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Sweaty, Glistening

... Sexy?

1/6/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on this video alone -- forget the 14 kids and the craziness etc. -- Nadya Suleman may have finally qualified for MILF status ... right?

With sweat pouring down her surprisingly toned body, the mother of fourteen threw on a revealing top and some spandex pants and hit an L.A. gym well past midnight earlier this morning.

The question is ...


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slum fan    

What does this woman do for a living?! Does she have a paying job? Who's taking care of her kids & how does she pay for all of them (and the gym membership...?). Perhaps her interviews/videos/media types pay for some stuff but that can't possibly take care of EVERYTHING. Yes, she has parents around, but how much can they do to support/take care of 14 kids?! I have a strong feeling that our tax $$ are paying for her kids & her lifestyle....

1729 days ago


Most mothers I know with one kid , barely have time to take a shower. This one is never with her kids. She is either shopping, getting her nails done, getting a spa treatment, or at the gym.

Besided over populating, what exactly does she do for a living?

What a piece of crap.

1729 days ago


The most underused vagina west of St. Louis.

1729 days ago


She must be receiving government help to support the children..How can she afford going to the gym??

1729 days ago

Ted Lithgow    

No way. It'd be like waving a broom stick in the Lincoln Tunnel.

1729 days ago

me so horny    

This woman is a disgrace, what is the obsession about her that TMZ will go through great lenths to cover her. The next miracle will be for the state of california to remove all the kids from her. By the way, how does a mother of 14 find time to go to the gym?

1729 days ago


I still say her face looks like that of a cartoon character...daffy duck to be exact.

1729 days ago


If she didn't get her face carved up in a desperate attempt to look like Angelina Jolie, and didn't have a million kids, AND wasn't completely crazy... maybe.

1729 days ago


what? Like others, I have 4 kids under the age of 11 and I never am out passed 9pm by myself. I had these kids and take 100% responsibility with them. This is why everybody is so messed up by the time they reach puberty. Because parents are not PARENTING! You don't just have kids and don't raise them, They are gonna be messed up so much. Strict discipline, teaching the kids from right and wrong, morals. This society is going to hell in a handbasket. Well, I think I just aged myself with that line! :)

1729 days ago


walking on a treadmill doesn't fix your stretched out whowho... I'm sure any man would hear an echo...

1729 days ago

Ted Lithgow    

"if you help me find my keys, we can both drive outta here"

1729 days ago


Maybe her filthy mouth I would...

1729 days ago


While I personally don't care for this woman, everybody HAS to admit that she looks good for a woman who gave birth to all those babies. She looks better than some women who only gave birth once.

1729 days ago


Whats the point? It'd be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...

1729 days ago


Some of you seriously think she delivered her kids naturally, thru the canal? Ever heard of a c-section, especially when dealing with multiple births? Reality check 101 --- FAILED.

In regards to the person in question, she's a selfish loser. She's photographed way too many times by herself. She makes Dina Lohan look competent...

1729 days ago
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