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Neo-Nazi Boots TV Shrink in the Head

1/8/2010 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A guy with a swastika carved into his forehead jumps on a table and kicks a former talk show host in the head -- and shockingly, it wasn't Jerry Springer.

Dr, Keith Ablow

The guy on the receiving end of the kick was former TV host and real-life shrink Dr. Keith Ablow. The doc was evaluating some scumbag accused of rape and double murder at a corrections facility in Massachusetts -- when Keith claims the dude jumped on the desk and put a foot to his melon.

According to MyFoxBoston, guards immediately rushed in and subdued the 23-year-old. Ablow claims he wasn't injured in the attack and wanted to continue with the evaluation, but officials wouldn't allow it.

We'll finish it for you -- the dude is a horrible, disgusting, vile excuse for a human ... technically speaking.


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Holly G    

So how long do you think it took this freak to carve that into his head with a mirror? I mean he's clearly not the brightest guy so he could have easily carved it back wards.

1749 days ago

Anton Chigur    

Another fox news watcher showing his true colors.

1749 days ago


What a rah-tard. Jeez, carving a swatiska in your forehead? His mommy musta messed him up real bad. See, this is what spanking will do to your kids.

1749 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Rape? Double murder? just fry him and be done with it!!!

1749 days ago


Hey by good white person...Because the one black guy in your area is a free loader can we assume all white people live in trailers and watch NASCAR. Why is it that the black population is judged by the actions of a few and yet white people aren't judged by the same standards If a black guy commits a crime you'll end up reading comments like " that's what THEY do.. And that's typical of THEM" like every black guy just committed the crime you'd read about.
All you have to do is read comments made on this site and whenever there's a problem caused by a person of color it somehow becomes indicative of the actions and character of all blacks.

1749 days ago


#12..ANGER ISSUES?? and speaking of racists, WOW, you are one. and no, don't say "I can't be racist because i'm half white/half black", That's just like another racist like you saying "I CAN'T BE RACIST BECAUSE I HAVE A BLACK FRIEND". And just an FYI for you...I'm white and I don't CARE what color the people I date are..if you're a good person, you're a good person, if you are narrow-minded and hateful, you are you AND him

1749 days ago


Looks like he had a run in with Lt. Aldo Raine.. Thats not a tattoo its a carving.... F'n Racist A55H0LE.... Such a waste of skin. And tax dollars will keep him alive

1749 days ago


Jeez, what's up with #12? Uh, I think everyone here thinks this dude is all effed up. Your comment doesn't make any sense. Also, your culture never takes any responsibility for anything do they? Always looking to blame the "man" even when it doesn't make sense. Get the chip off your shoulder and go get a job.

1749 days ago


With the L.O.V.E. if I saw this man with his head like that I would go all kinds of a^^ kickin crazy on him.... I am only 4'8" white female and when I saw a guy with a necklace like that, I made him very uncomfortable... To me people like that are bully punks!!!!I love people of every race and my herritage is Jewish... Grandfather total Jew... People are just so not so nice.... Sickening!!!!! I have no patience for that because we are all one, family..... I feel you Michael you and your love.... Been there since I was a baby, and I am so proud of you dude... Your message is clear and your message is powerful and you are your message.. I still await the rest of it.... L.O.V.E. Michael... L.O.V.E.

1749 days ago


26. this guy need to be put to sleep, but so do all the radical muslim the ones who took down the trade center and killed over 3000 people...but Obama will never let that happen

Posted at 11:59AM on Jan 8th 2010 by erica

If Bush hadn't been asleep at the wheel the Trade Centers would still be there. It's funny how all the right wingers blame Obama for things that happened on Bush's watch.

I guess he should have all the worlds problems fixed by now...I mean he's been in office for a YEAR now. What's up with that? He must be a poor President eh!

While Obama's made some mistakes, give the man some time. A new President doesn't even start to become effective with his policies until the second year at least.

1749 days ago

Half black half white    

I have a master degree in computer science, came from a very poor family , and I worked very hard for everything I have, so don't tell me I got anything for free A-Hole , unlike you privileged white Fu*88cks , I can't even walk in my white cousins’ neighborhood alone without someone calling the cops on me, and I don't look or dress like a thug, poverty came for my black father passed through generations, he's father "my granddad wasn’t given the same opportunities white people had in those days thus not giving my dad the chance to go to a good school or raise me in a good neighborhood.

For thousands of years the Chinese had been using gunpowder with fireworks for celebrations, then the white man came stole the idea and made guns to kill people, steal their land rape their women kill their kids, F38Ck everybody over and now act like they are nice , oh yeah we have all this because we work hard and we’re nice , yeah right u Fu@@cks thieves liars scare lil punks like I said I’ll day will come when you will not be on top anymore. Karma bitches don’t complain because the Mexicans are coming.

1749 days ago


Poster boy for capital punishment??? I think so.

1749 days ago

alainea bobbit    

Last time I checked their were no african americans in this story.I live in a mostly white area and if anyone saw an african american walking down the street they would not call the cops thats just silly and dramatic.if thats what happens to you then you should move.

If this nut in this story was only a rapeist he would eventually be released I guess it takes Murder for the prisons parole board to reconize a monster.where I live most of the rapeists are white guys that like kids...If you check the sexoffender website you would see all white guys in 2 citys..A house I made an offer on has a rapist living on the next street over he broke in and raped a 20 yr old. Hes a white guy in his 50s. Hes in jail now but when he gets out it will take him murdering someone in my neighborhood to keep him locked up forever.I bet if he was breaking in to rape guys the Men that make the laws would make rape a permanent jail sentence.Their are about 20 sexoffenders in Warwick,west warwick RI almost all of which molested,raped children known to them,family members or friends kids. Some are level 3 sexoffenders the worst of the worst and they are let out of prison within a year or sometimes only a few months after they violently raped someone.In RI The police would rather arrest people for marijuana selling and lock them up for life. I wonder if the swastica wearing lunatic would like me to carve one into his wang before I cut it off. He looks like a rapeist

1749 days ago


What a poor excuse for a human being. What kind of person etches a swastika in his forehead. That alone lets you know what kind of idiot he is. He probably isn't even German and has no clue what kind of sufferings occurred during Hitlers reign. What a disappointment to the good lord he must be.

1749 days ago


to be honest Ablow looks jewish so...

1749 days ago
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