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Casey Johnson' Big Money Problems

1/6/2010 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Johnson' Big Money ProblemsCasey Johnson had some pretty severe financial problems in the months before she died. Johnson was sued for not making lease payments on a Porsche and lost a five-figure lawsuit to a nanny service ... both in the last few months.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Johnson was sued by Porsche in September 2009 for failing to make the $2,300.47/month lease payments on her 2009 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S during the months of June, July and August 2009.

She eventually lost the car to Porsche in December.

As for the nanny service, the Elizabeth Rose Agency filed a lawsuit in August 2009 claiming Johnson owed them money. The agency won a judgment in December for $20,189.35.


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Hi. My name is Simone and I'm an idiot.

1749 days ago

Dog Lover    

So sad. NOT. Who really cares. No one here who makes comments knows here and she didn't give a care about you. She's rich got drunk and a druggie let's celebrate here life. Glad the bitch got cut off. I guess Tela gets no millions when they got divorced at least she got a 17 carat rings. She crying about the millions shes not getting not her "fiancee" is dead. They all deserve themselves. So sad, boo hoo. there are more people in the world to worry about that this person Give me a break.

1749 days ago


Being a parent/aunt also, I have had a lot of experience with this.
When someone passes away, there are always lessons to be learned. Especially this past 2009/into 2010, there have been so many seemingly unnecessary passing's, and some were just unexpected.
Unfortunately, the moment it happens, the closets are opened, and all the demons, (gossip & rumors) fly like wild fire. Insensitive to the dear friends and loved ones left behind.

When someone is of age, it is absolutely impossible to get them admitted into a hospital for mental reasons unless, they are deemed a threat to their selves or others. That is the law which protects everyone. Your hands are tied.

Tough Love: Everybody hears about it, and books have been written, and as a last resort everyone tries it. Again, unfortunately, its usually put into place without a proper plan.
It may help some, but I have only seen very few, and the ones that did, usually ended up in prison, (and that was how they were saved)
The tough love, has to have a plan. With being cut off, those being cut off, still should be checked on, by a family member or a friend, ( like and intervention everyone kind of has to pitch in to help)
This is not to say anyone was wrong, or anything....but please people when you decide to take drastic measures...have a plan. And if that person has medical least send them enough of their medicine to help them, and mostly stay in contact with them.

Sorry, this is just an fyi.. from someone who knows...

RIP And peace to all.

1749 days ago


#19 Still righteous, still spouting. Adding a RIP, like that is supposed to make your mean-spirited remarks acceptable. Point is, she is dead and you make it sound like the wrath of God instead of what it is, a sad little story. God doesn't favor you above all others, sweetie. Keep your moralizing at home. Ghoul.

1749 days ago


23. She Could have Died of AIDS? Her Kind die that way? She should have dated men not women. She maybe should prayed to god and change her lifestyle and she would still be here? I feel sad for her Parents and my prayers are for her family

Posted at 6:42AM on Jan 6th 2010 by Kagome

Hey Kagome, Feel sorry for yourself. Ignorance doesn't last long in this lifetime and judging from your comment, I see your clock is winding down pretty quick.

1749 days ago

alainea bobbit    

40. 23. She Could have Died of AIDS? Her Kind die that way? She should have dated men not women. She maybe should prayed to god and change her lifestyle and she would still be here? I feel sad for her Parents and my prayers are for her family

Posted at 6:42AM on Jan 6th 2010 by Kagome

Kagome your a moran.Look I like guys.. but the facts are that they dont have tests for stds for men so if anyone is spreading something with no clue its men. Maybe you would know that if you ever had your crotch checked.The only thing they can test guys for is Aids everything else a guy could have goes unknown till something appears or someone catches it.So if anyone is giving diseases to the world its guys.At least when two chicks bang ya know its possible to at least have them checked first with an actual test to see if their clean.Makes me consider being a lesbo.Oh and praying to god doest equal getting what you want.Maybe you should pray to santa or the easterbunny

1749 days ago


Sad when people are so lonely, afraid, imsecure, full of fear, we take drugs, alcohol, try in vein to drown our probles when all we really need is LOVE, someone that will listen, care, be compassionate, understand and just be there. Jesus does all that and more, we need Jesus more than ever before, anyone out there that is lonely, tired, full of anxiety, afraid, full of fear, feeling hopeless and helpless try God, He will not let you down. Never let me down, sober 34 years now, tough road but well worth the effort to find peace and happiness-joy in your troubled life of addiction. for the full story and HOPE

1749 days ago

One who wears white pants for Megan    

Ok, done. She was an idiot! RIP. Hope she learns her lesson and has a better next life! NEXT?

1749 days ago



1749 days ago


My heart goes out to all those suffering from addictions, loneliness, fear, the sense of being alone, no one really cares, life is a huge struggle, has no meaning or purpose, so many are hurting in the world.What we al need is LOVE like the Beetles song, "LOVE LOVE LOVE is ALL YOU NEED," another song comes to mind, "LOOKING FOR LOVE AND LOOKING IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES." I have been there, in all those placesa and it hurts, it is lonely, just checking out is the only option, but there is a better way, another way, finding a REAL, LOMGLASTING LOVE that passes all understanding, not the LOVE that the world has to offer or people, the LOVE of CHRIST. Offfering our lives t Jesus Christ, finally giving up the fight, the struggle and allowing God to run things is so much easier. I know from first hand experience that the only way for me to stay sober and be free, know LOVE, JOY is to know God firs hand, turn to HIm with everything, let go ad let God do it all and He will, He does beccause He is in my life. See my story.

1749 days ago


too bad people put money before their children's health.

1749 days ago


I don't blame her parents one bit. Why pay for a drug addict to drive around in a fancy porsche? She can drive a normal car or catch the bus. I'm sure her parents are saddened by her death, but they did the right thing. There is no way in hell I would bankroll my 30 year old kid who did drugs all day and dated skank trash like Tila Tequila either.

1749 days ago


47. too bad people put money before their children's health.

Posted at 4:05PM on Jan 6th 2010 by tg

Are you serious? First of all, Casey was not a child. She was a 30 year old drug addict. A big difference if you ask me. If she still had access to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, she probably would have overdosed long before now and spent a vast amount of the money on drugs and her slutty golddigging fiancee, the notorious Tila Tequila. Don't forget Casey bought this trashy woman a 17 carat diamond engagement ring. No law states parents have to support their grown children's drug habits and lesbian lovers.

1749 days ago
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