's better,DAMN,DAMN.DAMN

1755 days ago

You haters    

He is getting better! :) So sorry for all you hateful slobs who will just have to know that!! hahahaha

1755 days ago

Rene Defourneaux    



THE REASON he gets all puffy....... that is what a cane toad(buffo) does when confronted by danger after they are fully puffed they excrete poisonous bile.

1755 days ago


I am so glad you are okay, Rush. Godspeed. I said many prayers for you since I found out about your illness. Can't wait to hear your voice of reason again.

1755 days ago

You haters    

the LIAR(s)in the WH, along with the haters, are surely disappointed you are doing well.

1755 days ago


4. Why does TMZ often use blimp-Rush pics after he lost all that weight? When Oprah lost weight, this did not happen. Each time...
Posted at 9:40PM on Jan 1st 2010 by Stan

Because, like all liberal media, they want to portray the opposition in the worst possible light. That is their MO. That they portray their political allies as walking on water has been proven. Noone should ever trust the main-stream media to give them the real story - especially TMZ.

1755 days ago


14. btw...there is noooooooo way, he doesn't hv atherosclerosis going on, virtually impossible, I say more like a mega warning sign he got, the big kahooni not far behind, prolly within 30 days..wait and c....Posted at 9:51PM on Jan 1st 2010 by ya riiiight

A prime example of the "dumbing down of America" & what does "prolly" mean? Never heard of the word but it says a lot.

1755 days ago
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