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Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma History

1/5/2010 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson -- Diabetic Coma HistoryCasey Johnson fell into a diabetic coma twice and had to be hospitalized, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told Johnson had a history of diabetes and insulin syringes were found in her home after she died.

Johnson was taken at least once to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. We do not know specific dates of hospitalization, but we're told at least one incident occurred in the last year.

As we first reported, Johnson was found dead in her home yesterday.

Law enforcement tells us they believe she had been dead for several days.

No cause of death has been determined.


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Insulin is also employed as a diet aid. Eat as much crap as you want, then give yourself a shot of insulin, it counters the calories.

I have no pity for this gal, unfortunately. Talk about making your own bed.

1752 days ago



1752 days ago


i drink to the point of coma. to be left 4 dead after 4-5 days is only for the rich. but to be able to crawl to the front door where a police copter may spot you--- that's living!

1752 days ago


How does someone have a "history of diabetes." Either you have diabetes, or you don't. Also, as a Type 1 Diabetic for 26 years, it is not a disease that is easy to control, or deal with. It is the only disease I know where people, including the medical community, blame the person if they have problems with their disease. No one tells a person with cancer "As a dr. I am doing everything right and your cancer has gotten worse b/c you are doing something wrong. It is your fault." Dr.s tell diabetics that all the time. I don't think her drug/alcohol use was the right thing to do, but believe me there are times when I wish I could just escape and for 5 minutes forget about my health issues.

1752 days ago


#108...that is simply untrue! Quite the opposite, actually. Insulin is a hormone that can make you GAIN weight. Type 1 diabetics take insulin to cover the carbohydrates they eat because their bodies no longer produce insulin on their own. It has nothing to do with calories. And certainly doesnt mean you can eat junk and it wont matter. A diabetic takes insulin to balance the carbs they eat the same way a non-diabetics body would naturally release insulin to balance the same carbs.

1752 days ago


36. Wow... cant understand why so many have to use this as an excuse to hate on Tila or anyone??? someone died and that is always sad to family and friends, regardless of their problems. speaking bad of the dead or bashing those who where in her life just shows how horriblely small of a person you are!!! Casey's family and friends will move on, and slowly come to terms with her death. but you haters have to live with yourselfs every day. must suck living life like that? rip Casey...

1752 days ago

Bill Cosby    

This "Tila" person (I refuse to go so low as to say her "last name), is the shadiest person since Dr. Murray. Seems like she has a liking for particularly _super-rich_ girlfriends/boyfriends. Her last "love" (money) interest was a Football player. She tried to squeeze him by putting on fake bruises and suing him! That was _several months ago_!!!

Now she moved on to the Johnson & Johnson heiress and she winds up dead? Interesting how they were only involved for a whole FEW MONTHS and Tila refers to her as "wifey"?!! Do I smell someone seeking some will and/or life insurance money? What trash!
BTW, what has Tila done to make herself famous? Seriously, I don't know anything about her other than the famous people she dates.

1751 days ago


Why do you guys use the worst possible pictures???

1751 days ago


God loves us all. He may be sad about some of the choices we make. It is really sad some of the cruel remarks people made. There is a family suffering where is the compassion?

1751 days ago


Let's cut this poor girl a break. Surviving with Type 1 diabetes (which she did have, she was a poster child for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is hard enough. Type 1 is the severe form of the disease that requires constant injections (or a pump), pokes, calculations, and monitoring to stay alive and out of a coma or seizure. There is never a day off, and you are essentially expected by clueless healthcare staff to perform the role of an organ (your pancreas). Good luck with that. And then you are blamed when something goes wrong. You could be the perfect Type 1 diabetic and still go blind or fall into a coma. It happens all of the time. Shame on everyone, this woman is dead. I'd like to see you manage with a serious life-long disease since childhood in which there is no prevention or cure. She was in pain, and other reports say she used an insulin pump. If the pump or site malfunctions, it's rather easy to slip into a coma. Also, it's not uncommon for Type 1 diabetes to become harder to manage as the years go on, as it is reported to be the case with her. Shame on those "healthcare" workers who blame the victim without any facts. She made some bad choices, but she was crying out for help, self-medicating, with no friends or family to help her. Sad. RIP.

1751 days ago

patti b    

#100 - many religions but only one God.

1751 days ago


You know if any of you judges had this crap-ass disease, you'd probably drink and do drugs too.

1747 days ago


if she did love her she would be with her r go by her place if she missing for days
she's up to something

1646 days ago
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