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Rush Limbaugh -- Better Safe Than Sorry

1/2/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush Limbaugh held a press conference Friday afternoon to tell the world he's just fine -- but we're told Rush is playing it safe anyway.

Sources tell TMZ that Rush has returned to his room at the Kahala Hotel and Resort -- the same place he experienced chest pains on Wednesday. But, we're told, Rush has asked hotel security to remain stationed outside his room 24/7 ... just in case something happens.

Rush went out of his way to praise hotel staff for taking care of him during his health scare.


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Other countries take care of their citizens. Why can't the US?

Sales tax, fuel tax, cigarette tax, income tax, property tax, estate tax, local tax. The list goes on and on.

Where are your taxes going? Are you benefiting from it? Why not? Oh that's right, that money is for billion dollar bailouts, war funding and ridiculous pork barrel spending.

The least government can do for the little guy (since they ARE the ones keeping the country afloat and funding this nonsense) is to make sure their medical needs are taken care of. That's really not so much to ask for and it's not a hand out - it's called finally getting back some of your investment.

Is it true Republicans wish death on people that don't have insurance or the poor? While they seem to have some values I admire, I get the impression they are overall a selfish breed and hate poor people. Sad.

1754 days ago


At the end of Obamas one failed term as president, you Rush haters that never listened to a single 3 hr show, will be rush-ing to hear what he has to say to you mind numbed o-bots. Obama has mortgaged your financial future for 4 generations and you can't even acknowledge it? No SS retirement for you, no Medicare for you in your retirement years, and get ready for the death panels. Its real.

We tried to warn you, but you were too busy worrying about TMZ's daily cast of losers hooking up, breaking up, going to rehab for the 3rd time(and counting) and dying.

Wake up 'kids', your future is here, its not going to be pretty, and you are not going to be a celebrity. So you better wake up, its almost too late.


1754 days ago


Darn! better luck next time.....maybe up your Viagra dose....try taking it with gin....

1754 days ago


this person on radio or t v i dont know everytime i hear the sound of his voice i want to kill myself. he does a spot on tv saying i dont know what you people think is wrong with health care i got good care. you dont have any room to judge get a chronic illness and sit in a clinic and then tell everyone how it is. you have got to be under the influence of something or you are doing a poor job of butt kissing.

1754 days ago


Thank you Lord for protecting your servant Rush Limbaugh...

1754 days ago


144. Is it true Republicans wish death on people that don't have insurance or the poor? While they seem to have some values I admire, I get the impression they are overall a selfish breed and hate poor people. Sad.

For the most part, you are correct with your observation/assessent, The Amazing Xenu. (excellent "handle",) btw.

1754 days ago


Hurry and get well Rush, and try to keep down your Type A personality. I KNOW the country is going to hell in a handbasket because of all those Marxist, Communist and Socialist in DC but the best thing we can do for our health is try to get the truth OUT to the DUMBED down IDIOTS in our world and ask God to help them see the light.

1754 days ago


When will this bigoted jerk die? I guess we'll just have to be patient. Too bad. I thought we were gonna have a wonderful Rush-less New Year.

1754 days ago


Dolphin hunting has been banned, so I'm bringing my sea creature killing talents to US politics and am going to process the blubber from all the fat bastards. The blubber will be used to produce "Republican Barn Paint", in blood red only. Gross, eh! But not nearly as gross as the cultural annihilation, murders and environmental destruction done by the international investor corporations that run the Republican Party. Oh, plenty of the murders go on within the US too. You need to know that. Didn't you know the next election campaign is ON and the Republicans have begun their work? Far-right wingnuts!

1754 days ago


Don't let the liberals get you down Rush......we know how
they think. Just keep loving our Country, our troops and
our freedom. But, most of all, keep looking out for us and
letting us know the truth.

1754 days ago

Don Garcia    

Drug Addict
Divorced three times
Freshman year dropout
Secretly Gay
Rush has done a lot of damage to his body through the years so of course he has heart disease, he's just not going to admit it and his pockets are deep enough to pay those you know the real score, not to admit it either. His doctors would never publicly confirm his illness for fear of being sued. Plus, news about his health is private between doctor and patient.

1754 days ago

danger baby    

Anyone who has an alcoholic in the family can spot that look from a mile away. I believe it's caused when toxins build up in the system: Puffiness. Not saying that is what caused his look here...but I'm just sayin', that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see someone puffed up like that.

Happy New Year to all the posters here who are making sense (the liberals)!!


123. Rush looks puffy in that photo. Do you think he's taking steroids to be more aggressive? He's got that puffy angry edgy gig going. Steroids are bad business, man, scary stuff.

Posted at 4:59AM on Jan 2nd 2010 by nerts

1754 days ago


If your wondering how Obama got elected and if people were really that stupid. Just read the comments from the stupid haters posted here and it becomes clear how easy it is to fool ignorant people.

1754 days ago


its obvious that being the big gas bag that Limbaugh is - he had a major case of gas aka known as heart burn - it fits...

1754 days ago


Guess that means I'm back to my belief that god doesnt exist.

1754 days ago
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