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Rush Limbaugh -- Better Safe Than Sorry

1/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh held a press conference Friday afternoon to tell the world he's just fine -- but we're told Rush is playing it safe anyway.

Sources tell TMZ that Rush has returned to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort -- the same place he experienced chest pains on Wednesday. But, we're told, Rush has asked hotel security to remain stationed outside his room 24/7 ... just in case something happens.

Rush went out of his way to praise hotel staff for taking care of him during his health scare.


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You haters    

Glad you are apparently okay Rush!! Keep up the good fight, and maybe you can be helpful in getting the bum out of the WH. So glad you are feeling better.

1700 days ago

You haters    

So glad your voice of truth will still be out there. ..and btw, Rush is no longer "fat". You people, as usual, don't have a clue what you are talking about, which goes right along with why we have Obama in the White House. God help us !

1700 days ago

You haters    

Rush is gonna being around for a while, you big babies. Go cry for a while, then get a life.

1700 days ago


Was hoping he would have an epiphany and change his negative ways. But I have a feeling we will continue to see more of the same from this hopeless man. He thrives on dividing us all and I truly believe all of that negative karma is why he was in the hospital. Is it just a matter of time? Perhaps.

1700 days ago

You haters    

Ummm... your precious Obamer has a 47pct approval rating right now, so the majority of Americans DISAPPROVE of the Messiah. But, you know, if you have no common sense, you are easily brainwashed. SO HAPPY FOR RUSH.. GET BETTER AND GET BACK OUT THERE!!

1700 days ago


America could be so lucky! WAPOC this man is!

1700 days ago


Love the compassion, liberals. And you want to be in charge of my health care? Lovely.

What ever happened to "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"? Now it's "I don't like what you say so DIE and BURN IN HELL!" How "progressive" we've become.

1700 days ago


Rush is a great person what do you bunch of pigs who write bad comments know.

1700 days ago

You haters    

So glad Rush is okay. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

1700 days ago


Rush you are nothing but a mean, nasty, hateful hypocrite. Karma has finally caught up with you.

1700 days ago


Great! Your my number one customer and I look forward to suppling you with all the illegal drugs your body can handle and then some.

1700 days ago

You haters    

Most Americans are NOT waiting for the day Rush dies, most dont care. MOST are waiting for the day we have Obama out of the White House -cant come soon enough.

1700 days ago


Lets see he smokes, does drugs and is way overweight what did he think was going to happen to him?? What a royal douche!

1700 days ago


Where is Sarah Palin's death panel when you need it?

1700 days ago


Must be nice to have hotel security to babysit you 24/7 'just in case' you don't feel good later. I had no idea this was covered under insurances, wow, we really do have the best health insurance in the world! And here I thought insurance companies turned people down when their limits were up, or refused certain treatments based on age, sickness or risk factors... you know like that 17yr old girl that needed a liver transplant but had leukemia so the insurance company said 'no', it's not worth it.. of course they reversed it after much public and media uproar but by then it was too late and a 17yr old died because the insurance company didn't think it worth the cost. Talk about death panels huh... but I'm sure this would never be an issue with for the rich... yep 'wonderful' health care system we have here. What Rush and all these fear mongers ARE afraid of is that universal health care reform might mean that the rich and famous no longer get the royal treatment, they might just have to have the same coverage as Joe Smith next door, and we all know they don't want THAT.

1700 days ago
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