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Richard Gere -- Hello Dalai

1/8/2010 9:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Gere prayed with fellow Buddhists and greeted his BFF Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama in India on Friday.


No word if he was forgiven for "Nights in Rodanthe."



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To the first comment on this page, Why is Buddhism a joke?
It is considered the most peaceful religious practice on earth. When other religions fought eachother with weapons and killed thousands, buddhists gave up their weapons for exchange of temples of meditation. Richard Gere is a kind gentleman and this is anything but a photo op. gere has been practicing buddhhism for many years, and like a catholic, meeting the pope is a religious journey, gere meeting his holiness the 14th dalai lama is very spiritual.

1747 days ago


Nights in Rodanthe was actually a good Romantasy- Romantic yes...Fanstasy yes. It shows you how women WANT to be treated, but not necessarily how they are treated by men!

1747 days ago

wheat thin    

Hare Krsna!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
All glories to Caitanyana Mahaprabhu!
All glories to Radha and Krsna!


1747 days ago


In the second picture that guy in the middle looks like the guy from X-MEN.

1747 days ago

kelly haggard    

That was an awesome movie and tear jerker! And just because you do not believe in that religion, doesn't mean it is a joke or is wrong. Freedom of religion, people. why don't YOU get a life.
At least Richard is willing to travel across the world to pay respects to what he believes in. If only the rest of us were so lucky to ba able to be so close to the religous leaders that mean so much to us. Show respect!

1747 days ago


Hmmm, I wonder how the cameras got there????

Ohhh, I forgot Richard Tiffany Gere (that is his real middle name) is super important because he pretends for a living.

1747 days ago


Right on, Alan! Well said!

"Every holyman should get a real job and do something useful instead of exploiting the stupid."

1747 days ago



Why are you getting all huffy about someone saying something about Buddhism and Richard Gere?

You are on an entertainment website and you want to have an intellectual argument??? Are you serious? Now if you guys were talking/arguing about Richard Gere movies maybe I would get that but....

I think there something wrong with you.
It is called bating....figure it out.

1747 days ago


"Forgiven" for Nights in Rodanthe? Buddhism does not offer forgiveness. Richard Gere will have to stand before God all on his own. Ouch!

1747 days ago


Going on TMZ to learn about religion is like learning how to diet from Kirstie Alley. You idiots, there isnt a God in Buddhism, it's within yourself.

1747 days ago


OK! Good! There you have some good examples of people you can use as references if you want to ask someone what "Buddhism" involves. Richard Gere, the Dalai Lama and no doubt millions of others. Wikipedia, Google it, it, you get the picture. But NOT Tiger Woods, OK? Get that clear.

1747 days ago


gere the boddhisattva-never seen him in the lotus pose is he for real or just a spy

1747 days ago


Gere is a nut job. I bet Cindy Crawford could tell some great Gere stories but she seems too classy to air his dirty laundry. Then again, she probably hopes everyone forgets that she was married to this clown.

1747 days ago


No gerbils were harmed, I presume.

1747 days ago

J C    

If Buddhism worships the god within yourself.
It's worship of the human spirit.
The bible teaches that this is pride and that only God should be worshipped.
Pride was Satan's sin
The human spirit is dead before becoming born again.
Jesus said you need to become born again in John Ch 3.
Read it if You're seeking a relationship with a God who is greater than Yourself.

1747 days ago
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