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Chris Brown Cashes In On New Lady Friend

1/4/2010 3:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Holding a wad of cash, Chris Brown was spotted hanging out with a brave female friend over New Year's in Miami.


Question is ...


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That girl with him is RHEA in the picture. The new member of N.E.R.D.

1735 days ago


i think the world is corrupted as is anyway. true a man should not put his hands on any woman. but first thing is first. only them two know what happened that night. rhianna being a woman. yall ladies already know 5 0 is going to believe us anyway.RITE? NONE KNOWS SHE PROBLY ACTED A FOOL. we dont know. Ladies u guys know we can be scandoulous and devious and yea we can act a fool. yea she was battered badly. i think chris was wrong for that. but we also dont know what triggered him.. he didnt just get in the car and start beating her she had to provoke him somehow,since she wants to protray an innocent immage of course shes the victim.. like i said noone deserves to be hurt like she did. but dont treat him like an outkast. he deserves a chance. by the way his career has been going it looks like most have forgave him. if not some may even find him more appealing. sad to say but women are attracted to bad boy images. i thought they made an adorable couple but some are not fit for eachother. good thing they found out while they were young. now if he goes around beating on all his women. like some celebrities!!! then he needs his a** kicked. but dont treat him bad over a bad choice of actions. keep yur head up chris.

1734 days ago


chris brown obviously made a mistake but should he be made to pay for it for the rest of his life? absolutely not.i think he deserves a second chance because no one's perfect and we all make mistakes. he's apologised and should be forgiven.rihanna's moved on with her life cos as we all know she keeps jumping from one guy to another. chris is naturally talented and most importantly, remorseful for his mistake. so ppl,let it go and move on.

1733 days ago


Yea, give the kid a chance you haters. Haters leave him alone he deserves a second chance.Rihanna is annouying and Chris Brown was provoked by her.Haters hate him because he's very tallented. GET OVER IT including JJJJJJJJJZZZZZZZZZZ

1717 days ago



1751 days ago



By now, 74% of the people who voted in the poll said Chris in undateable!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaa.

In despite of everything he did with Rihanna, he is cute and has a nice voice. Maybe, he deserves a second chance. But, I don't know if I would be brave enough to give him a shot. Hehehehhehehehehhee.

1751 days ago


He is dripping in money! Money in his hand and money sticking out of his pocket!

1751 days ago

Everybody deserves a second chance, so sure...he's dateable. However, I would never date him.

1751 days ago


Yeah, he's dateable if you like to get your fingers and ears bit. And punched in the head and face. Oh yeah, and if you have a fetish for death threats.

1751 days ago


Some people need to learn from their own mistakes, rather then learning from someone else's mistake.

People with abuse problems don't change.

1751 days ago


not 'datable' if that means dinner and a drive around town. but 100% of these ladies love a bad boy like this - especially a rich one. that's 100% of the ladies.

no dates - but spreading your legs in the airport bathroom? they'd do it in one half of fraction of a new york second. you go lades - way to stay classy, san diego!

1751 days ago


Hell yes he is dateable, and I'm tired of TMZ and others bleeding an old story dry. Just because he and Rhianna didn't get along doesn't mean there isn't anyone out there for him; if that were the case 80% of the population wouldn't have mates. A lot of people love (or whatever) each other, but aren't good for each other. Let the boy get on with his life.

1751 days ago


She looks scared... Someone call the cops!

1751 days ago

Nunya need to get a life and get over this whole "BAN CHRIS BROWN" Campaign. The boy isn't even 21 years-old but you want to make him pay for what he did for the rest of his life. I wonder what you'll be saying about Charlie Sheen for the next couple of months. Dude threatened AND tried to kill his WIFE/mother of his twin children!! And they both want to reconcile!! Is Charlie Sheen a monster now??!! Doubtful...I don't see NEARLY as many negative comments coming from this site about that. Hmmmm...wonder why??

Do you really expect Chris to not date anymore. Rihanna goes out and dates and its ok, but whenever you freaks see Chris with a woman or doing things that NORMAL 20 year-olds do, its all of a sudden a sin!! It's been damn near a year since he beat Rihanna, get over it!!! and stop getting a hard-on, thinking you HAVE to take pictures of him everywhere he goes...thats SO 2009!!


1751 days ago


Is there ever ANY reason to walk around with a bundle of money in your hand and sticking out of your pocket? If there is PLEASE let me know, i wanna be there in my ninja outfit so I snatch it.

1751 days ago
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