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Casey Johnson -- No Evidence of Suicide

1/5/2010 9:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey JohnsonThe L.A. County Coroner's office has no evidence Casey Johnson took her own life -- and Johnson's body showed no evidence of heart disease, liver, kidney, vascular or other obvious problems, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the doctor who performed the autopsy concluded there were "no anatomical findings" -- meaning there was nothing evident that would unlock the cause of her death.

We're told there is no evidence of suicide or homicide. As for drugs, law enforcement sources tell TMZ there was "an insignificant" amount of prescription medication found in the home where she died. Our sources say the toxicology report should be the key to determining cause of death.

As we first reported, Johnson was hospitalized twice after falling into a diabetic coma.


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Just got a call from nurse. Artie Lang overdosed and is on life support.

1754 days ago


it's that bla bla what he fact; -- if you put the dollars she had between you and the moon.. you would be in a crater... err or better.. the amount of money you will make in your life time , will equal a snail slime to the niagra falls.. ---- still not colorful will get that stuff when tears wear down a stone.

1754 days ago


Poor woman. SHe died too young, but her past was riotous, drugs... etc etc.. R.I.P.
Tilla is now f**kd up :)).

1754 days ago


Brazilian Girl Has a Hot Butt take a Look.............Is Soooooooooooo Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:

1754 days ago


Kudos Homeskillet. You are the favored poster child of every lefty in the country. So when wondering why we have had one terrorist attack that killed soldiers on American Soldiers, another that tried to blow up more people on American soil on CHRISTMAS...and airports delaying flights by the minute because of potential hazerdous findings....keep blaming Bush! Idiot! I am so sick of you backwards people that voted in someone who clearly has a top priority of running this country so far in to debt with an infectious healthcare plan, rather than a concentration on keeping us alive. So go tell your beloved Obama to keep bowing further and futher into the a$$ of terrorist leaders!! Actually...I, for one, thank you folks for acting like a bunch of guarantess we won't have to put up with any more of your crap for a long time come 2010-2012! And make sure you take your joke of a president with you!

1754 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

She had a heart attack when she got her first sober look at the AIDS-infested face if Tila Tequila, the 2 dollar VC whore.
That or she caught one of the 100 diseases Tila has.

1754 days ago


i thought of something but i am getting wore out... like that part in jesus christ superstar--- when yvonne eliman starts to sing, "i've been dying to see you"-- may we start again please?

1754 days ago

Keepin' It REAL    

Why is it only rich people 'accidentally overdose'? When every day people die with 4+ drugs in their system, it's suicide and the family gets no life insurance. Yet, all rich people die of an 'accidental overdose' when they have coke, uppers, downers, anxiety meds, bipolar meds, sleep meds, muscle relaxers, pain meds, alcohol, etc. in their system at one time. I'm sick of the hypocrisy. Further, I refuse to feel sorry for these whiny ass SOBs killing themselves for no apparent reason other than the fact that they can't handle life. These celebrities and so-called socialites have no understanding of the REAL trials and tribulations of life. They don't worry about working a 9-5, the cost of healthcare, childcare, gas, housing, etc. They drink in excess and do drugs 4+ nights a week when most of us are trying to just get a good 6 hours of sleep a night to go to work the next day. F' this. I am tired of hearing about this self-serving moral bottom feeders on society. I am 100% sure that her death will be related to an overdose of drugs, excess drinking or her not taking her meds. I don't wish death on any one, but I will save my tears for people who today died from hunger, and from senseless acts of violence or from cancer and other incurable disease they did not bring upon themselves.

1754 days ago


Today on NPR they were talking about diabetes. They mentioned that Casey had Type 1.

1754 days ago


Smearing her name....and talking trash doesn't make it any easier for her family.....RIP

1754 days ago


So her family threw her away like a piece of garbage and she wasn't even doing drugs. The police report said there was an insignificant amount of prescription drugs. If an illegal substance was found TMZ would have reported it.

1754 days ago

You haters    

Many of us "cringe" to have to think about Obama in the WH. He is more of a disaster than Bush by far. I dont have hate. --just living in reality.

1754 days ago

You haters    

The "socialite"(stupid name for useless people) could have had it all, but she stole, took drugs, a whole number of things. Hard to feel sorry for people who could have it easy and throw it all away when many of us work hard just to keep the furnace running.

1754 days ago

Is it really important    

#28: You are the useless human lumping all socialites together.

1754 days ago


How about we wait for science to do it's job before we start with the breaking news of the obvious?

1754 days ago
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