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Charlie Sheen Resurfaces

1/7/2010 8:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen reemerged Tuesday, tooling around L.A. in his Mercedes.


Sheen looked cool and a little stoic, awaiting a decision on whether he'll be charged with domestic violence for the Xmas Day fracas with wife Brooke Mueller.


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1721 days ago


I wrote Hanes a letter this weekend, saying I would no longer purchase Hanes products as long as Charlie Sheen was a paid spokesman for the product. Today, I see in the news that Hanes has put Sheen's commercials on hold. GOOD!

1749 days ago


Here's where and what I wrote Hanes on Saturday, 1/2/09

Dear Hanes,

I have used your products for years. However, I must object to your commercials featuring Charlie Sheen. He is a violent and dangerous man who recently threatened his wife with a knife. Please pull your commercials with him and Michael Jordan. I will not purchase Hanes products again until you drop Charlie Sheen as a Hanes product endorser. Thank you.

1749 days ago

Crissy Angela    

"Tooling" LMAO

1749 days ago


bit harsh writing to hanes? wow the wife was over the limit not charlie...give him a little credit she was pissed to the eye balls and probably full of bull sh*t. yeah sure write hanes when the facts are in not just based on gossip site information wow again ill say your jumping the gun (or knife) arnt you?

1749 days ago

I can't believe it    

Both he and his wife are at fault here. Who the hell is drunk at 8 in the morning on your babies first Christmas??? What a pair of losers. I read that she was in alcohol rehab when she was pregnant. I have no sympathy for either one of them.

1749 days ago


Sheen, like Paris Hilton, an a few other so-called celebs we could mention, is a vile skank. I don't know how he found someone to marry him the first time, never mind the second. Word association: Charlie Sheen - STDs.

1749 days ago


Pulling a knife and threatening someone takes abuse to a whole other level. It is not just about getting drunk by either party people. Remember this "man child" has a history of shooting someone and other reports of abuse over the years. He needs professional help.

1749 days ago


they were BOTH drunk that day. she's PATHETIC! drunk 8 in the morning, shame on you woman.

1749 days ago


Nice job, Jill. I think more of us should let these companies know we will not be buying their products if they continue to hire celeb spokespeople who choose to break the law. I'm not a Brooke fan and I don't think we know the truth of what went down that night, but I do feel that Charlie Sheen has a history of frightening behavior.

1749 days ago


WHY BLAME IT ALL ON CHARLIE SHEEN? His wife has serious issues, too, doesn't she? If Charlie is that violent, why would she BEG to come back home? None of us were at their home when everything broke loose so, how can we judge one person and not the other? An intelligent person would place blame on both until the full facts are revealed. Until then, just wait and see.

1749 days ago


There are always two sides to a story, unless you were in the house with them, then we only know what the papers are telling us.
I am not saying what happened is right, I am only saying we were not there. Hold your judgements until this all plays out in a court of law.
Butterfly says it all.....

1749 days ago


Writing to Hanes? A thought by some usually but to actually do that? Dude, or dudette, aren't you afraid of karma (or GOD), or have you always been perfect?

1749 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

bit harsh writing to hanes? wow the wife was over the limit not charlie...give him a little credit she was pissed to the eye balls and probably full of bull sh*t.

So it's the victim's fault because she was drunk? P-l-e-a-s-e.
The Police record says they found a knife like she described in the open position in his bag. So she wasn't talking about something pie in the sky.

Further, it is not the first time for Sheen. He was convicted already with beating up former porn star Brittany Ashland. And get this, he got a SUSPENDED 1 year prison sentence. That is, no jail time.

And he also shot a former fiancé Kelly Preston in 1990 by mistake. But she subsequently did not marry him.

Get real people. He is being given a pass by many. Look at his history. If this was an NBA guy, you know he'd be toast.

1749 days ago


rickyrickrick: NO, they were NOT BOTH DRUNK that morning. ONLY the wife was drunk and, in fact, was over twice the legal limit. Charlie was NOT DRUNK. It drives me nuts when people jabber on and on and don't know the facts.

1749 days ago
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