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Rush Limbaugh -- Better Safe Than Sorry

1/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh held a press conference Friday afternoon to tell the world he's just fine -- but we're told Rush is playing it safe anyway.

Sources tell TMZ that Rush has returned to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort -- the same place he experienced chest pains on Wednesday. But, we're told, Rush has asked hotel security to remain stationed outside his room 24/7 ... just in case something happens.

Rush went out of his way to praise hotel staff for taking care of him during his health scare.


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God bless and keep Rush. We need him now more than ever, in the time of the Chocolate Messiah.

1725 days ago


I'll take a 'Chocolate Messiah' over a lying bigoted drug addicted pilsbury dough boy any day of the week. What is funny is that anyone thinks Rush actually gives a hoot about the average American or this country, Rush is worried about Rush, Rush's wallet, Rush's fame, Rush's drug coverage. Period.

1725 days ago


I dont like his radio show, and my opinions differ from his, but I wish him a speedy recovery. Im sure its scary to think you are having a heart attack. I dont wish that on anyone.

1725 days ago


Hmmm: Your comments would show brilliance except:

1) Congress isn't taking part of this "wonderful" health care package that they in their "loving graciousness" forced down our throats because they know it's garbage. They did so many back door deals to get this mess passed that they are financially set for life. If you want to attack the rich, perhaps you should look at the democratic party.
2) When government is in charge of health care, people become numbers. If you're treatment costs too much to some government bean counter, guess what, you're not going to get it. Or else you will get in six months, a year, two years, ...etc. Look at Canada. How many people make a trip across the border to get treatment here because they can't receive it there? More then you think.
3) When the government is in charge of your health care, they are in charge of your life. They have the right to tell you what you can eat, drink, smoke, what time you go to bed at night, when you exercise, etc... Don't think it will happen? Why wouldn't it?

Politicians understand government run health care means greater power for them, why can't liberals?

1725 days ago

You haters    

Riley, you have not a CLUE what you are talking about. It's Obama who only cares about himself and his political career rather than the average American. Its obvious you and the other haters dont even listen to Rush. We are being taken over by our own Govt. Wake up!

1725 days ago


maybe now you might be aware of your tongue! stay away from drugs!you might just be able to utilized your brain more(just maybe). you have two ears and one mouth for a reason wise guy!

1725 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I would rather listen to Rush than that Swaggering Idiot Obama. I think Rush loves this country - not so sure about Egomaniac Obama.

1725 days ago


So Sarah please tell me how it's any different when some pencil pushing number cruncher at the insurance company decides your treatment would cost more than you are covered for? Have you never heard of insurance companies denying treatment, kicking the sick out of hospitals because they have reached their limit? canceling policies after illness because the person is now 'high risk' or trying to deny coverage over the blanket of 'pre-existing' conditions? I guess the way the insurance companies are now handling things is any different than how you just said the government would handle it. You don't think you are number and a dollar amount in the insurance companies eye? How many people do you think die in this country because of insurance company claim denials? How many people do you think are shuffled out the doors of hospitals because of no insurance or poor coverage?

Liberals realize that health care should be an American right, not a privilege for the Rush's. Why can't the conservatives realize that?

1725 days ago


Always likes to talk about his most favorite person in the world...himself.

1725 days ago


Its so odd. Halle Berry and Barry Obamaramabama both had abusive alcoholic black fathers who beat their wives and kids and then abandoned their families, leaving the white mothers to raise the kids and soldier on...and then both blather on and embrace their blackness like it was something wonderful, which is such crap. Rush tells it like it is, tells the truth, about Barry and his Kenyan birth and Muslim upbringing and evil radical socialist friends like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, and nobody wants to listen, they just want to blather on about "change". Well, here is something to remember...CHANGE IS EASY, IMPROVEMENT IS DIFICULT. Barry is leading us down a dangerous path, and in the end, we will find not improvement, but disaster. Rush, get better, we need you!!!

1725 days ago


Thank you hmmmmmm. I am reminded of the news story a few years ago of the elderly woman who was transported by ambulance from an emergency room and dumped on a street. She was disoriented and still in a hospital gown in freezing weather. It just happened that security cameras outside a business caught it all. Cars just passed her by as she was walking in the street in circles. One decent human being came out of the store she owned and brought her inside.

1725 days ago


No chance he'll ever have a heart attack, since he has no heart.

1725 days ago


Rush influences too many ignorant people, it's called karma a-hole. Hope you don't recover and die very soon. Yeah you do have a lot of stupid people that like you, but the educated people of the world know the world will be slightly better without Rush spewing his ignorance.

1725 days ago


I still cannot believe how many folks wished death on the man, I thought it would be unanimous.

I'm no doctor (but I'll have a look) but I think it's safe to say his heart can't possibly be in good shape. It's probably soggy and damp, barely pumping, sputtering like an old generator.

The Big Mac damage alone is cause for concern.

I also feel bad for his spotted liver.

Have a nice day Rush.

1725 days ago

J C    

Cut wasteful government spending and higher taxes.
Fire the democrats

1725 days ago
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