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Mariah Carey -- Drunk or Just Tightly Bound?

1/7/2010 9:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey appeared to have some trouble walking to the stage at last night's People's Choice Awards -- but this time, should she blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol ... or that extremely tight dress?

Mariah Carey: Click to watch
Just one night before, Mariah was admittedly hammered on stage at an awards show in Palm Springs -- where she slurred and stumbled through her speech.

Last night, she had no problem talking -- just walking.

So the question ...


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I Love Her!

1716 days ago


Nice cans. Squishy, yet they maintain their original shape too!

1716 days ago


The top of that dress was a disaster. When you carry melons like that you have to have some support! They were falling out the sides. Slob

1716 days ago


i'm a big fan of hers but she looks drunk and looks ugly in that small dress she needs to wear clothes that fit her

1716 days ago


Mariah is a damn diva! Deal with it! So freakin what she was tipsy or dunk! Big freakin deal! The haters act as if they were hatched yesterday and never saw a person tipsy and drunk before. Rejects! throw you pebbles elswhere! Haters are nothing more than computer big bad wolves hiding behind their mothers computer making lame pot shots. You need to gety a damn life! You will never have half the success she does. Typical lame losers sitting daily makng nasty commnets about celebrities. Haters are a bunch of low self esteem douchebags!

1716 days ago

happy day    

She was so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like she's working on her 3rd Boob Job, but thats ok, I have a very large mouth, for those sweater puppies, and that rear, WOW, WHAT A SHAPE, Very Beautiful.

1716 days ago

dr cyclops    

i wish she was my mom and that she believed in brestfeeding her kids until they were 21..oh my god she is hot and has a hell of a rack..i would never leave home and would hang around when she was getting in or out of the shower

1716 days ago


This is what happens when one washes down their Xanax and Prozac with Cristal, then attempts to climb their chunky 40-year-old frame up stairs in a dress two sizes too small.

1716 days ago


The only douche is the one that Mariah needs to give herself...

Wait --- too late for cleanliness scuzvag

1716 days ago


How old is she now?

1716 days ago


Music is one of my gigs so I notice people in the industry. Mariah can have lots of fun like anyone else. What's the problem? Those mermaid dresses are a little absurd from the thighs down, but Mariah is smooth and dolphin-like through the rest. Wowsa.

1716 days ago

KFC lickers    

As these africans think their poop does not stink and can do whatever they want if its being drunk, taking drugs, banging little white boys as MJ did or tiger banging guys

Playboy model Loredana Jolie is cashing in on her sexual encounters with Tiger Woods with an innovative, two-prong publicity plan.

First, Jolie is taking golf lessons and plans to join an amateur golf tour.

That gets an 'A' for creativity.

But that's just the appetizer.

Second, she is shopping a tell-all book that she says will detail the pro golfer's alleged appetite "for threesomes and girl-on-girl sex parties," her rep told the New York Post.

But wait, there's more ! says Jolie is also claiming she saw Tiger having sexual relationships with other men ! !
which the web site says "is something no other mistress has claimed and there has been no proof."

Jolie is reportedly shooting for a seven-figure payday, and would have to provide some seriously scandalous revelations to justify that payday, especially given the amount of seriously scandalous information that's already out there.

Back to the golf.

Jolie's rep told the New York Post that Loredana, "has quite a talent for golf, though I don't know if she learned anything from Tiger . . . She is not worried that it might bring her face-to-face with Tiger."

The rep also says Jolie suffered a nervous breakdown after convicted madam Michelle Braun said Woods went out with Jolie "four or five times" in 2006 and 2007, paying up to $15,000 for the opportunity.

Her rep continues to assert that Jolie did not receive money for sex with Woods, and is not, nor ever was, a prostitute.

She also said Jolie will "use part of the proceeds and the exposure from the Tiger Woods scandal to ... [open] a transitional home for women who wish to escape or who have already escaped the sex industry."

1716 days ago


Re-cast the upcoming 3-Stooges movie:
Anna Nicole, Whitney, Mariah.

Og wait, Anna's dead, so let's replace her with that overblown windbag Oprah....someday, she and Gail will tell you loser lemmings to kill all the men and join the lesbians movement...

1716 days ago

dr cyclops    

i love her boobies and her rear end..why cant all women look this good..most are too fat or two skinny..

1716 days ago


KFC Lickers:


Sober up and try to express your thoughts in some understandable manner you nosebleed.

1716 days ago
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