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Eli Roth Almost Inglouriously Dies

1/6/2010 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mexico is now dangerous for another reason. Eli Roth almost got stung to death 10 days ago off the coast of Careyes.

Eli Roth

The "Inglourious Basterds" star -- and winner of Jew/Not a Jew -- was kayaking a mile from shore when he got pulled under by a whirlpool. Eli tells TMZ he tried climbing on a rock that was covered in sea urchins, with nobody in sight, but then a huge wave engulfed him ... he tried gaining his balance on the rocks and stepped on the urchins, which unleashed scores of spikes into his body.

Eli screamed for help. A nearby fisherman saved him. The doctor couldn't anesthetize his foot because of swelling, so the doc held up a needle and tweezers and said, "Be brave."

And get this. When Eli got to shore, writhing in pain, a dude in a nearby boat came over -- drink in hand -- and asked Eli to meet his kid. Eli said, "Um, really, I just almost died out there." The dude persisted, and his son -- a 20-year-old who had too much to drink -- came over for a schmoozefest. Eli held out his bloody hand and the meet and greet was over.

The Bear Jew was stung 200 times -- pins in the bottom of his feet and palms.

E.R. is in pain but ok. He tells us he's actually doing something more painful tonight ... going to the People's Choice Awards.


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Pablo Alleycorn    

which idiot wrote this story? next time consult max about anything to do with the ocean. urchins don't sting! when you step on their spines, they break off in your foot and your foot gets infected. landjews should stick to the land. whirlpool???? hahahahaha
jew shoulda had his fans piss on his foot - that really helps!

1716 days ago

cabo chica    

I am sorry for Mr. Roth's problem with the sea urchins, indeed they are painful. But what is wrong with Harvey Levin: "MEXICO IS DANGEROUS!" what an irresponsible comment to make on national television. I have lived in Cabo San Lucas as an ex-pat for over 18 years and have never had a problem. People who have problems in Mexico are doing something they shouldn't be doing, including Mr. Roth. If he was washed onto rocks with sea urchins on them, then he was in an area that is not suitable for swimming. There are no swimmable beaches in cabo with rocks that you will get washed up attention to where you are swimming or sea urchins are the least of your problems. I am done with TMZ and anything else that Harvey Levin has anything to do with..and my guess is so is anyone else who lives in this gorgeous destination...stay away Harvey, we don't need people like you down here anyway....

1716 days ago

chi chi    

Funny thing is that he said he was going to be working non stop on his new project. I guess if by project he meant his latest squeeze it's true.

1716 days ago


I'm glad Eli is alright but Mexico is not safe period! A shocking 32% of all non-natural deaths of U.S. citizens outside this country occur in Mexico. Many of these deaths are a direct result of poor or nonexistent safety standards both inside and outside of the resorts. To read tragic Mexico vacation DEATH stories, many written by heartbroken family members as well as stories written by victims that "survived" their Mexico vacation go to:

1716 days ago

cabo chica    

o.k., besafe, now your really upsetting me. Ever lived in Mexico? Ever watched the way American tourists act in this country? They don't wear seat belts, or use car seats for their children. THey put 14 people in a jeep and hang out on all sides...ride motorcycles with no helmets...and oh yeah, did I forget to mention the drinking they do down here....drinking and driving...they think because they are in Mexico they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Does your web site also mention how many people are killed by these drunk and irresponsible Americans when they get behind the wheel of a car or boat, or jet ski or A.T.V. or any other motorized vehicle after 14 shots of Tequila at Cabo Wabo...and the pedestrians that is another story..they just walk out in the middle of the street..they don't look, they assume everyone will stop for them...well the drunk Americans can't even see them...what is the statistic for these deaths that resulted in reckless and illegal acts by these same people or other irresponsible tourists? I'd like to know that statistic...

1716 days ago

cabo chica    

right on cabo chica!!!!

1716 days ago

cabo chica    

and furthermore, be safe....when is the last time you heard about a Mexican walking into a school and killing anyone in their sight or in a mall, just for the sport of it!!! How many top destinations in the world have a crime rate as low as Cabo San Lucas? What's the statistic on that a**hole! Why do you think the stars come here? How many other cities in the world, can Rihanna walk down the street in an outlandish tourist hat, eating ice cream and not get slammed by the paparazzi???? Yeah she looks scared to death...and Kid Rock over New Years, he was shaking in his boots....scared for his life!!!! You are a joke and need to get a real job...

1716 days ago


I agree. It's usually the ignorant people who make claims like that. I've been disappointed with the hidden racism in TMZ's posts. Funny how TMZ is all for gay pride and tolerance (especially their writers) but they are intolerant to other cultures themselves. Racism and homophobia are the same thing, right? Both are forms of hate, or are they not? Yes, I've heard worse things been said, but would TMZ ever say something poking fun at gays? Probably not. Until then, I will not make an effort to try to get gay marriage legalized.

1716 days ago

Christina O    

His looks like his foot has

1716 days ago




1714 days ago


Thats what happens when you make torture porn movies like Hostel and Inglorious Basterds. You get some of your own medicine. Karma is a b#tch.

1501 days ago


Hope he feels better soon, get some water shoes. Don't swim alone and shame on the drunken father/son.

1500 days ago


Well Jenifer Aniston should own Cabo since "she is helping the poor Mexican economy by spending her vacations there". idiot. Thanks cabo girl for telling the other side of the story.

1500 days ago
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