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Arenas Gun Standoff -- Locker Room Video

1/7/2010 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert ArenasThe Xmas Eve gun standoff between Gilbert Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton may have been caught on tape by surveillance cameras, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told the Washington Wizards have told D.C. cops they have locker room surveillance video but are having trouble downloading it. The Geek Squad -- aka computer-savvy detectives -- are going to the Wizards organization today to help.

And get this -- a source connected with the investigation tells TMZ the Wizards have been "over cooperative" with cops -- as the source says, "almost as if they want Arenas to go down."

The source says "there is a better than 50/50 chance the U.S. Attorney will issue a felony arrest warrant against Arenas."

As for what caused the confrontation that allegedly triggered a gun standoff -- law enforcement tells TMZ it was all over a card game known as Bourré.

The NBA suspended Arenas indefinitely yesterday and, as we first reported, Arenas didn't have a license for the guns.

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This is why an education is so important. It doesn't matter if you hit the real lottery or the genetic one (sports), without a proper education, you WILL eventually lose it all. It's not even about college, it's about BECOMING EDUCATED. Some of these dudes (who "completed" their sophmore year in college) are on 2nd grade reading levels. And people wonder why these guys repeatedly make bone-headed decisions.

1719 days ago

Knuck Game    

4. Note to minorities: You don't need to commit a crime to be cool or get respect.

Posted at 1:12PM on Jan 7th 2010 by Ugh

Damm Ugh, you should have told that line to your forefathers years ago. Better yet Manson or Dahmer, or maybe that reality star guy who slashed up his wife and stuffed her in a suitcase.

1719 days ago

dr cyclops    

the wizards want him out of town so they have implicated gilbert in this mess and have doctored the tapes to make gilbert look bad,,he did nothing wrong and they just want to save 88 million dollors so they are framing gilbert.. gilbert is innocent
this is all michael jacksons fault anyways,,he is trying to keep the media away from dr murry..

1719 days ago


Knuck Game: Try to read the post again. White people are not a minority. STAY IN SCHOOL. GET AN EDUCATION.

1719 days ago


I LOL@ geek squad, they are such complete morons, they will probably only make it worse, they need to call real professional data recovery specialists, not the idiots from geek squad.

Their remedy usually involves reformatting and walking away from it, claiming it was *not recoverable*, then charging you to reinstall the software they just formatted away.

Seriously, they are going to lose any possibility for anyone else to get the data correctly.

1719 days ago


See, when the Black man does nothing dangerously wrong, then it's all about what message is being sent. When the Black man is possibly a victim of domestic violence, like Tiger Woods, then the investigation is stopped as quickly as possible.

Arenas removed the guns from his house after the birth of his 3rd child. Then, because he had been charged with having a gun in his car before, he had to put the guns somewhere and at once even if only temporarily. His personal locker at the team facility was the only place to safely store his unloaded weapons.

In March 2007, an aide to U. S. Senator Jim Webb tried to carry a 9mm with 45 bullets into a federal workplace. He was not charged because he said he was not aware of the gun. Now we learn that Arenas might be charged because he was not aware of the law. It just doesn't seem fair, especially because the unarmed Washington Redskin Sean Taylor was shot and killed by a home intruder.

1719 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

What does any of this have to do with Artie Lange?

1719 days ago


Uhh, duh TMZ, of course the Wizards want Arenas to go down. He has been a disappointment ever since they signed him to a big contract like a year and a half ago. If he gets a felony conviction they can void the contract and be freed from the ~$90 million that they owe him.

1719 days ago


Speaking of biased reporting ralph,

How come TMZ had breaking stories every time one of Tiger's sponsors even thought about dropping him, yet not one word about Charlie Sheen being dropped by Hanes. Smells likek a witch hunt to me. Now the challenge (or lack thereof) is to find out why....

1719 days ago

dr cyclops    

arenas didnt remove the guns because of the birth of his 3 rd son,,why would he do that?how come it was allright when he had two kids,,i dont know of to many babies that can walk arouhnd to be able to get at a gun,,he did it as a joke and now he will pay the price for his stupididty,,he broke federal gun laws and also nba rules not allowing handguns in any sports arena,,i am a lawyer so i know these things and you people are just to stupid to truely uynderstand tha laws like gilbert was..the wizards will announce next week that they have canceled his contract and will resign michael jorden to play for them again....

1719 days ago


He was going to store the guns in a gun safe, but the numbers on the dial went higher than he can count.

1719 days ago


lol... the team wants to get out of that huge contract and free up some cap room... they're gonna do whatever they have to, and dumbass Arenas is serving them up everything they need.

1719 days ago


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1719 days ago


Dont you love how Charlie Sheen can put a knife to his wife's neck and be such a cute darling, but Arenas brings unloaded guns to his locker room and become OJ? And where is Ted Nuggent, Sarah Palin and the NRA to come to his defense? Pale ass hypocrites!

1719 days ago


ralph, your an idiot...Arenas pulled a gun on another guy... are you seriously trying to tell me a guy that makes millions a year can't find a place to lock his f**cking guns... I think the Wizards are cooperation so much because ... well, the f**cker pulled a gun on another guy... if I pulled a gun on a guy at work, I'd be out on the street, in jail... before you can spell R.A.C.I.S.T...

1719 days ago
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