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Heene Family -- Guilty of Bad Acting

1/9/2010 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just in time for Oscar season, the Heene family released a video that shows them reacting as the balloon they thought (not really) their son was in floated away.

Balloon Boy video

The family gave the video to CNN, which aired it during "The Situation Room" yesterday.

Richard Heene was sentenced to 90 days in jail for his role in the hoax. Mayumi got 20 days.

Note: Before, when we said Oscars ... we meant Razzies.


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Heene's family exclusive party pix...

1716 days ago



1716 days ago


Can we say they need some help haha

1716 days ago


How convenient that the cam was running. Wonder why they didn't get this out sooner?

1716 days ago

South Beach    

Take this dad (using the term loosely), Lohan dad and Jon dad, put in sack, add cement blocks and drop off a pier. Want to help children and clean up the planet? Good place to start I'm thinking.

1716 days ago


come on America,you know if this family got a show you would watch...look at Jersey Shore. And TMZ, you would have them on your show. Sometimes I really hate this country

1716 days ago


Yeah if I were Mayumi, I would beg for them to deport me anywhere but with Richard!
That guy cooked up that whole scheme and she goes along with whatever he wants trying to be loyal to her master. People are reality show crazy and they are making idiots out of themselves to achieve the quick money deals. No need for college when all u need to do is shame your family and get paid big time doing it. There are children without parents and insane parents because they want it fast & right now. How Sad....

1716 days ago


I have never posted a comment here, but I have to after watching that video...come ON! Really?!? I think this only proves that Richard Weene (the typo stays) is verbally abusive to his wife in front of the children and can't control his anger. Yelling and swearing at his family all because that stupid balloon flew away? Enough already, please go away!

1716 days ago


This reminds me exactly of that old series, Land of the Lost. It's not just bad acting, it's a whole new level of bad acting.

If they did get reality show, I promise I would not watch. There are some things that are beyond stupid and funny and creep into the hostile and malicious territory such as these Heenes, the White House crashers, and worst of all Michael Vick who actually got a show. It is a shame that this country rewards terrible behavior.

1716 days ago



1716 days ago


I don't know if that is the worst acting job. It's up there with Michael Vick's 60 Minutes interview or anytime Obama opens his mouth.

1716 days ago

excretive producer    

Freaking publicity hound - he even brings the Jiffy Pop thing to Larry King's studio! If there's any intelligence left in this country for god's sake, stop feeding this idiot's bulls**t!!

No, he's not smarter than a 5th grader, leave that crap to Falcon, give the kids a chance to grow some brains and realize just how f**ked up their parents are! Get them out of that house or god help us with s**thead parents like these this country will be past the point of no return!!

1716 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Please make those idiots go away.

1716 days ago


Too bad the whole family couldn't go up, up & away in a balloon and never be heard from again.

1716 days ago

Truth hurts    

Ha! Morons. This goes to show what a loose cannon this clown is. His outbursts on the video and on Wife Swap are terrible. Poor kids have to put up with that? He should have gotten more jail time than that.


1716 days ago
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