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Casey Johnson -- No Evidence of Suicide

1/5/2010 9:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey JohnsonThe L.A. County Coroner's office has no evidence Casey Johnson took her own life -- and Johnson's body showed no evidence of heart disease, liver, kidney, vascular or other obvious problems, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the doctor who performed the autopsy concluded there were "no anatomical findings" -- meaning there was nothing evident that would unlock the cause of her death.

We're told there is no evidence of suicide or homicide. As for drugs, law enforcement sources tell TMZ there was "an insignificant" amount of prescription medication found in the home where she died. Our sources say the toxicology report should be the key to determining cause of death.

As we first reported, Johnson was hospitalized twice after falling into a diabetic coma.


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You haters    

Hey #29. You are apparently a socialite. Good luck on becoming somebody.

1760 days ago


RIP for this girl!!!!

1760 days ago


I hope her family doesn't plan on going to the funeral. That would be quite the joke.

I also hope child protective services is checking on that little girl. They already failed at being parents to Casey they shouldn't be allowed to do it again.

1760 days ago


Keepin' it real: type 1 diabetes IS an incurable disease that she did not bring upon herself. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune cure. No prevention. She was diagnosed when she was a child. Diabetes is a very difficult disease to manage even if you do everything"right." It's not as simple as taking your medication and everything will be fine. I know she had other issues but the point to your post is completely off. It's sad you judge when you're obviously ignorant.

1760 days ago

Why Not    

Is anyone else confused about her adopted daughter Eva? Where is she? Who is taking care of her? What the hell was she doing jumping around with the lunatic Tequila, and not being at home, taking care of herself, for her daughter. Bad enough the child was abandoned to the adoption process, now she is motherless again. Did she ever have one?
Society needs to give its collective head a shake and get back to basic morals and get off this insanity of free whatever! Nothing in life is free. There is a price to be paid, and the children are the ones paying it!

1760 days ago


#35 They said on one of the nightly entertainment shows this evening that Casey Johnson's mother took custody of Eva because she didn't feel like Casey was given the little girl the care that she needs.

1760 days ago


All due respect to the deceased... but am I supposed to know who this woman was because she was dating Tila Tequila? The attitude I'm getting from TMZ and other arbitors of pop culture is that if I were truly "cool" I would know who this lady was! Well, I guess I better get a subscription to Us Weekly so I can be cool again 'cuz I never heard of this chick before.

1760 days ago


Thirty-year-old multimillionaire diabetics don't die of 'natural causes' unless, by their behavior, they have willfully/heedlessly undermined their health -- which in this case seems painfully obvious. The accidental death of one self-destructive moron who happened to be the great-great grandaughter of a fabulously successful manufacturer does not have much wider social significance.

1760 days ago


Everyone knows that this is what can happen when you mix Prescription Drugs with Tequila...

That's one skank who's simply not worth it...

1760 days ago


Leave it to TMZ - if something negative about someone can be sent out, TMZ will do it. If something disgusting or negative happens, TMZ is there to hype it to extremes and invent half of the story. If TMZ went out of business, no-one would notice. TMZ is in dire need of direction and competence. Harmey ain't the type.

1760 days ago


Please forgive me for being ignorant, as my medical knowledge with autopsies goes as far as what I have learned from watching Dr. G, lol. What I was wondering is if the cause of death would have been from a diabetic complication, wouldn't that have been found by doing the autopsy? Wouldn't there be atleast some physical signs of the complications?

1760 days ago


If her blood sugar dropped too low she would have become unconscious. Without anyone to find her it would continue to drop until she stopped breathing and/or her heart stopped. They will know for sure once the lab results come back.

1760 days ago


painfully obvious that media will not report this story. you tell me. i was looking up florence ballard. she turns me on. guess when she was killed?

1760 days ago


why isn't anyone investigating tila? she was with her the night she died according to casey's twitter. and for the next 7 days tila doesn't bring her up on her twitter or talk to her and there's no concern? that's not how i'd be if i didn't hear from my fiance. especially. something is fishy.

1760 days ago


Well something caused Casey's death. IMO, I'm pretty sure we will never know the truth behind Casey's death because the Johnson family don't want any more bad publicity and probably paid big money to make sure the real cause of her death would never be made known to the public.

1760 days ago
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