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Plastered Without Permission

1/5/2010 2:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelyne -- the woman who has plastered herself all over the billboards of Hollywood -- is suing FOX Searchlight Pictures for allegedly using her billboard image in the movie "Notorious" without permission.


In the federal lawsuit, Angelyne calls herself "a world renowned celebrity" who is world famous "for her eye-catching and highly visible billboards and photographs..."

Angelyne says after the January 2009 release of "Notorious" -- a movie about Notorious B.I.G. -- several of her fans saw the flick and told her the famous billboard was shown in the movie for at least 12 seconds.

Unlike the highly-acclaimed movie "Volcano" (in which an Angelyne billboard crashes to the ground during a volcanic eruption) ... FOX Searchlight violated her copyright by not getting her permission before showing the billboard in the movie.

Angelyne wants damages and an injunction putting the brakes on using her image in the movie.


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She's a female airhead ad industry all by her lonesome. Famous for nothing but her billboard.

1730 days ago


Her birthdate is stated as 1963. More like 1953. She's older than she's playing.

1730 days ago


I've never heard of her, but then again, I live in Cleveland. I think only people that live in CA know who she is, so she's not as famous as she thinks she is! LOL!

1730 days ago

dr cyclops    

even if she was 80 i would still do her in a new york minute,,a man can never get too much sex and so grannies,,fatties,,anerexic twigs ,,bring them all on and i will do them..but im like tiger ,,they have to be white and breathing..

1730 days ago


When I lived in L.A. for college back in 1984, I used to see her driving around Hollywood in her pink corvette.

1730 days ago


imdb lists her birthdate as 1958...wonder what the real truth is?

I couldn't place her until I read some of the post about her pink Corvette & remembered she was in 'Earth Girls Are Easy'

1730 days ago


Ok I am from L.A. , how she got to where she got to was by this . She had a old shurgardaddy who I think was a armenian who paid for the billboards to promote her , fame for nothing other that being on billboards , no talent other that a dye job and big fake boobs , acting like Maryln or Jayne Mansfield a bimbo , basically . In her heyday of the strip Gazzaries and the other 80's or early 90's hair band days she was know to like sex with many a rock star or band , especialy if they were alot younger , but then she was already alot older , so you see the reality of it LOL . See angelyne I saw you around , I worked alot of clubs you frequented and say your styk , or lack of it , you need to go back to the assisted living care facility you were at and just give it up kid , no one cares , sorry

1730 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She has been around Hollywood for ever and even tho her DOB is 1958 you can tell its more like 1948 maybe earlier. Even with all the plastic surgery she has a body and walk that screams old lady. She truely lives in La La Land

1730 days ago


Harvey Levin was also in "Volcano" !(well, at least his voice was)!
It's a conspiracy I tell ya'!!!!

1730 days ago


I just saw her at the Supermarket Last Week... Dressed in a miniskrit... The was so Short it made you ill... I have heard all kind of stories on how she got the Money for these billboards... She had a new vett and re painted it that sick color... Where does she get the Money...

1730 days ago


yes she is alot older than the billboard,,,way older, the billboard so way photoshopped,in 1986 she was old and not good looking, that billboard isnt correct at all,,,a cartoon of her is more the speed

1730 days ago

Midnight Snack    


1730 days ago

Ida Clair    

That picture is SOOOO old that I'm surprised it's not part of the public domain, like classical music and "Happy Birthday".

She is at least 80 years old now.

1730 days ago


um, okay, what's the conversion from normal pay to skank dollars, here's 2 pair of clear heels and some glitter perfume and crumpled up $20 for you or do you have to split it with your manager ( i mean pimp)?

1729 days ago

Joe Bescophilis    

Uh, who???

No, really. Who???

1728 days ago
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