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Jeremy Piven's Cranial Conundrum

1/5/2010 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has gotten to the bottom of Jeremy Piven's top -- that mysterious scar on the back of J.P.'s melon.


The "Entourage" star tells us he got banged up bad doing theater work back in the day -- so bad it left big scars on the back of his head.

Piven -- who was photographed in Hawaii -- tells us on December 17, he went under the knife for a "scar minimizing procedure." We never heard of it either, but supposedly it reduces the scarring. But Piven says he had no idea post-op scarring would be so prominent.

So what's Jeremy gonna do? He says he was thinking of shaving his head but can't because of continuity problems with "Entourage."

Our advice -- chicks dig scars.


No Avatar


He went to Bosley Hair replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1760 days ago


cool lobotomy. sure chicks will dig him i guess. still he's bound to be stupider than he's used to. chicks will still dig him.

1760 days ago



Check Jeremy Piven's acting roles in the 90's he was bold.

Now, somehow he has a full head of wonder how that happened.

1760 days ago


I know someone who worked with him, he is a douche bag..

all bad rumors are true about him.

1760 days ago


As a woman, I'd much rather date a bald man than one who gets surgery and just ends up looking like he has a receding hairline. At least with bald guys, they come off as being more secure and confident about their looks. Guys with a "hair transplant"/"it just looks like I have a receding hairline" look are a major, major turn off for me - think Nic Cage or former Mayor Guiliani when he had that awful comb-over!

1760 days ago


I'm confused: there is nooo way that the hair he has on entourage is his own..right??? He wears a wig on the show. Transplants always look awful...unless your business is to perform them, promote them, etc.

1760 days ago

Fred Farkel    

TMZ staff has never heard of scar reduction surgery???

Harvey?? It's time to hire people with more intellegence than these dumb kids we see on TV.

1760 days ago


He was on a Seinfeld episode and he looked kind of bald on top---- I agree, it looks like a hair transplant.

1760 days ago


Re the "scaring" misspelling (it's 'scarring'), and the other comment that Harvey needs to hire someone other than the 'dumb kids' we see on the show and the chat, I agree. They are mostly pleasant kids, but it's quite apparent that Harvey's ego will not allow someone on who can outshine him, or be superior in any way. Mr. "I'm a Lawyer" constantly interrupts, overrides and runs roughshod over everyone else talking on the show, and his ego wouldn't be able to take someone who is better/smarter/a better talker.

1760 days ago


dam was he playing ann boleyn cause dam thats dedication!
ps.. legit transplant donor hair scar.. eww!

1760 days ago


I've seen this scar before - it's a type of hair transplant. He's already had one before (check him out in the early 90s - he had a lot less hair then). I actually thought he was sexier back then - with less hair. He definitely has some body image issues, but Hollywood and sites like tmz certainly help that along :(

1760 days ago

who dat    

Piven is such a deceitful douche. First that nonsense about mercury poisoning. Now this bs. Nobody gives a F if you have hair plugs. Just stop all the lying. Is this a guy you could trust? He is incapable of telling the truth.

1760 days ago


Hair transplant AND ego reduction surgery, both gone awry.

1760 days ago


Of course there is a procedure called scar reduction surgery. Just because you genius, so-called "writers" at TMZ haven't heard of it doesn't mean it ain't so.

See? One quick google can cure your ignorance. How can you be a writer and not feel obligated to check out what you write?

I won't say if it's a scar or hair transplant. However, the hair transplants I've seen done with plugs does not look like a huge scar going around the head, like someone has almost been scalped and had their scalp reattached. They were truly plugs of hair follicles extracted with a punch and implanted in the front of the head. And they healed up almost unnoticeable, not in a garish, Frankenstein line of scar.

Whatever. Who cares? Just another actor anyway. Why do you have a super lens trained on the man's scalp? May you one day be treated the same. Thing is, I'm betting nobody would be interested in looking at your head.

1760 days ago


Yeah, he's not fooling anybody, except maybe himself. That scar is clearly from a hair transplant. Why don't his people ever call bull s h i t on any of his lies? Oh, I know! Maybe the scar is from his mercury poisoning!

1760 days ago
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