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Assault Investigation

In Lohan Car Incident

1/10/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's car struck a photog this morning, and her driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.

The incident occurred at 12:30 AM in front The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Lindsay's driver was behind the wheel of her BMW when it made contact with the paparazzo.

The photog was not taken to the hospital

Lindsay is not a suspect -- though she was reportedly inside the car during the incident.

Ironically, it was Lindsay's assistant that reported the incident.

According to X17, the photog (pictured below in the Jack Daniels shirt) injured his hand and was treated by EMTs who arrived on scene.


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Good heavens -- the guy was barely injured at all, and I have no doubt he was at the very least contributorily negligent himself (if not outright hoping for a little bump-up to boost his bank acct and get his 15 mins....errr, make that 1.5 mins).

1747 days ago


Good heavens -- the guy was barely injured at all, and I have no doubt he was at the very least contributorily negligent himself (if not outright hoping for a little bump-up to boost his bank acct and get his 15 mins....errr, make that 1.5 mins).

1747 days ago


the guys a fatass he was bound to get by something eventually

1747 days ago


Nobody is relevant here. The only point to consider is do pedestrians have the right of way or not. I'm not from California so I don't know. But if they do the driver is at fault 100%. If they don't have the right of way, its more of a gray area. It did look like she did charge right into him from a dead stop. If that's true I'd say the driver is clearly at fault. If someone is standing in front of your car you don't hit the gas pedal. No matter where you are in the world.

1747 days ago


What a fat wuss....if you don't want to get hit, don't stand in front of the car....Goodyear..

1747 days ago


Injured HA! Look at the video footage! As car pulls away camera is right on the photographer as he is standing next to a parked car. This guy is trying to get make some easy cash. He left hand is bandaged while his right hand holding a camera which leans over the right side of her car. HOW DID HIS LEFT HAND GET INJURED !!!????!!!! She ran over his foot? Does he look injured. Someone drove over my foot while wearing runners once and i was in pain. This looks so fishy who pays for the medical response team?

1747 days ago


LOL, I hope the paparzzi sues the fake ass typical LA assistant's to the celebrities. They lease their cars acting all fabulous but when they lose their jobs, they can't afford to pay their bills and live beyond their means. He should go after all the assistant's assets (I am assuming she does not have any). These assistants to the stars think they have an entitlement.

1747 days ago


When you stop hanging on to peoples cars, you will stop getting run over or hit. You have no right to be so close to personal space! Back off. It is your own fault. This always makes me think of Princess Di. Until you kill another, you think YOUR PIC is the ONE to make a Million.

1747 days ago

Not buying the crocodile tears    

What a fat, disgusting slob of a person that dude is. It's no wonder people that are stalked by the paparazzi tell them off. If I had a person that gigantic and nasty following me around, I would not only fear for my life, I would call the cops to remove the beached whale obstructing my vehicle. Get out of your car, dude, put the camera down, and try exercising and eating something other than fast food. I can't even respect someone that fat. That is just sheer sloth.

By the way, is he crying or is he just covering his nasty mug because he doesn't like the way it feels to be on the other side of the lens? By the way, TMZ, if you want to do the right thing, you'd post his name and a photo of his face. That way everyone else can follow him to the grocery store and laugh at his rollie pollie kids who are probably just as disgusting looking and screwed up as he is. Just a suggestion.

1747 days ago


Maybe that fatass papp should put his stupid camera down, the hamburgers down and maybe step on a treadmill ... then get a REAL job.

1747 days ago


Did that pap piss his pants..??? Again what was he doing in her way,?? The PAPS need to stop chasing people down.. He deserves what he got.!!!!!!!!!

1747 days ago


throw the whole Skank-An crew in jail.

1747 days ago

Bob Rutkas    

The moron paparazzi deserved it. They should give the driver a public service award. Maybe the idiot will look into getting a real job, something he is qualified for... Cleaning chickens for example.

1747 days ago


Lucky to be alive???are you kidding me ...maybe if 100 people wouldnt surround every celebrity walking out of a building and just let them get in the car and drive home they wouldnt get hit by cars...Whats the idiot think is going to happen when he is standing in front of a car ppl just got in and started...There going to drive...They shouldnt have to wait on someone to get a picture..>I knoow tmz hates to hear this but damn you ppl have to be so annoying no wonder tyson threatened to kill you...I would too!!

1747 days ago

Why Not    

Step into the traffic, flash your camera in the driver's face and then cry??? Only his hand was hit. If she was aiming for him she would have gone for the body... it being the biggest target and all. He probably saw a chance to retire. Obviously, he can't chase down the next story, he's too fat to get out of his own way, let alone a moving vehicle!
Give it up, and go on welfare, like you were before your Mama gave you a camera, but not the brains to stay fit and slim if you are going to play in traffic. You can't help people who won't help themselves. He is definitely missing the self-preservation gene. He needs to go back to his living room, and watch tv so he can see how the professionals do it.

1747 days ago
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