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Lamar and Khloe -- His Home Alone

1/4/2010 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hopefully Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian will spend many happy years together -- but if they don't, Khloe could get a 30-day notice to move her butt out of the marital home.

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian
We've learned the house Lamar bought for his bride -- per their prenup -- is held in his name alone.

TMZ obtained legal docs -- an Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed -- in which Khloe acknowledges their home is Lamar's "sole and separate property."

As we first reported, Lamar plunked down nearly $4 mil for the 8,347 square foot home in Tarzana, CA.

As the saying goes, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine -- at least according to Beverly Hills divorce lawyers.


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Khloe has a horrible attitude, and when she turns on him, he'll be glad he made that housing arrangement. I'd love it if they have a successful marriage, but Khloe "has issues" which may hurt the situation beyond repair, and soon.

1718 days ago


As a poster already stated earlier, "some lawyer probably gave Lamar some really good, sound, legal advise about his money, future, his children's financial future, and, marrying a woman that he barely even knows."

1718 days ago


what... no michael jackson news?

1718 days ago


I know she has her own money but watching the show it appears she really loves him.

I would never ever move into a home on that condition, its like okay you can be here while I want you; but its not your home, you are only a guest.

1718 days ago


Who cares about these privileged spoiled girls who do basically nothing for society? There are so many productive, hardworking, thoughtful people on this planet to think about.

1718 days ago


Lamar just bought a 5 bedroom home in 2006 in Manhatten Beach that he is trying to unload for almost 3 mill. So, he's purchashing another 4 mill home in less than 3 years. If they married for love, there's no problem. He bought the home it should be in his name unless they are buying it together. He's paying alot for the interior decorating as well. He just bought her a new Land Rover. They seem to be in love, so it will work out. He wants her to have babies soon, so the papers will change anyway.

1718 days ago


These Kardashians are a lesson in character devaluation. Not only do we have to witness the shameless disgrace of a mother and father practically inviting their minor children {and adult kids, too} into the goings-on in their bedroom with the "viagra" episode, we also have a son who has not just his father {which would have been too tasteful} accompany him to the doctor's office due to his questionable "excited" state, but thinks nothing of having his mother and sister also at his side for this embarrassing kumbaya moment. And now we have the charade of a marriage with Khloe and Lamar. {Has not the state of marriage been trampled on enough by the Hollywood community?} What woman with any sense of dignity would approve of living in a "marital" home and not have her name on the deed, primarily because this is a newly purchased home and not one that Mr. Odom owned prior, which he would have every right to keep in his name only. I agree that Mr. Odom should keep the bulk of his earnings for himself {especially considering the influence of the mother-in-law he has}. And if Ms. Kardashian insisted on an extremely extravagant home to satisfy her ego for the show of it all, which is probably the case and also probably done for the ratings of the show, then Mr. Odom did not have the luxury of choosing a more modest marital home and Ms. Kardashian has to be satisfied being a "paid wife" instead of a cherished one. But out of the whole bunch, Kris is the most revolting, followed by a spineless Mr. Jenner. The rest are purely mindless entertainment.

1718 days ago


What a fool she is. I wonder if she feels like a guest in her own home? Oh isn't her house. Very strange. Who could live like that? This union will not last. She needs to take off her rose colored glasses and ger real. In the end she will be kicked to the curb and Bruce will be saying " I told you so".

1718 days ago


Why oh why did Lamar marry the one who looks like Chyna the wrestler??

1718 days ago


I do hope it works out and think Kloe has a good heart, just a dirty mouth. Sure hope she becomes a real woman and grows up and realizes she doesn't need to talk like a gang-banger to get attention and shock people. She's just immature.

1718 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

With the Kardashians, it is all about the money. It makes me wonder if they feel poor in spirit and in their hearts, where it really matters the most.

The show is all about superficial and immorality. To not even flinch to spend 4 grand on a dress for one event, Kris could not imagine being seen in a dress she already owned. Yet she did not want Bruce to go buy a hobby Helicopter engine for 500 dollars.

Can you imagine the good the Kardashians could do in the world, instead of a 4000 dollar dress or the mansions?

Never see them doing genuine charity work (unless for a photo op or an agenda), never see them even treat one another with respect.

1718 days ago


prenups...dont really know what to think of those, kinda takes away the real meaning behind it!...well as long he buys her chrome soda

1718 days ago


Maria @ 12:53 P.M. said it best...

Kris Jenner is one despicable example of being a decent role model on behalf of her daughters, and one can only imagine how the youngest girls are going to turn out. She has sold her daughters as prostitutes and taught them to be liars and cheats in life. Any intelligent and truly stable man would never marry into that family.

Khloe Kardashian's psychological imbalance (baby talk, et al.) and desperation to find a man and marry one (after 30 days of sleeping with him and misperceiving that as real love)is unimaginable in the real world and, yet, she's already working on having a child to compete with her sister. As long as she continues to perform the duties of a now married prostitute for which she'll get a sizable monthly stipend, she'll have a roof over her head with him; however, once he tires of her (decides he's definitely gay) he'll be gone just as he was emotionally gone with the mother of his three out-of-wedlock children after 10 years.

1718 days ago

No Comment    

"God comes first before Greed and the Green Stuff"...why shoudl anyone have to justify how they spend their money. If Kris can afford a $4,000 dress and she isn't taking the money from you, who cares? It's her money. Why is it that so many people feel just because someone is wealthy it is an obligation for them to give it away? I am not wealthy and I don't think anyone that is owes me something. If they have it...good for them, they should enjoy it. I am sure their money is employing many people as well as giving quite a bit to the government in the form of taxes.

Get over it.

1718 days ago


I hope they do a show (like they did for the wedding) about the divorce.........I think that that will be much juicier than the wedding crap they put up.

Go Lamar Go!!!! Just say no-e to klo-e the ho-e!!!


1718 days ago
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