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Rush Limbaugh -- Better Safe Than Sorry

1/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh held a press conference Friday afternoon to tell the world he's just fine -- but we're told Rush is playing it safe anyway.

Sources tell TMZ that Rush has returned to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort -- the same place he experienced chest pains on Wednesday. But, we're told, Rush has asked hotel security to remain stationed outside his room 24/7 ... just in case something happens.

Rush went out of his way to praise hotel staff for taking care of him during his health scare.


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Ian Kemp    

Just proves that loosing 80 pounds in 6 months had nothing to do with will power, but instead everything to do with heavy duty illeagal diet pills.

Doctors warned him the pills would affect his heart....and they did!

I wish you the same as you wished the president, I you fail Rush.

1694 days ago

Gayle James    

Who cares? Since when do you call your own press conferance?
Ugh! What an ego-maniac!!!

1694 days ago

Jimmy Z    

Care to prove that Cyber Crybaby? Or maybe not.

1694 days ago

Ian Kemp    

Ummm Jimmy Z, try google....

One of many....talking about diet pills...

Conservative political radio show host Rush Limbaugh claims to have lost 90lbs since March. If you break this down, over a five month period, this amounts to about 4.5lbs a week. He claims the secret is in a Florida based company called Quick Weight Loss Centers.

The diet combines an appetite suppressant, carbohydrate blockers, and protein boosters.

1694 days ago

Ian Kemp    

Hey Jimmy Z....and here's a Doctors opinion...

Danger Diets: Doctors Warn Against 'Miracle' Weight Loss

Herbal dietary supplements often used to contain ephedrine. It did lightly suppress people's appetites, but it also made their hearts beat faster and increase their risk of heart attack, stroke and death.

1694 days ago

You haters    

Can hardly wait til Rush gets back just to drive you haters crazy! Rush is much more of a patriot than all these crooks in Govt. I think we should vote them all out.

1694 days ago


I love how all you RushGushers call anyone that comes out against him "liberals" and "lefties". And I really love it when you accuse said liberals and lefties of drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and not thinking for themselves.

Haven't you all been gulping down Rush's particular brand of bile and vomiting it back up at anyone that gets too close to exposing you for the bass-akwards, bigoted, xenophobic humanity haters that you are?

And FYI:
A) Conservatives are full of hate
B) So are Liberals
C) So are people in general, especially when someone isn't "down" with them and their beliefs. Just look at organized religion.

I don't consider myself a member of either group. I don't like other people telling me how I should ALWAYS think or feel about a particular issue.

This whole "gang" mentality is why our government can't get anything of significance done. United We Stand, Divided We Fall, remember?

1694 days ago

Ian Kemp    

Of course Jimmy Z, as a true Rush fan, you don't let facts get in the way, it's so much easier for you to be a mindless Ditto Head.

1694 days ago


I can't image being such a hate filled soul that I wish death on someone because of opposing political views. With Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, you'd think liberals wouldn't still be filled with such rage. Guess the Utopian dream of a Robin Hood Democrat government fixing all the problems in life didn't pan out, eh?

If you're intellectually secure in your own political ideology, you wouldn't have to resort to displaying such hysteria over a person like Rush who challenges your belief system.

As much as I can't stand Obama's politics, I can't image wishing him ill as many wished on Limbaugh.

Saying hateful things doesn't hurt Rush or convert people politically. The toxicity of such hate does irreparable damage to the liberal movement by repelling independents and emboldening conservatives.

1694 days ago


This man breeds hate and brings out hateful feelings in people...sort of like what goes around, comes around.

1694 days ago


Slaughter the far-right! They are international criminals destroying civil society and the planet we live on! War!

1694 days ago


It is amazing how many people will respond to TMZ articles without having a background in the issues. Rush Limbaugh is a mouthpiece, but he is not the mind or the power behind the far-right phenomenon. He takes his dictation from the same messenger Sen. McCain does. Follow the money. Always follow the money. It always leads back to one source and dispenses in one direction outwards from there.

1694 days ago

Jimmy Z    

Cyber Crybaby - neither you nor the doctor have ANY proof whatsoever that the diet Rush lost weight on caused the chest pains.

As a listener to the Limbaugh show, I have a great love of truth, facts, and I depend on backing up everything - unlike liberals.

Tannabgood: No, you're wrong. The level of hatred and evil coming from the liberals over this story since it broke illustrates a kind of rot that only comes from liberals.

Conservatives do not engage in such nastiness.

1694 days ago


All that holiday smorg sauce and booze will put the whammy on the old ticker, Rush, ya aught to take it easy. We need you on the airwaves tell it like it is.

1694 days ago


Rush looks puffy in that photo. Do you think he's taking steroids to be more aggressive? He's got that puffy angry edgy gig going. Steroids are bad business, man, scary stuff.

1694 days ago
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