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Pacquiao's Trainer -- Floyd's a 'Coward!'

1/9/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget about checking for drugs, the real reason the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ain't happening -- Mayweather's a "coward" ... at least according to Manny's trainer.

Freddie Roach: Click to watch
This week in L.A., Freddie Roach slammed Floyd for "pulling out" of the proposed Vegas showdown -- adding "Mayweather doesn't make the rules" when it comes to blood tests.

Mayweather sees things differently -- he thinks Manny's just a "punk ass."

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Mayweather got balls!!

Tell me, can you live long enough knowing you've lost your dignity & the world's respect & be called a lame chicken for the rest of your f*ckin natural life anywhere you go?

You definitely just gotta have balls!!

1655 days ago


Mayweather is nothing but a loud mouth coward.
Mayweather pulls off the biggest duck in boxing history.
Mayweather seals up coward legacy.
Mayweather knows he is going to lose the fight that's why he won't let it happen.

1655 days ago


Yeah, Kenducky Floyd Chicken Jr., that's what he is!

1655 days ago


Mayweather has too much to lose if he fights Pacquiao. Whereas Pacquiao has nothing to lose. If Pacquiao were to fight Mayweather and lose, Pacquiao would take the lost in stride and remain humble as he has always been. On the other hand, Mayweather is undefeated and [if] Mayweather were to lose, then this would be damaging to Maywaether's undefeated record not mention his balloon-sized ego would burst. I just wish Mayweather could concede to the possibility that Pacquiao might win. Mayweather should just stay retired if he isn't going to accept a true challenge. Pity, because a Mayweather/Pacquiao fight eould have been epic.

1655 days ago


By the way... Any one who is validates Mayweather's crazy stipulations, in terms of asking Pacquiao to take a drug test, is deluded. Fine, let's say Mayweather is concerned regarding cheating in the sport by performance enhancing drugs - why did he not ask all his previous opponents to fight under the same conditions??? Mayweather is not up for a [real] challenge. There is nothing more to it and anyone making more out if this Mayweather/Pacquiao fallout is simply in denial.

1655 days ago


mayweather didn't ask past fighters to take this test because he didn't believe these fighters were on steroids... the stuff that u guys say is illegal is legal in Nevada so obviously its not cheating if they fight in Nevada... mayweather probably wants to keep the fight in nevada because they don't tax their fighters... compared to lets say Texas... if they fought in texas they would lose out on potential earnings cause of the taxes they'd have to pay... this debate was brought up long before the xoc watever stuff was brought up... mayweather agreed to a 10 million dollar weight penalty if he was overweight for this fight... people called mayweather a cheater for being overweight against marquez... if he was scared of pacman why would he agree to this? pacman believes the blood test will weaken him? well if he were to take a blood test 48 hrs before a fight and it's going to weaken him... i guess its going to do nothing for mayweather? common... pacman's camp was in heavy talks to fight Paulie Malignaggi if this mayweather fight doesnt fall through... Paul Malignaggi has openly stated that he believes pacman is on steroids... common... ur telling me pacman has all those tattoos on his body but he's still scared of needles? at least mayweather's camp is still trying to keep this super fight alive... it's pacman's camp that's saying it's a done deal... mayweather has ducked some fighters before most notable shane mosley... but right now it sounds like pacman is the one ducking mayweather...

1654 days ago


people kill me

mayweather walked away?


Floyd's not demanding when he's tested, he's only interested in using an agency he trusts

people sound dumb and dumber everytime they open their mouths to defend MP's actions

if i was clottey, i'd demand usada also.

only a cheater would concern themselves with what agency is conducting the random drug test

what a loser

1653 days ago


You're the cheater Roach. My 4 months-old had a blood test this week. You're telling me that Pac can't be tested for a multi-million dollars fight ?? F you. The way Pac looked against Marquez, I know he can't even beat Zab Judah. My humble opinion is you cheated Pac of millions of dollars, cause even loosing the fight while clean, he would have made more money (maybe a rematch) then 5-10 fights with weak opponents as you have started to make. Doesn't even beat the excitement of a hockey game imo.

1587 days ago


FLOYD MAYWEATHER is very SCARED of the PACMAN's leathal and very powerful PUNCH that could send him tumbling down to the CANVAS.
..So SCARED that he doen't want any part of it, or even Talking and mentioning about PACMAN.

...FLOYD it's OK to admit to the whole WORLD that your really AFRAID of PACQUIAO, Because me too is SCARED of SUPERMAN. LOL!!!

1412 days ago

carlton fleming    

whoever said floyd is a coward or gay is problably gay themselves....manny beat some watched up fighters....floyd beat the hell out of the man that beat manny's butt....you weren't always on manny's jock...and now that he won a few fights you think he is the best?....freddie roach and company is just looking for a big payday for their pockets like they are the ones fighting....mayweather don't need manny...manny needs floyd....you stupid ass people!

1343 days ago


pacquiao camp agreed to 14 days prior to fight for blood testing, unlimited urine testing, and blood testing immediately after the fight. what is the problem? there is debate that urine testing is actually more effective, and blood tesing is archaic. do people consider xylocaine a performance enhancing drug? it should, because it allows mayweather and other fighters to perform better. why does mayweather only fight in vegas? funny, xylocaine is not illegal there! that's why mayweather wouldn't take the fight in dallas! that's why he retired for a second time! he is PBF, Pretty Boring Fighter! he doesn't throw a lot of punches, probably only 1-2 at a time. they don't hurt, because he has brittle hands, and the gloves he wears has extra padding. he is a cheater, and his allegations against pacquiao are unfounded.

peace out y'all!

1338 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, what an IDIOT this guy was, asking such MORONIC questions. Freddie should've smacked this CLOWNin the nose with his briefcase. TMZ, STOP your people from discussing ANY type of sports, they don't know sht and sound like 5th graders.

1083 days ago


floyd is the best in the worl bottom line, and he talks that **** the way it supposed to be done, i live for him in ignorant mode u the best *****

1083 days ago


floys is the best in the worl bottom line, and he talks that **** the way it supposed to be done, i live for him in ignorant mode u the best *****

1083 days ago
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