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Olsen Twin?

1/7/2010 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's bubblegum pop newbie Ke$ha -- the chick who sings that "Tik Tok" song you can't get out of ya head -- at some event in NYC last month (left) and wonder twin Mary-Kate Olsen a few months ago (right).

Ke$ha and Mary-Kate
So far, only one has been to rehab.

We're just sayin'.


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Give me Gaga any day!

Kesha looks like a dirty gutter skank whose lyrics about getting drunk and partying. She's a great role model for all the young girls who listen to the GARBAGE she is "singing" (as if anyone would call it singing).

How did this filthy hose beast break into the industry? She must be related to someone.

1752 days ago


The girl on the left looks like every kid who is left home alone for a few days with no one watching her while her parents go away on a business trip.

1752 days ago


gaga is way better than ke$ha but ke$ha is the child of gaga

1752 days ago


Which one went to rehab? i can't tell from the picture...

1752 days ago


These two were creepy looking when they were little... now, as adults, they are creepy x 10. Especially, the one who looks like a deranged escapee from area 51. They should be starring in an Addams Family remake or something.

1751 days ago


Her face is an insult to Clockwork Orange.

1751 days ago


AutoTune should be outlawed.

Do all of these artists know how freaking ridiculous their AutoTune songs are going to sound in like 5 years? It will be far worse than the cheesy electronica of the 1980's.

Who buys this crap?

1751 days ago


I feel sorry for kids these days. This generation has to have the WORST music to listen to. There are so few true musicians that get airplay & actually write and sing there own stuff. They live in a American Idol era where most music is crap POP manufactured by the marketing arms of the record industry. There doesn't seem to be any new style to call there own such as New Wave, Grunge, Rap or Hip Hop. When you call Nickelback rock and Lil Wayne rap you are deluded into thinking this stuff is real and / or good. Both are parodies of what the real thing. When young straight girls are screaming for Adam Lambert you know you're up pto your neck in it.

1751 days ago


I never knew who this Kesha girl was until I saw her on Ellen. HORRIBLE! She couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag! At #24 and #25--EXACTLY!

1751 days ago


How about a "Who would you rather" poll on this one. I say Ke$ha. She a certain dirty quality that I love.

1751 days ago


Giant body glitter? Going back to 1997 trends I see.

1751 days ago


one big difference.. mary-kates beautiful :)

1750 days ago


You wish! Kesha is not pretty at all compared to Ash & MK.

1749 days ago


Ok, everyone's comments on here are just mean. Yea Ke$ha's song Tik Tok may not have the best lyrics or vocals but I love it!! It's a fun song! And yes she CAN sing. Have you heard the song Animal off her new CD? I'd like to see all of you hit those high notes. Also, who are you to say that music nowadays sucks? It's on the radio right? I guess that means people like it.

And Mary Kate is not beautiful she needs a sandwich!!

1704 days ago

bucky st. louis    

This chick has a friend who is Nelly the rapper's girl:

1748 days ago
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