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Jeremy Piven's Cranial Conundrum

1/5/2010 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has gotten to the bottom of Jeremy Piven's top -- that mysterious scar on the back of J.P.'s melon.


The "Entourage" star tells us he got banged up bad doing theater work back in the day -- so bad it left big scars on the back of his head.

Piven -- who was photographed in Hawaii -- tells us on December 17, he went under the knife for a "scar minimizing procedure." We never heard of it either, but supposedly it reduces the scarring. But Piven says he had no idea post-op scarring would be so prominent.

So what's Jeremy gonna do? He says he was thinking of shaving his head but can't because of continuity problems with "Entourage."

Our advice -- chicks dig scars.


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Hair transplant...... all day long.

1752 days ago


I bet that scar is about a bad hair transplant.

1752 days ago


The first thing I think of is it looks like a scar from a hair transplant -- had ridiculous flash back from watching Jon Gosselin have it done on J&K+8. I have noticed over the years that he seems to be getting MORE hair instead of losing it. TMZ, go back and compare way old pictures of Piven to some newer ones -- you'll see that he now has more hair on the front/top of his head!

1752 days ago


Isn't he the same actor who is on "Criminal Minds?" I like him and I like the show. If the scar is from a transplant, why not admit it? Plastic surgery of any kind is no longer taboo. If a person can afford it, why not??? Go for it!!!

1752 days ago


Aliens stole his brain. I knew it.

1752 days ago


check him out on seinfeld. pretty bald from what i remember.i guess he was george.....

1752 days ago


he is a bad liar! it's a hair transplant can have a scar revision surgery after many procedures. I used to do this for a living, hands down scar from his recent surgery.

1752 days ago


That's an ht strip scar which looks relatively new. If JP or anyone else reading is interested I've managed to remove my strip scar. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm able to shave my head and it looks normal. If you'd like info you can email me at We're starting a website for guys who are looking to reverse the work they've gotten done. It's totally non-profit, all user-driven. The site's not really up right now as I'm working on other projects, but I do check my email. Again it is possible, in many cases, to completely erase the work. dave@htrepair. This is not a joke.

Also, JP should be staying out of the sun right now as it will affect skin pigmentation. Just a heads up.

1752 days ago


Spot On Amber #2
That's what it looks like when hair plugs are taken out. My Dads looks just like Jeremy's! I guess he thinks if he tells this LIE enough times, people will start believing him. ~ NOT ~ FESS UP JEREMY... My Ole Man Did From The Get Go !! !!

1752 days ago


Of course it's a hair transplant, and who believes anything a celebrity says about themselves ever, anyway? Doesn't anyone remember when he was on Ellen? Doesn't he think anyone will remember that he was practically bald THEN? It's not like you get "more hair" as you grow older. The bottom line is, who cares? I'd probably like him more if he just admitted it. And so should Nick Cage! He was bald too, remember? Go watch and of his early movies.

1752 days ago


Definitely a scar from a hair transplant procedure. Several of my friends have had the procedure and all have the exact scar where the strip of hair was removed for transplant to another area. Jeremy, Jeremy, liar, liar, pants on fire!!!! Shouldn't have cut your hair so short...shouldn't have taken off that hat!!!

1752 days ago

bite me    

he totally had the hair plugs/transplant procedure.. calling harvey was just to try to do damage control. no one would get hurt that bad doing school plays and theater or he would be sitting pretty from the law suit never having to work another day in his life!

just google images: hair plug scar and you will see scars the same shape as his.

love #10's comment by the way!

1752 days ago


Yes, it's a hair-job scar. Look at him these days (on Entourage), and the guest-role he did on Sienfeld way back in the day, the episode in which he auditions for the 'George' part - he is practically, totally bald.

1752 days ago


Very attractive.

1751 days ago

karencarpenter that the front or the back of his head?

1751 days ago
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