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Casey Johnson's Ex -- STFU, Tila

1/7/2010 4:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine Lennard -- Casey Johnson's ex-GF who the late heiress allegedly robbed last year -- had her lawyers fire off a cease and desist letter to the host of Tila Tequila's blog over a ruthless, expletive-riddled blog post.

Casey Johnson's Ex -- STFU, Tila

Tila took to her blog this morning to tear the English model to shreds in the wake of Casey's death -- claiming Jasmine ruined their lives when she reported Casey's alleged burglary last year.

Tila's tirade includes a list of insults that would shock Ozzy Osbourne -- calling Jasmine a "prostitute," "b*tch," "c*nt," "drug addict," "con artist," and ... well, the list goes on.

Jasmine's lawyers are threatening suit if the post is not taken down ... STAT.


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12. Tila has been awake and tweeting for like 3 days straight. Someone needs to intervene and get her some help. She appears to be alone and spiraling out of control while the whole world watches.

Posted at 2:50PM on Jan 7th 2010 by Michelle

yep, now she is saying she is pregnant- and the tweets have been constant for days, she is obviously coked up or worse. Good thing I added her to my deadpool for this year.

1693 days ago

Jess is a butterface    

Can someone swing by her house and rock her to sleep....with a real rock? This ho needs to be dealt with.

1693 days ago


Why does this alien-pomeranian hybrid allow to breathe, its really a mystery. I am getting so sick of hearing about this he/she/it who goes by Tila Tequila. Excuse me but Who are you?? Attention Whore is putting it nicely....but mildly

1693 days ago


The only thing more pathetic than this watermelon sized head skank, are all the Whores in training that subscribe to her bolgs or tweets. Way to set the bar high. All these skanks should be bathed in bleach and penicillin and scrubbed with steel wool.

1693 days ago


WHO is calling the kettle black?

1693 days ago

Jeff Frieman    

Good Job..... You didn't block out Tila's address..... Now she will think she is more of a celebrity since people will drive by her house.........

1693 days ago


Yeah ALI, we all have tv shows proving to the world how big of a skank we are. We all falsly accuse people of wrong doing publicy. We all are attention whores. I am calling the kettle black.

1693 days ago


Those wacky lesbos....

1693 days ago


I kind of agree with #19/Renee--even though the posting is pretty ranting and somewhat incoherent--that the parents abandoned their daughter and left her to die. So did her 'friends", the Hilton sisters. You gonna tell me that no one knew she was living in squalor, her utilities were all shut off and rats were taking over her home? No one knew? Ridiculous. And she was not seen since the 29th by anyone? Where were her "friends" on New Years Eve? That whole group is so self-absorbed...and now they "mourn" for their "friend", maybe because it gives them more face time as they attend memorials and pick up dogs. As for Tila, well, all I can say is that she's another self-absorbed nothing with no family and a craving for attention. Try to remember that all of these people were children...not that long ago...and something went horribly wrong on the way to here. And all the fighting and name-calling in the world will not bring Casey back. Oh yea, and Jasmine should know that if she had not called everyone's attention to it by filing legal papers to have that post removed, there would be a lot less people who even know about it.

Amazing what happens when the crazy, kooky, party-girl community gets ripples on their pond. Kind of like spraying the middle of a line of ants with Raid, they panic and scatter. But the ants, at least, are capable of reforming and coming up with an intelligent recovery plan, which usually includes taking a different route. Where's Lindsay Lohan fit into this, by the way?

1693 days ago


Wow, of the 3, Johnson seems the most normal and look how she ended up.
Not sure where this cautionary tale begins. Perhaps, for each of them, birth.

1693 days ago


Tila needs help. She says she lost someone she cared about and if you loose someone you "love" most people's reactions would be to stay out of the public eye to cope with what has happened.
She is pretty much building her own path down destruction road here. Calling out people online and making accusations. I thought she was upset? Why is she glued to her computer blowing up twitter/blog with her ridiculous comments and flat out RANTS. No doubt they were close to some extent, but it seems like its more important for tila to milk her "15" minutes now then it is to grieve for her "wifey's" death.

1693 days ago


I think it's time to BAN TILA. Who goes on blogging about anything when the person they *supposedly* love, dies. The girl DIED! I don't think I would be able to get out of bed, or stop crying, let alone, TWEET??????????? It's time to let that Tila GO! Take yourself off her page on myspace and let's leave her alone to reflect on her love. Who's in?

1693 days ago


It is really too bad that we're not talking about the "late" Tila...I'm really tired of seeing and hearing her selfish, self-promoting bs EVERYWHERE.

1693 days ago


Doesn't that stupid little slut Tila know she gay marriage is not legal in CA? So how could she be engaged? She was only using the Johnson girl for money. And how dumb is she to keep saying she's pregnant? Doesn't she understand that you need a man for that? Two woman can't make a baby.

And I thought Rosie got "married in SF". Is she now getting a divorce? She was so sure it would last. I guess lesbo love is not all that it's cracked up to be.....

1693 days ago


"8. Eff you Brits we have freedom of speech not regulated by the queen."

Maybe before you spout off you should actually UNDERSTAND the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is freedom from GOVERNMENT intervention (specifically congress). Websites, blogs, and other hosts an censor what they want.

Though in this case I think they should both just stfu.

1693 days ago
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