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Murray's New Lawyer -- I Know Propofol

1/8/2010 7:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's new lawyer claims he's the best of the best when it comes to cases involving Propofol and death -- and dude has the track record to prove it.

dr.conrad murry , michel flanagan, michael jackson

TMZ spoke to J. Michael Flanagan who told us, "I'm probably the only attorney in town that has successfully tried a Propofol case involving death."

Back in 2004, Flanagan defended a nurse who was accused of wrongly administering the stuff to a patient who later died. The nurse was charged with involuntary manslaughter -- the same crime we're told the D.A. is likely to charge Murray with. But with Flanagan by her side, the nurse was acquitted.

As for Murray's role in the Michael Jackson case, Flanagan told us, "I am totally unaware of any facts that would give rise to an involuntary manslaughter charge."

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is expected to hand over their case to the L.A. District Attorney in a matter of weeks. We're told the D.A will almost certainly criminally charge Murray in MJ's death.


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1/ The nurse in the other case adminsitered it in error. Hence she got off.

2/ Dr. C gave it to MJ knowing it was being misused, grossly. He gave it too often and to help MJ sleep. Negligence. Not too mention he made $150 K a month as MJ's pusher, um, I mean Dr.

3/ He administered it repeatedly and didn't have the life saving equipment that is standard when administering propofol. There is a huge difference in the two cases. I'm thinking (and hoping) Dr. C is going to prison as he should!

1658 days ago


where would dr. murray get his payment for this high profile lawyer? - just askin'

1658 days ago


Let's not forget the cops have Murray giving his timeline of finding MJ dead at 11 am..then the phone records come out with him supposedly on the frigging cell phone forever...then the crappy CPR info given to the 911 operator. Some things are JUST NOT going to be spinnable.
Was it ever confirmed that there was NO pulse oximeter in the house? I'm sorry, but just watching someone breath doesn't count. And he already said he left the room right after giving it, so he wasn't even IN the room to watch for any change in breathing. The pulse oximeter there/not there will be a key point. I don't think there was one since Murray NEVER said "I heard the pulse ox alarm when I was out of the room". The pulse ox has a deafening alarm that would have gone off way before breathing totally stopped. As soon as the breathing became INeffective it would have alarmed. Usually, the lower limit is set at 90%, well above the sat level that would kill someone. IMO, there was NO pulse ox in the room. Good luck to them explaing that THAT was proper/prudent medical care!

1658 days ago

Pink Daisy    

66. BIG difference here TMZ, this lawyer defending a nurse who accidently administered the drug ONE time, not over and over again like this dirt bag did to MJ......I say get out the red county jumpsuit for the doc!

Posted at 7:19PM on Jan 8th 2010 by Cat

He's a doc and soft. I wonder if they'll send him to a max prison in the Cali system?? I wouldn't want to be him.....the most hardened criminals...gang-bangers, mexican mafia....crips...bloods. This man is gonna be in some type of protection or isolation. IF convicted.

1658 days ago


Hopefully the doc get less than 5 years.
Michael is responsible for his own death.
A drug dealer is responsible for dealing drugs but the junkie is ultimately responsible for what goes into their body.

1658 days ago


Thank you, Random Angel; the Black Orchid makes my hair curl it smells so good! :) I'll see if I can get the other two and let you know if those make my toes curl..:) Again, thanks so much for your help!

1658 days ago


99. where would dr. murray get his payment for this high profile lawyer? - just askin'

Posted at 8:19PM on Jan 8th 2010 by curious


Maybe from those who knew Michael was worth more dead than alive.

1658 days ago


Murray is just a pawn for the people who really murdered Michael Jackson.
If you start running your mouth about the NWO they come and shut you up. It's obvious. Stick a creepy doctor in there with a dodgy background, sprinkle some serious drugs, add a few 'ohh he was so off his head all the time...couldn'd even speak half the time...full of needle holes' witness statements and you have yourself a big old LIE that everybody sucks up.

Stop looking at what the news is saying and think about what it isn't.

1658 days ago

Pink Daisy    

The same people who hired him to kill MJ will be paying the bills.

Posted at 7:35PM on Jan 8th 2010 by Levi

OH, SNAP!!!!

1658 days ago


96. maybe the lawyer AND murray need a shot!

Posted at 8:09PM on Jan 8th 2010 by dirty diana

Violent lunatic I hope they throw dumba$$ in jail.

1658 days ago

the sea    

Administering a drug to a cancer patient is totally different than giving it to a man who had just gotten off stage after rehearsing for a music tour. Jackson wasn't sick! Except in the head.

1658 days ago

Pink Daisy    

The corporations that are profiting the most with his death.You know who they are...

Posted at 8:00PM on Jan 8th 2010 by Levi


1658 days ago


90. @84 "And who are the people that is paying Murray's lawyer bills?

Posted at 7:41PM on Jan 8th 2010 by HumanNature"

The corporations that are profiting the most with his death.You know who they are...

Posted at 8:00PM on Jan 8th 2010 by Levi

Are you serious?? AEG and Sony huh????

1658 days ago

scum bag TMZ    

97. From what I have learned is that Propofol is not to be used by an unqualified person, meaning that it should be used only by an anaesthesiologist or specially trained nurse. This is something that Murray had to have known. He choose to administer this drug outside of a medical setting without the proper monitoring or respiratory equipment. He also gave other medications that should not have been used in conjunction with the propofol. Being a licensed physician he should have known the risks from all of the above.

I find it hard to believe that he was that stupid.

Maybe he knew what he was doing....

Posted at 8:08PM on Jan 8th 2010 by MiMi

NO, those drugs with propofol are fine, they're done everyday in the ER for a SURGERY patient, and not 18mgs of versed.

Of course he knew this, MJ too...that's why it's all BS! PERIOD!

1658 days ago


Easy, SOMEBODY before this trial will pay big money for an exclusive interview with him. That's almost a given.

Posted at 6:04PM on Jan 8th 2010 by ric

Who in the hell wants to hear what he has to say? I think by now we should all get the picture of what happened... what more would he need to tell us?

1658 days ago
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