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Sweaty, Glistening

... Sexy?

1/6/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on this video alone -- forget the 14 kids and the craziness etc. -- Nadya Suleman may have finally qualified for MILF status ... right?

With sweat pouring down her surprisingly toned body, the mother of fourteen threw on a revealing top and some spandex pants and hit an L.A. gym well past midnight earlier this morning.

The question is ...


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After 14 kids she wouldn't be any fun for anyone, except it be a donkey in mexico! She could probably get a good work out that way and make money to feed all those kids. Just saying!

1661 days ago


dam...i would love to get my tounge deep in her and clean it out..YUMMY

1661 days ago


How in bloody hell does she afford a gym??? She should be at home taking care of her litter of kids. No man or woman is going to want to go near her with that many kids, so, what does it matter if she gets fatter and uglier????

1661 days ago

Mr R    

Having sex with her would be like parking your car in the Grand Canyon.

1661 days ago

Sodo Mizer    

Would have to go kiester otherwise it would be like tossing a hot dog down a hallway. Make her brown eye blue!

1661 days ago


wow - that must be nice
i have twins and have enough trouble finding a sitter just so i can go to work, so needless to say finding a sitter just to go out or do my own thing is impossible!
who's watching all her kids so she can work out???
the last time i was able to go out anywhere without kids was when
i had a day off of work and they were in school (& that happened once over the last 7 years)!
maybe theres just more love for her than me!

1661 days ago


I'd hit it !

Probably twice.

1661 days ago

blues fan    

You can stop with the lame, junior-high "hot dogs and hallways" jokes - none of her children were born (or, for that matter, conceived) vaginally. All the work-outs, lipo, Botox and tummy tucks can't fix Stupid and Selfish -- she had these babies for money and fame, and she's laughing at people like us, all the way to the bank. This woman is a slap in the face to decent, loving, self-sacrificing parents everywhere.

1661 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

I would bust her back out. Only little itsy bitsy men are afraid of a woman who has had kids. I know I can handle it.

1661 days ago

Jesus juice    

Glad she has time to work out. Obviously it has to do with her vanity. She's been reading all the messages on-line about how everyone thinks she is a pig. Personally, being a pig has alot more to do than just your looks. You may be thin, but you can't change your face or personality. Mentally ill is all I can say. And for anyone that wants to "do her"...water seeks it's own level. Where r the kids? She didn't worry about the other 6 kids prior to using the turkey baster for these other 8. What is up with worrying about her health now? My guess is she is still fantasizing about getting laid for a change. (then she can crap out more kids) Oh, BTW TMZ...there was a site before for us disgruntled ppl, but the insane welfare fraud fanatics threatened the site it's gone. What does that tell u? POS.

1661 days ago


I love all the jealous comments from the females here.

"Aww how come she can do this and I cant !"

Funny stuff.

1661 days ago


While the large vajayjay jokes are entertaining, they don't work when you've had a c-section. I personally believe that while she may have birthed 14, she has never had actual sex. And no, I'm not taking one for the team.

1661 days ago


I don't understand how she finds time for photo ops/mani-pedis/the gym, and famewhoring in general. I had two kids, three years apart, and I had almost zero time to myself. Where is she getting the money to pawn off 14 kids to nannies/sitters?

1661 days ago


#41: Exactly what do you think we're jealous of? Her insanity? Being (ir)responsible for 14 kids? Taking care of those kids is HER job for the next 17 years, not famewhoring and photo-opping.

1661 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hey number 41...believe me, I am as toned as her...but I support myself and my kids and I don't have to live off the state of California, nor have I ever have had ask for "donations"---lol. Nor would I have compromised my life for 8 more "compromised" children. If you want to "believe"---again--LMAO--anything she too are a fool. WHY on earth would you want to give life to mentally/physically handicapped children, when you can't/aren't taking care of the first 6??? LOL...doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. $$$$$$$$ baby...that's all it is to her...meanwhile, when she croaks...her offspring will be living in institutions. SADDDDDDDD and GREEDY....but Karma is a bitch and will not care for the children...but the state of California will!!!

1661 days ago
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