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Carrie Prejean -- Stands By Her Ram

1/5/2010 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage of gay-marriage-opposed beauty queen Carrie Prejean with her NFL boyfriend Kyle Boller -- a man who makes his living delicately placing his hands under the hindquarters of another man.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch

The couple arrived at the San Diego airport last night -- where the St. Louis Rams back-up quarterback talked about one particular talent he can do from his knees ...

... don't worry, it's a football thing.

Carrie Prejean

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Bring 'Em Young    

Gold Digger

1750 days ago


slow news day?

1750 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

She looks like she's enjoying herself alot more than he is

1750 days ago

gene yuss    

A back up player for the St Louis Rams? Bwahahaha! No wonder he has to settle for D- minus list celebrities.

1750 days ago


Wow why so nasty and full of hate towards those who don't agree with you or your views, It's sicker and more frightening then your trying to make this person for expressing hers.

Brilliant hypocritical strategy TMZ staff,
What are you 6 mentally? didn't get picked for the jump rope team or what?

1750 days ago


TMZ hates that fact that NOT everyone agrees with homosexuality. That little quip about her boyfriend proves it. In todays society one cannot turn on the t.v. without seeing two women or two men swapping spit. And it's all the doing of white people. They are the ones driving this homosexual train. The writers, producers, and advertisers are all white and they are trying to shove homosexuality down our throats (no pun intended). These people want everyone to back away from God and follow them and their views. But this homosexuality thing will come to a head one day soon and it will be a train wreak that cannot be stopped.

1750 days ago


If they are traveling together they probably stayed together and has sex. She is a whore plain and simple. having sex does not make you a whore but claiming you are a Christian and hitting people over the head with it and having unmarried sex makes you a big fat whore. Jesus is gonna be real mad at her.

1750 days ago


I can hardly believe it, why she is realvant anymore?

She knows how stupid she sounds, trust. Its just at this point she has to keep her stance because of what she put at stake. She is so worried about being on the team with the Republicanknuckleheads and Jesus freaks, she would never go back and admit the verbal vomit she spoke that night 'when Jesus told her what to say.'

She actually said that to some Christian publication.

I told you once, I'll say it again, Jesus is losing the battle with science, and religion is for retards.

Point proven I see. Just keep her talkin'. Plastic boobs for Jesus, and skimppy clothes must be so Godly now. I wonder if she had pre-marital sez woith him yet?

1750 days ago


If having a opinion was against the LAW! TMZ would be no more.

1750 days ago


wow this &unt got a boyfriend..is she going to do anymore masterbating texting to this fool.....any man that would lay this christian whore ...deserves her skankiness. hope this bitch gets cervical cancer and dies!

1750 days ago

Big D    

Continuing to mention her closed mindedness is just as close minded as she is.

1750 days ago


She's a big hypocrite preaching about Christian values while wearing skimpy clothes with two big silicone boobs. On top of that, her quarterback boyfriend is getting pre-marital sex action with her, because he's not hanging around for her football advice.

She peddles a book about her Christian values and magically her sex tape surfaces. She's a hustler and a hypocrite. On top of that, how many good Christian women join beauty contests, prance around in swimsuits and date playboy quarterbacks?

1750 days ago

lee mitch    

Ok, now it seems like TMZ is finding any excuse to talk about Carrie Prejean. It's getting really sad, but when has a group of mature adults aimlessly following people they don't know personally, not been sad? Come on Harvey, just let it go. She probably doesn't even know your name. lol

1750 days ago


Kyle Boller doesn't know he's with a non-talent fame whore who loves attention. If he wants a quiet private life, he picked the wrong chick. He must masterbate to her sex tape. I bet all his teammates are wondering if he's getting any. He looks cranky in this photo, the way men look when they aren't releasing sexual tension.

1750 days ago
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