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MJ Creditors Claims

Tens of Millions of $$$

1/3/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson's estate may be making serious money, but they are also dealing with claims upwards of $20 million, sources tell TMZ.

We're told the best guess is that when the door finally shuts on people who claim Michael Jackson owed them money, the grand total will exceed $20 mil. That includes a $5 million claim from a memorabilia collector, a $1 million claim from someone who wants a cut of the "Thriller" music video, a $2.3 million claim from Dr. Tohme Tohme and a $1.5 million claim from a law firm (there are a number of other law firms that want a piece of the estate).

That does not mean -- by any stretch -- the estate will pay all the claims. We're told some of them are patently bogus and lawyers for the estate will not pay, unless a judge orders them to ante up.


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Michael Jackson would never ever have gone into witness protection without his children. They would have had to fake an accident with all of them. (And how do you hide someone like Michael Jackson, btw? A couple of billion people recognize the way he walks, looks, sounds - both voices - his body language, everything.)

But this is theory anyway - I doubt Michael had anything special that FBI wanted, and I doubt they were his special friends since they didn't provide what they had to his defense lawyer during the trial. It's fodder for the imagination to make up a story around him being alive, but it's far, far too unlikely.

1720 days ago


$20 million is nothing, compared to what his estate is making and will make for many years to come. It disgusts me that so many tried to get a piece of him. Why doesn't the truth finally come out about all the bogus allegations? MJ should be VINDICATED, once and for all!

1720 days ago


So why was everyone floating the number $400 million when they first talked about how much debt he was in right when he was killed? $20 mil is alot but it is a far cry from 400 mil. Are we supposed to believe now that the people who are "owed" 320 mil just are not stepping forward to get their money??

1720 days ago

just an observation    

Good morning

Thank you for this post. I love Rascal Flatts music als.o That comment on Dear God needs posting because I'm sure it is how we all feel now.


and read the comments


Posted at 8:31AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Butterfly

1951suz (1 month ago)

Dear GOD...if we promise to take better care of him, defend and honor him like he should always be, will you just this one time send him back to us? We know we didnt deserve him when he was here before, and you took him back to help to heal his sad and broken heart. On behalf of all the people of the world, we are sorry for our actions and even at times our inactions. We will never hurt him again, we will treasure him, Please...please just this one time, change it back. Send him to us please

1720 days ago


So, Uh, Is this news?
Who gives a rats @$$ !!!

1720 days ago


Doesn't sound like very much money for a $500 million estate. Wouldn't it be better to pay it to go away and get on with life selling(Michael Jackson).

1720 days ago


84. So, Uh, Is this news?
Who gives a rats @$$ !!!

Posted at 9:30AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by Darvon
Obviously you do because otherwise you wouldn't be here?

1720 days ago


Thome was instrumental in bringing Colonial C and Michael Jackson together. CC paid to avoid Neverland being sold (that's how much MJ was still attached to it, although he wouldn't live there. Hence, they got a lever on MJ that forced him to accept the tour deal. I think he had double feelings about performing again. Anyway, it was the straw that killed him, because the stress, anxiety and avalanche of creativity it brought bereaved him of sleep and propofol entered the picture.

Posted at 3:39AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by A.B.

Anyone notice that TT never did show up at LKL's show on Dec 3rd? That was the reschedule date for when he cancelled at the last minute on a previous show because of a "dental emergency". We didn't even get an excuse or explanation the second time he was a no show, least none that LKL offered.

TT's advertising company also had CC as a client...that all right there seems like it would some sort of conflict of interest of some sorts. Because CC was a client, his ad company had a clip of This Is It on their website, calling it part of their "new works" since CC had a hand in TII, I assume.

1720 days ago


79. MJ spiritural advisor claim that MJ was afraid of Tohme and he kept him isolated and controled his financies.

Why Tohme Tohme want a dollar when he claim to have work for FREE and witheld $5million and return it to the estate??

I believe that the mysterious Tohme have something to do with MJ's death.

Posted at 8:58AM on Jan 3rd 2010 by HumanNature

That 5 mil is another weird thing...he claimed that MJ gave it to him to put towards a house? AEG has already come out and said that part of their contract was for them to put money towards a house in LV. So WHO did they give the money to?? Was that 5 mil part of what AEG says that they contributed?

1720 days ago


Good morning everyone.Instead of making more sense after 6 months thing seem more confusing.MJ U R not alone I love that prayer and my feeling exactly.Myself I always believed in him.LOVE

1720 days ago


There are some beautiful pictures of Michael that TMZ could use, but for some reason, they tend to use unflattering pictures instead.

1720 days ago

Jeff W.    

Ha ha ha ha ha ... The doctor that "KILLED him" thinks he is owed 2 million dollars; that’s rich!

In that case I was a fan for over 25 year never met him I think I should get a few million at least!

1720 days ago


yes and TMZ knows that I was on one day when they put up a great pic they took it down in minutes.I believe there is a history there Harvey does not like Michael. Harvey was once on the band wagon with the other reporters although not as vindictive as Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace.

1720 days ago



yours are very interesting questions. Where indeed did the 5 mil come from? Why did Michael claim he couldn't see his account when all he had to do was call the bank with a code, look on the Internet, or simply just go there?

Thome, who in the spring of 2009 in fury wished death and destruction on the Jackson family, in one deal with CC in 2008 "helped" Michael save Neverland and forced him on stage. CC considered Michael to be an asset, and the asset was going to pay off by the tour in London. What they did not take into consideration was that Michael was a creative human being with feelings, and that me may not respond well to being cornered.

(Having difficulty posting, just lost one post.)

1720 days ago


who ever said more money more problems wasn't lying

1720 days ago
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