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Sweaty, Glistening

... Sexy?

1/6/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on this video alone -- forget the 14 kids and the craziness etc. -- Nadya Suleman may have finally qualified for MILF status ... right?

With sweat pouring down her surprisingly toned body, the mother of fourteen threw on a revealing top and some spandex pants and hit an L.A. gym well past midnight earlier this morning.

The question is ...


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Jersey Dave    

I also wouldn't be uprised if a lot of her haters don't look as good, some of the ones on the gossip shows on TV don't.

My issue with her isn't physical, there are other things to consider.

I can see her wanting to work on her abdominals, they are in suprisingly good shape here.

As far as mental toughness anyone who had 14 kids has that to spare.

1736 days ago

Hit Man    

She is gross and I'm tired of hearing about this ugly ass fish face chick. She runs around pretending to be happy when you can see in her face that she is miserable. Stop feeding into her mental unstableness and let her struggle to feed those kids when they are 10, hungry as hell and she can't get a dumb ass interview to get money! I love kids but they defintely suffer at the hands of this nut case. Pray for the kids and dumb her in the nearest toxic site along side her husband the joker!

1728 days ago


Leave this woman alone. There are people who have done much worse things than that out there,why don't you pick on some of them.America is still sending the wrong message.If you are young and thin,with breast surgery,regardless of how attractive your face is, you are considered hot, but if you are a normal looking woman who has had children you are considered fat and over the hill.Wake up it's not attractive to look like a toothpick.A normal sized woman with a pretty face, now that's hot.Nadia looks great after having all those children!

1708 days ago


OK OK.. I am all for moms having time to themselves but WTF!!!!! I am the mother of two and barely have time to shower yet this bitch gets pedi/mani's,botox and time for the gym with 14 kids??? Who is paying for all of this and where are the kids??? I just want to punch her face in.

1748 days ago


her brain astounds me. why would she bust out 14 kids and now go for the plastic surgery, sex kitten look? Something is wrong with her mentally. I wonder what her goal is, what type of fantasy world she lives in.

1748 days ago

John D. Genovese    

Who's watching her litter? Child services?

1748 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Not a chance. She's still a big fat botox filled pig.

1748 days ago


Mike stop she is not hot.

1748 days ago

N I Z O    

I wouldn't that after 14 kids

1748 days ago


Hey I did not know that gyms take food stamps.

1748 days ago


i have heard the right combo of caffeine and excercise can actually make you smarter.........................somebody get her a redbull before the excercise wears off.

1748 days ago


I dont care what anyone thinks.. Octomon is freaking hot, and i would def hit that. What is not to like? I bet she is better looking that half of these internet trolls that live for blogging..haha

1748 days ago


Dude.. don't glorify this lady anymore. She used her uterus to make money. SHe has a nice outfit on, cute little zebra towel. REMEMBER she claimed BK,and was on welfare. Used lawsuit money to pay the Dr... let other countries glorify this crazy lady, but leave her alone so we can just forget her! GET A JOB!

1748 days ago


Everytime I see her fish lips and freakish face, I throw up in my mouth a little. Ok, a lot.

1748 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I, for one, would like to see L.A. outlaw gyms with windows.

1748 days ago
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