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FOX on Conan O'Brien -- We're Not Saying No...

1/8/2010 7:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien may have a late night option if the NBC thing doesn't work out -- TMZ has learned FOX isn't exactly backing away from the idea of bringing him to their network.

As we first reported, NBC is giving Conan the option of taking the midnight spot after Jay Leno, should he so choose.

But a source at FOX -- a logical landing point should Conan become a free agent -- tells TMZ that while they are "always interested in late night" and always "looking to bring great talent to FOX," Conan is still under contract with NBC, so FOX will "just have to see" what happens.

It's not a no.

One possible selling point FOX can make to Conan -- they can offer him an 11:00 PM time slot ... 35 full minutes before Jay or David Letterman take the air.

Stay tuned ...


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GodOfGoodOldDaysTaste, thank you for proving me right. now go drink your metamucil, crankypants lol

"in myyyy daaaaayyyy, we didn't have...."


1747 days ago


After watching both, so far Conan seems to be the funniest of the two. Jay seems bitter, whiny, manipulative.

1747 days ago


"Jay may also let the partners in his life display anger or authority – doing his “dirty work” for him -- while he becomes free to play the clown or the innocent. Witness how his manager, Helen Kushnick, took most of the flack for conflicts with David Letterman in the fight for the Tonight Show crown. After Jay had become the new host, she had a reputation for being ruthless in booking guests before Letterman or others could do the same. One wonders how much of this dogged determination to get the best, no matter what it cost him in relationships, really belonged to Jay."

1747 days ago

Roger C    

It makes no logical sense for Fox to offer Conan a deal. He has bombed at 11:35 against only Letterman. If he gets a deal somewhere else and Jay comes back, it's going to be murder. Plus, Conan is not going to come cheap. He's going to ask for a lot of money. Fox's accountants will do some math and realize how ignorant a deal with him would be.

NBC has got Conan in their sights. They are locked on. He is no threat to them in the late-night game. If he can't even beat Letterman, he will get smoked against him AND Leno.

I figure NBC wants Conan to make some changes, the primary one being the removal of Andy, who has dragged this show down. If Conan refuses, this may very well be the last we see of him ever again.

1747 days ago


Fox 5 Atlanta (Number 9 market share) has local "News Edge" from 11:00 - 11:30 PM.

1747 days ago


there no easy way out of this mass and some one is going to get hurt!

1747 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Conan fans need to quit whining and blaming Jay for Conan's inability to get ratings. You guys certainly have double standards. You whine that Conan wasn't given enough of a chance in his new slot yet want Jay yanked who was in his new slot even less time.

If Conan goes to Fox, that's fine and dandy. He should have gone to another network in the first place if he wanted an earlier slot.

But Conan wasn't able to make it against just Letterman and Nightline. If he goes to Fox he'll have Letterman, Nightline, and Leno to compete with. Of course his first half hour he'll only have local news AND Jon Stewart to compete with...hehe.

1747 days ago


i think going to FOX is a bad idea. FOX is really no better than NBC and it is not just "regular old fox" anymore, it is a rightwing network just like fox news. they interrupt fox shows with fox news updates. i would like to see Conan somehwere like HBO. the real way nbc screwed conan, is they took away his chance of going to a decent network, they promised the tonight show to him and in that time abc and cb acquired their own talk shows so now conan doesnt have anywhere on network tv to go. i hope he leaves nbc sues them and takes time off until the right project comes along. i really dont want him to move to fox, all you people saying he should go to fox are stupid. whens the last time a talk show survived on fox?

1747 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Anyone who would say Kevin Eubanks is funnier than Jay has some missing brain sells. Kevin may be a good musician but he's not the brightest bulb in the pack. Half of Jay's jokes go over his head which may be hehe's problem as well.

1747 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

oops cells on sells.

hehe on me.

1747 days ago


I hope Conan goes to Fox. They'll treat Conan much better. I can't stand Jay we have to suffer with his boring monologues for years and now NBC wants to put us through that torture again? Conan is way funnier. I loved his late night show. But I feel as though NBC made Conan tone it down when he started doing the Tonight show.

1747 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Well, isn't this interesting.

Leno has been averaging 5.8 million viewers in his new slot

Conan - 2.5 million viewers

Lettermam - 4.2 million viewers

So even in his new slot with a lot more competition Jay still has more viewers than Conan or Letterman.


"Leno's show has averaged 5.8 million nightly viewers since its fall debut, about the same number who watched his final "Tonight" season. By comparison, the season's top-rated 10 p.m. network drama, CBS' "The Mentalist," has an average audience of 17.5 million.

Affiliates said Friday they'd welcome the change.

"I think Jay Leno's a great performer. He's just at the wrong place at the wrong time. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. There is something wrong with not correcting them," said Bob Prather, president and chief operating officer at Atlanta-based Gray Television Inc., whose station group includes 10 NBC affiliates.

Lisa Howfield, general manager of NBC affiliate KVBC in Las Vegas, said: "I'm excited to have Jay land back in late night. It sounds like a great lineup."

O'Brien is averaging 2.5 million nightly viewers, compared with 4.2 for Letterman's "Late Show," according to Nielsen figures. And the younger audience that O'Brien was expected to woo has been largely unimpressed, with O'Brien and Letterman's shows tying among advertiser-favored viewers ages 18 to 49."

1747 days ago


jay's "fans" are less fans of jay's and more tonight show fans. they dont want to accept change. they say they love jay yet jay's ratings were so bad that affliates were complaing. jay got ay less ratings than the shows that used to be in that time slot got.people did not want to watch jay. and jay cannot survive without the tonight show. conan can, but if jay really was as valuable as he is actinglike he is he really would have fought to not retire, or he would have inked a deal with another network. he only wants the tonight show. jay threatens but he never intends to leave nbc.

1747 days ago


and nbc tried to replace conan with jerry seinfield, they didnt offer jay the tonight show first, they offered it to jerry. jerry turned it down now they offer it to jay.nbc may have screwed conan, but jay was gonna get screwed too, and he would deserve it.

1747 days ago


Maybe conan could increase his viewership if he learned to CONNECT WITH WOMEN!! jeesh read an article if you must!! (my GF swears he's sexist)

1747 days ago
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