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Eli Roth Almost Inglouriously Dies

1/6/2010 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mexico is now dangerous for another reason. Eli Roth almost got stung to death 10 days ago off the coast of Careyes.

Eli Roth

The "Inglourious Basterds" star -- and winner of Jew/Not a Jew -- was kayaking a mile from shore when he got pulled under by a whirlpool. Eli tells TMZ he tried climbing on a rock that was covered in sea urchins, with nobody in sight, but then a huge wave engulfed him ... he tried gaining his balance on the rocks and stepped on the urchins, which unleashed scores of spikes into his body.

Eli screamed for help. A nearby fisherman saved him. The doctor couldn't anesthetize his foot because of swelling, so the doc held up a needle and tweezers and said, "Be brave."

And get this. When Eli got to shore, writhing in pain, a dude in a nearby boat came over -- drink in hand -- and asked Eli to meet his kid. Eli said, "Um, really, I just almost died out there." The dude persisted, and his son -- a 20-year-old who had too much to drink -- came over for a schmoozefest. Eli held out his bloody hand and the meet and greet was over.

The Bear Jew was stung 200 times -- pins in the bottom of his feet and palms.

E.R. is in pain but ok. He tells us he's actually doing something more painful tonight ... going to the People's Choice Awards.


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"E.R. is in pain but ok. He tells us he's actually doing something more painful tonight ... going to the People's Choice Awards"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

1717 days ago


This is not a joke! I barely brushed a sea urchin this summer and had about 5 "barbs" in my toe. I wish I had known what #12 posted because I used tweezers to remove them. I was limping for a month. 3 months later a little bump broke open and oozed puss and sea urchin barb. I know, gross but it felt like stepping on a cactus only worse.

1717 days ago


the spines are barbed and can't be extracted, they just break off.
immediately poor vinegar on the wound or urinate on the wounds, it nuetralizes the poison and lessens the pain dramatically. the body dissolves the spines over time, and as the urchin spines dissolve over the next few months, so do the barbs, then you can extract what's left with tweezers. until then it's like walking around with glass in your foot. no fun.

1717 days ago


...thankfully he wasn't a bare jew or he would have gotten stung a whole lot more!

1717 days ago


Seriously, who wrote this article? Its a rambling mess.

1717 days ago


Eli is the man!

Seth you're an idiot.

1717 days ago

Oval Beach    

I'm all into male feet...if they are hot I'm ALL into them...but...ewwwww...I don't care how many times he got poked by a creature...don't show those dried up feet...they are in serious need of care and I'm not talking about the current stinging situation...those feet needed help WAY before he stepped on that salt water pin cushion.

1717 days ago


ummmmm, Who cares.

1717 days ago

At least its not ray's    

OMG! I love Eli Roth! He's amazing! I hope he feels better soon!

1717 days ago


Nothing to fear. An utter wuss!

1717 days ago


"Mexico is now dangerous for another reason" are you kidding me???

If he goes into the water in Mexico he SHOULD KNOW what kind of animals he would find there. End of the story.

1717 days ago


Wow. Sorry to hear that.

That still doesn't change the fact that Eli is a major a-hole, though.

1717 days ago


He should make another "horror" film. His movies are all blood guts and mainly that. But, they beat the hell out of everything else that's been around in the 2000's.

1717 days ago


If he had been a Christian, he could have walked on the water. With enough faith.

1717 days ago


i think TMZ should change this sentence "Mexico is now dangerous for another reason" it sounds kinda racist.

1717 days ago
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