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MJ Creditors Claims

Tens of Millions of $$$

1/3/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's estate may be making serious money, but they are also dealing with claims upwards of $20 million, sources tell TMZ.

We're told the best guess is that when the door finally shuts on people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money, the grand total will exceed $20 mil. That includes a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of the "Thriller" music video, a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (there are a number of other law firms that want a piece of the estate).

That does not mean -- by any stretch -- the estate will pay all the claims. We're told some of them are patently bogus and lawyers for the estate will not pay, unless a judge orders them to ante up.


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Posted at 6:23AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Inma
Hello Inma, yes there will be but they don't get away with it.
But the people who are entitled to money should recieve it, if they worked for it they have to be payed.

1762 days ago


Did you notice that whenever TMZ posts about a black celebrity, there are never any positive captions or comments? This is very telling...

1762 days ago


Someone needs to tell Daddy Dearest that even if if gets some kooky jury to give him more $$$ the $$$ will go to the estate and creditors like these will get their $$$ LONG BEFORE he does!!!

1762 days ago


Presuming his kids would have known about it from the start, he would,no way, do that to his fans, not the Michael I think I "know".
No, don't believe it, he died that day and the loss is felt worldwide.

Posted at 5:23AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Irene

No, we agree, he'd never do it. Just the thought of him distorting the kids emotions by telling them he'd do such a thing is impossible. Add to that he knew there would be suicides and suicide attempts - no way.

1762 days ago


weird soon as chico turns up so does puppetmaster playing childish B.S. games. time wasters

1762 days ago


AB, Irene, maybe he is alive; it's a nice thought. but i'm sure if he is, it's with the help of the fbi or someone, not something he just thought of and got away with on his on. maybe something hugh went down and they had to take him into witness protection. who knows, there was always plots being perpetrated against him. my real thoughts tho, is how sad that he is gone in such an odd way. killed by a dumbass money grubber! it's tragic.

1762 days ago


sorry, test for posting comment by PIMShell again.

1762 days ago


On behalf of mankind MJ...we are so sorry! Please....Justice for Michael, on behalf of his children,family and ever loyal adoring, devastated fans..

1762 days ago


Do you people honestly think Michael paid his own bills?

Do you not believe he hired people to take care of these things?

Perhaps a law suit should be considered BY the executors to the people hired to do this job in the first place. They obviously didn't manage his money well.

I highly doubt Michael meant to leave his estate in this manner & more than likely was not even made aware of alot of these bills.

1762 days ago


Posted at 8:10AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by barb

I don't think Michael payed his own bills, he had people to that for him.
But obviously they didn't do their work always as the should have, or maybe these claims are false, I don't know.
But Michael hired those people and he was responsible for the work they did.
He had the final responsibility, he was their "boss".
If they didn't do their work right he should have fired them.

1762 days ago


Cher #50, I totally agree with you in every word, Michael didn't have to create any more music if he so decided, the job was done years ago. It's like asking Albert Einstein to discover something new every year. Hahaha, that kind of asumption only comes from a very young mind with very little or no experience whatsoever...or a very ignorant person who's just jealous of the fame, fortune and love that MJ generated. RIP King Michael!

1762 days ago


1762 days ago


Posted at 8:31AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Butterfly

Thank you, beautiful!
Especially the comment to God.......shivers........

1762 days ago


That's why "they" called him the "leftist billionnaire".

1762 days ago


MJ spiritural advisor claim that MJ was afraid of Tohme and he kept him isolated and controled his financies.

Why Tohme Tohme want a dollar when he claim to have work for FREE and witheld $5million and return it to the estate??

I believe that the mysterious Tohme have something to do with MJ's death.

1762 days ago
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