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Pacquiao's Trainer -- Floyd's a 'Coward!'

1/9/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Forget about checking for drugs, the real reason the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather ain't happening -- Mayweather's a "coward" ... at least according to Manny's trainer.

Freddie Roach: Click to watch
This week in L.A., Freddie Roach slammed Floyd for "pulling out" of the proposed Vegas showdown -- adding "Mayweather doesn't make the rules" when it comes to blood tests.

Mayweather sees things differently -- he thinks Manny's just a "punk ass."

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mrez, my new year's celebration was very nice!!!!!!!!!!! Party and drinks all night long!!!!! Hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahaha.

It is nice to see you here!!!!!! The competition is better!!!!!!!!!
; )

1749 days ago


mayweather need xylocaine to hit harder. He's the drug cheater not pac!!

1749 days ago


IT SEEMS MAYWEATHER JR. IS THE DRUG CHEAT WHO USES XYLOCAINE ...THIS IS TRUE HERE IS THE LINK IF YOU WONT BELIEVE IT ..http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-20066-Pittsburgh-Fight-Sports-Examiner~y2010m1d8-Floyd-Mayweather-the-one-using-banned-substances

1749 days ago

Donald Ray    

If I were Roach, I wouldn't spend ONE MINUTE answering this imbecile's STUPID questions. This clown was floundering like a fish outta' water, trying to ask an intellegent question. TMZ, I didn't think it was possible, but your people are getting WORSE everyday.

1749 days ago


Pacquiao is a punk. If he doesn't have anything to hide, than he would have agreed to the tests. Mayweather at least wanted to meet halfway, and have only 2 tests. 1st would be 14 days before the fight, the 2nd would be immedietly after the fight. Pacquiao still wouldn't agree. The only logical explanation for not agreeing, is Pacquiao is hiding something, or is the coward himself.

1749 days ago

Tony C.    

Once again Floyd ducks another World Class Fighter,this time its Pacquiao. He previously ducked Mosely, Margarito and Cotto. I read an article which he uses Xylocaine injected into his hands before fights to numb his hands for his punches. Wow, now it makes me wonder why he tried to smear Pacquiao when if fact he is the one cheating. This Lil Floyd is bad for boxing. Pacquiao is the true champion and Floyd is a true Chump!

1749 days ago


Money Mayweather didnt want to fight in Texas because the substance Xylocaine is banned in that state, he uses this to numb his hands before his fights. He clearly did not want to fight the Pound For Pound champion so he made a ridiculous request for blood tests. Floyd cannot make such requests because he is not bigger than boxing. He must abide by the Nevada state commissions. We all wanted to see this fight,but he apparently does not want to fight any fighter who can give him any trouble. Please retire again for good and keep your sorry undefeated record of fighting only bums. You are the CHEATER, Mr. XYLOCAINE.

1749 days ago


Kentucky Floyd Chicken(KFC) is a COWARD.@alhex123 you're as stupid as you can be.His fear of losing evidently outweighs the biggest payday in boxing history. Manny Pacquiao has agreed to the most extensive drug testing procedure in the history of boxing. Mayweather is not willing to compromise because he wants no part of Pacquiao.

1749 days ago


Xylocaine...Now I see why Shaeffer and team Mayweather never planned on visiting Jerry Jones,
Cowboys Stadium, or the state of Texas.

Its been proven that Floyd uses a drug/banned substance/advantage to numb his hands before a fight. The only state that
Legalizes the drugs Floyd uses for his hands is in Nevada Las Vegas, hence why the Floyd camp didn't
want it held in Texas stadium. 49 states have banned Xylocaine in boxing which he injects into his hands
to numb any pain before the fight.

This is the article link:


credit for the find goes to Maverick65, Pacland


1749 days ago

kenducky floyd chicken    

kenducky floyd chicken is the real cheater, he cheated marquez for goin overweight on there fight and he cheated most of hes previous opponents by using an enchancement drug called XYLOCAINE which he still using and its a fact... while a drug lord accused pacquiao on enchancement drug? lmao! who's the real cheater now? hahaha! chicken floyd u coward go back to retirement boxing dont need a clown like u...

1749 days ago


who is the tmz idiot asking questions,he has not a clue. i'm no journalist and neither is he. tw@t.

1749 days ago


5'5 132 lbs. yawn... next

1748 days ago


pacman agreed to 24 days & right after the fight to undergo blood test...that will surely show the results of the HGH/PED...why does gayweather insist of random, olympic style, blood test before the fight...he just want to get all the advantages he can extract from the lil' guy...he's bigger, he's taller & have about 5" reach advantage, what else does he needs? have u ever heard about this demand before in boxing? NSAC took blood from pacman 24 days bfore hatton and proven negative! 2 days before morales and still negative (HIV however) but did weaken pacman and lost to morales...come'on man' gayweather is just scared to death to fight a lil' guy...he's the greatest coward of all time!

1748 days ago
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