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Casey Johnson 911

'We All Think She's Dead'

1/8/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made the day Casey Johnson's body was discovered.

Casey Johnson

The call was made by the owner of the home Johnson was living in. The woman described Johnson as "ice cold."

The caller also told the operator, "Very often, [Casey's] medication gets all screwed up, so it's probably because of that."


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This is all so sad. The landlady really sounded weird - believe me, if I found someone I knew deceased in my guest house, I would have showed SOME kind of emotion! Poor Casey - didn't know who to cling to. SOMEBODY close to that girl should have known this was inevitably going to happen sooner or later and intervened. What a terrible shame! People today are too self-absorbed with their own lives.

1746 days ago


The caller also told the operator, "Very often, [Casey's] medication gets all screwed up, so it's probably because of that." - - - - -

Not at a real pharmacist, it doesn't. Is anyone really expected to believe that?? That her meds were 'often messed up' by real doctors and pharmacists, working on the level? I think not.

1746 days ago


You know, the world is making me sick. What is wrong with people? A fiance...tila whatever her name is should be thrown under a bus. If I were friends with this woman, she would not have died. Come on, they couldn't have her committed? She surely was a danger to herself, wasn't she? It seems to many are for a buck, and nobody cares about one another anymore. And, this woman who called sick is she. No concern whatsoever. TMA has made me sick enough for one night.
Cut this 911 crap out and start finding more dirt on Tiger, will you?

1746 days ago


How nonchalant this lady was reporting the death of this 30 year old young lady. Who is she? You should have this information, TMZ.

1746 days ago


i know the woman that owns the house...i've been to that house on a number of occasions...she wasn't the landlord...she was letting casey stay there...don't judge this woman on her 911 call...she is an incredibly kind woman for allowing casey to stay there when she most likely had no where else to say...keep your harsh comments to yourself unless you know the whole story

1746 days ago


Arnie I totally agree with you.Her family should have done everything possible for her to keep clean and safe. They should have gone to a judge ,so they could decide for her well being sort of Britney Spears and take her to a recovery clinic. They should have cared more!
And for Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips and all the socialites. Where have you been while your friend needed you? Oh i see you try to save the dogs but not Casey. Nice to see what really matters for you and her family. Too little to late I guess.

1746 days ago


What was up with the witch that called 911? It was as if it was such a bother and was taking up too much of her time. How sad.
We have to many selfish callused people walking around.

1746 days ago


Putting this into perspective, my friends mom is the 911 "evil person" ok. She let Casey stay in that house and was kind to do it.. Casey (RIP, seriously) had burned her bridges and had nowhere to go. The woman on the other end of that line KNEW that this would happen and was prepared for it, but she couldn't stop it... the only thing she could do was to give her a place to stay, which is more than what her family did for her in the last year of her life. From what I knew of being around Casey, it was crazy that she had actually lived to 30. Don't rip on her "landlord" (C never paid rent) rip on her family, who sent Nicky & Bizou...the "friends" to gather her personal belongings after her death. Sick.

1745 days ago


The caller sounded a little too composed and COOL. It wasn't even about being in shock, it was more like, disdain. Like the whole thing was an inconvenience for her to deal with. I could hear 'disgust and disregard' in the tone of her voice.

THE CALLER WAS COLD AS ICE (more so than poor Casey)

1745 days ago


Another case of the "Silver Spoon" slipping into the throat and choking the life out of a young person. A life of all get and no give leads to an entitled individual who has no sense of responsibility and no sense of their own worth as a human. When you are given everything and allowed to have anything, you think you deserve everything and can do anything without consequence. It's sad that by the time these over-privledged youth figure out what is real, the only one they have to tell about it is the coffin nails.

That woman on the phone did sound cold, but maybe she saw the death coming and had exhausted her efforts to get Casey to seek help. I mean, at some point you have to give up trying to fix someone who doesn't think they are broken.

1745 days ago


I believe #40.....I couldn't help but think that the caller was "upset/mad" that this poor young girl was dead. I'm sure that she was part of a small group of people who probably tried to help Casey, but all she did was ignore them and continue down the path to death. I'm sure the woman was just waiting for that day to come...and based on info that has come out about Casey, she was right. Give the caller a don't know exactly what she was thinking.

1745 days ago

Ida Clair    

Not sure why being calm and collected on the phone equated to cold and heartless.

For example, I had to call 911 a couple of nights ago. My bbq exploded and flames were 15' high. An incredible sense of calm came over me when I was on the phone. Yes, my house was in danger of burning down, but what good would be freaking out on the phone do?

I used to work in a hospital, we were trained to stay calm and stay focused, doesn't make me hearless or cold.

1745 days ago


9. Could the stupid b!tch who called 911 be any more indifferent? She might as well be ordering a pizza..Casey was not the only one ice cold..heartless witch!


...what comes around goes around!

1745 days ago


This would have revived her -

1745 days ago


Wow, the absolute concern, sympathy and care exhibited by the caller is heartwarming. I can only hope that if I find myself in dire straits, I'll have the good fortune to have this woman assist me. Los Angelenans, you're in luck. Mother Teresa's replacement is in your backyard. We must find out who she is so that her name can be submitted for a humanitarian award.

1745 days ago
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