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Mayweather Jr. Blames Pacquiao's 'Punk Ass'

1/7/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not only blaming Manny Pacquiao for backing out of their big fight -- now the Pretty Boy has resorted to name-calling ... threatening to whip Manny's "punk ass."

Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquaio

Floyd claims he's "thoroughly disgusted" that members of Pacquiao's camp are trying to blame Mayweather for standing in the way of the fight.

In a brutal statement, Mayweather states, "First and foremost, not only do I want to fight Manny Pacquiao, I want to whip his punk ass."

Floyd also claims the real reason Manny won't get in the ring is because he doesn't want to take a steroid test.

Mayweather added, "In my opinion it is Manny Pacquiao and his team who are denying the people a chance to see the biggest fight ever. I know the people will see through their smokescreens and lies. I am ready to fight and sign the contract. Manny needs to stop making his excuses, step up and fight."

Your move, Manny ...

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@ brian ... what nationality is de la hoya? LMBO obviously you don't watch boxing. mayweather is scared. PERIOD. since he doesn't like to pay taxes, throws money around like he's 'diddy', and has a gambling problem ... my take is ... he'll need the $25 million fight. The side show needs to stop!

1748 days ago


You people are crazy. Let's get down to brass tacks. I freaking hate Floyd with unbridled passion and I think Manny is great. The simple fact is, as much as I hate to say it, Floyd would make Manny look like a fool in the ring. Manny is just not strong enough to beat Floyd. Manny has the speed to equal Floyd but that's about it. Manny took Juan Marquez 12 rounds. Look how foolish Floyd made Marquez look in their fight. I can't stand Floyd and all of his showboating and sh%t talking but it doesn't matter, he would knock the hell out of Manny. I truly hope Manny doesn't pursue this fight.
I know people are going to flip out and disagree with me. That's fine, it's just my humble opinion. Manny can't beat Floyd. No matter how much I'd love to see it happen I can pretty much bet it never will.
My best wishes to Manny though, he's more of the people's champ then that money flashing douche bag Floyd could ever hope to be.

1748 days ago


Just so everyone knows Manny said he would take the blood test now and immediately following the fight. Typical of Mayweather his mouth is just shooting off. He never fought someone like Manny and is afraid to do it.

1748 days ago


have you ver seen a phillipino beat up any body but another Philipino ? --- because Philippinos are not troublemaker. they dont make trouble with other people. if they have disagreements, then it could be with same filipino but u can tell they respect other people so seldom you can hear them fight and beat other people. they are humble. simple as that. but ask them to sing and box in the ring, they will beat the rest.

1748 days ago


after going back and forth on this i came up with the idea that there is only one way to look at this. for the chance to earn 20 million dollars and decide who is the best p4p fighter on the planet, if it means getting woken up at 3 a.m to take a test, bottem line is you do it. unless you have something you are worried about. i dont think manny pacquiao is where he is because he is on steroids, but i would not be surprised if he were unsure if substances or supplements hes used to go from a 106 pound fighter to a 147 pound fighter are not in fact illegal when tested properly. mayweather is saying "i have nothing to hide, come over any time and test me" the fact that manny wont do the same forces doubt. and that is horrible for pacman, freddie roach, and boxing. if you have nothing to hide and you value 20 million bucks or so, you do whatever they ask. people may say mayweather found a way out and gets to make manny look bad, but manny is making manny look bad. they will fight at somepoint, after pac's camp is sure everything he has been using that may be in doubt is out of his system, my guess 6 months from now they open talks and sign a fight for 10 months from now. and on that night mayweather as he always does will show that he is simply on his own level and possibly the best p4p fighter ever.

1748 days ago


Mayweather is a b*tch!

1748 days ago


i was unaware that manny agreed to a test 24 days before and directly after the fight, that changes what i said originally, i was under the impression he didnt want a test within 30 days and only wanted urine tested. guess i have been behind on the story, this puts me where i was originally which is that mayweather was looking for an out, wich i dont understand because i still think he beats pacman.

1748 days ago


oh man i really would love to see the kind of beating floyd would get from manny now that he made manny very upset.Too bad it aint gonna happen coz of that whiny ass floyd. Them pearly white teeths gonna be bloody and missing once manny is thru with you.

We haven't seen manny really this angry with someone he was gonna fight on the ring, he always showed class and respect to all the world champions and top ranked fighters he ever fought.

Manny doesnt take roids, we dont have that here in the Philippines lol Pacquiao's amazing strength and endurance was naturally acquired,manny wasnt born rich - he had to work at a very young age just so they can have food on the table.

1748 days ago


Steroids or no steroids, Manny doesn't stand a chance against Floyd. I hate Floyd but that's the reality of the whole thing. i don't think anyone is trying to duck the other, Floyd just has a big freaking mouth. That said, it doesn't make any difference. Floyd would knock the hell out of Manny.

Steroids doesn't always give you the upper hand either. look at what De La Hoya did to Fernando Vargas. Vargas was juicing and he got worked so horribly it was embarrassing.

1748 days ago

Dick Javil    

YEAH! BOYCOTT PPV of Gayweather

1748 days ago

Knuck Game    

Floyd all the way!!! Olympic style testing does not drain pints of blood like some on this board claim. It's like a little drop of blood that goes into a little test tube. The test detects more than 'roid use.

1748 days ago


I bet all those people are penoy. and they have no clue about steroids. other boxers have said on record they think Manny on something to gain so much muscle mass for someone his size. Mayweather signed the contract Manny has not end of story.

1748 days ago


mayweather is FULL OF CRAP...he is a coward..he wont fight anybody who he thinks may beat him...He should retire for good. He's a DISGRACE TO THE SPORT....Lady Boy Floyd is a JOKE...

1748 days ago

Tony C.    

Floyd Jr. ducks another big fight? So thats Mosley,Margarito,Cotto and now Pacquiao. Wow! If you dont want to fight the top fighters then stay retired so you can have your precious undefeated record. If Floyd fought any of the world class fighters I mentioned, he would already have a loss. Floyd just fight or GO HOME!

1748 days ago


So here we are with the biggest fight in a looooong time,and
floyd is throwing up all kinds of smoke! You say you wanted this fight but after watching tape of pac man last 4 fights you ain't got
the heart! Either fight pac man or retire your punk ass!

1748 days ago
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