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Neo-Nazi Boots TV Shrink in the Head

1/8/2010 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A guy with a swastika carved into his forehead jumps on a table and kicks a former talk show host in the head -- and shockingly, it wasn't Jerry Springer.

Dr, Keith Ablow

The guy on the receiving end of the kick was former TV host and real-life shrink Dr. Keith Ablow. The doc was evaluating some scumbag accused of rape and double murder at a corrections facility in Massachusetts -- when Keith claims the dude jumped on the desk and put a foot to his melon.

According to MyFoxBoston, guards immediately rushed in and subdued the 23-year-old. Ablow claims he wasn't injured in the attack and wanted to continue with the evaluation, but officials wouldn't allow it.

We'll finish it for you -- the dude is a horrible, disgusting, vile excuse for a human ... technically speaking.


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This is what is produced when Chalie Sheen has sex with Glen Beck's mother. Or...when Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bauchmann have a son!

1751 days ago


My fantasy: Lock swastika guy up in a cell with Tila Tequila and throw away the key.

1751 days ago


Speaking as a white person, I can honestly say that I can't WAIT to be a minority. To be a minority is like being something rare, exotic and opposed to something common and bland. Bring it! I'm ready! I've been in the majority all my life and it's time to turn the tables!

1751 days ago


Dont you love it. When its a new version of Jeffrey Dahmer/Hitler or the countless other white men that have killed their wives or raped and kidnapped little girls..all of a sudden, "This Has Nothing To Do With Race." But if a black person so much as cheats on their taxes, that black person becomes a representative of the entire black population. Some Archie Bunker on here even laughingly cant wait to be a "minority". Silly boy is a minority. I personally feel that there are more reasonable, sensible, good genuine open minded white people than narrow minded angry white men. The last election proved it!

However, the most vile, the most evil..likes to swap wives with is friend, cant wait to buy an assault rifle, has sex with animals, likes to have stiletto heels pressed into his chest, wants to put a gag ball in his wife's mouth, cant wait to abduct a little blonde girl, has an addiction to Crystal Meth and gets off on Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh's radio shows.

Yes, the aforemention is a white minority....and growing. Have you been to a Tea Bag party lately?

1751 days ago


obviously ,the man with the disfigured forehead . does not wish to work on wall street or aspire to be president of ibm

1751 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Wonder if he did it himself or had help by "aldo the apache"

1751 days ago


Hes a discusting poor EXCUSE of a human being!!!!
Anything bad that happens to him is well deserved!!

1751 days ago


Man...BBQ the racist prick. I sincerely hope he burns a slow death in hell. Bastard.

1751 days ago


I'm not really worried about whether this guy gets the death penalty or not... despite my belief that "life-sentenced" prisoners are a waste of taxpayer money, I'm hoping that this guy gets a life sentence so that all the other prisoners can slowly and repeatedly teach him a lesson.

1751 days ago


This guy raped and murdered two teenage girls in my city, along with a homeless man while fleeing from police. The carving is something he did in prison "as a statement." It gave the city a black eye and I'm sad that he's still making news. Whatever the punishment may be, I hope it gives some piece of mind for the families of the victims, and some feeling of safety for this community.

1751 days ago


who ever caved it should of carved it on his neck to mark the spot...why do they let these guys live.....there devils....the mark is the mark of evil..can't anyone see .it is has nothing to do with religion.....the mark also means kill me now

1751 days ago


I don't believe the story. I need an alibi on the whereabouts of the Bear Jew and Brad Pitt at the time.

1751 days ago


This piece of white trash wouldn't last 5 minutes at Rikers Island jail in the Bronx NY!!

1750 days ago


>>the dude is a horrible, disgusting, vile excuse for a human ...

No doubt. I mean, just look at that shaved head and vacant expression.

Now, what about the nazi?

1750 days ago


"-- the dude is a horrible, disgusting, vile excuse for a human ... technically speaking."

And the inmate's no prize either (da-da-DA)

1750 days ago
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