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Miranda Rights

1/4/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr

It's amazing what being genetically blessed will do for a gal.


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When you say "bod", are you including those ridiculously skinny arms???? DId you look at those arms. . .? She needs nutrition, and a gym.

1690 days ago

Media Queen    

She looks like Smeigel from Lord of the Rings

1690 days ago


yes thats a lily white-girls skinny ass.
these women arent selected because of a nice body, they're selected because of the symmetry of their faces and how clothes hang off em. they're human? clothes racks. and the ones i've seen nekkid dont even look that good all ready to go.

1690 days ago


Her legs are where her arms should be and those arms should be on a plate with hot sauce on them, not in a good way. I don't know were she's getting that sun at but it looks like the polar ice cap by the color of her skin. I hope they have some food on that tub.

1690 days ago


I completely agree with the majority...there is no behind on that woman! It is scary that some people drool over what looks like the body of a child. Where is Beyonce when you need her?!?!!

1690 days ago


I'd beat her dry with my peetteerr......

1690 days ago


People amaze me. Every woman is shaped differently just as women of different cultures are built differently. This women is beautiful the way she is. She is not grossly skinny she probably eats well and works out for her job. Not every women is curvy just as not every women is skinny. Neither way is bad. People need to look at others individually and not be so quick to judge. I am blown away at how people with pass judgement on people for their appearance. Lets take a picture of all of you passing judgement and post it and see how you take the criticism. These are innocent people living there lives not asking to be ridiculed by a bunch of strangers. SHAME ON YOU!

1690 days ago


I love how everyone comes on here to trash this poor woman...who are you to judge so harshly? Until you are willing to put up a picture of your own body to prove yours looks better, shut up and admit your comments stem from jelousy

1690 days ago


Somebody hand her a sandwich, stat!

1690 days ago


I thought it was Shauna Sand again - has the same trim lines, and Shauna's been using a hat like that on the beach. Happy New Year!

1690 days ago


I was going to say Lindsey Lohan but I couldn't see any pimples.

1690 days ago


FACT: There are no synonymous in the English language. A backside is not a butt is not a booty is not a badonkadonk.

FACT: Miranda Kerr has a backside, at best.

FACT: An butt is not an anus. The dispelling of waste is irrelevant to this conversation.

FACT: badonkadonk is an onomatopeia. It refers to the bouncy-sound a healthy booty would make if it could. Miranda Kerr could pop, bounce, or roll her backside. There's simply not enough meat or muscle for her to do so. Basically, if she can't do the dança do creu, she does not have a badonkadonk.

FACT: A man who perfers nassatall has a small penis. Actually, that's more of a theory of mine. I'm working on a methodology to prove its verity.

1690 days ago


STUNNING!!!!!!! Great body, sorry to some of you fat pork chops who seem to type something negative whenever a fit and trim woman appears in these posts. Perhaps in texarkana, or whereever you people live, fatties are more to love for you. But us people who actually care what we look and feel like.........SHE IS SMOKING. Put down the hoagie, and pick up a dumbell fatty.

1690 days ago


I would nail it.

1690 days ago


WTF! she is waaaay too skinny, Her thighs are smaller than her knees, its disgusting! Personally, I find her face awkward and her body grossly misproportioned... She looks like a retarted 12 year old boy. Ew..

1690 days ago
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