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Lohan Driver -- Zero to Dangerous in 2.5 Secs

1/10/2010 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan didn't even have a chance to buckle up before her driver gunned it down an alley last night -- allegedly tagging a photog so hard, he needed medical attention.

Lindsay Lohan

As we previously reported, Lindsay's driver is now a person of interest in a criminal assault with a deadly weapon investigation.


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Simon Monjack..?

1744 days ago


IF paps want to keep blinding drivers then they should be fair game. I think she should be awarded 10 bonus points and a get out of jail free card

1744 days ago


Look closely I don't think he was anywhere near-- camera is in his right hand claims left hand hurting-- but I watched video a few times and he seems far away from the car -- could it all be a set up - including the girl?

1744 days ago


That would be great if the Judge threw it out of court.
That would teach the paparazzos' dumb azzes to get out of the way.
It would set a precedent.

1744 days ago


let's be fair it'd be kinda hard not to hit that guy. You can't trust obese people.

1744 days ago


That dumb a$$ should have his feet flattened too for being totally useless. TMZ photogs are at least wide awake and know not to lie in front of cars being annoying. More creeps like this need to be flattened

1744 days ago


i wished he broke his leg so he wouldnt be able to do this again .
i hope they make him pay for the damage to the car
what a fatass

1744 days ago


I don't even think he is even from here deport his dumba$$.

1744 days ago


WHATEVERRRRR with this fat ass pap!! U can see when he gets "HIT" that he just continues looking at the car as it drives away.. NOT holding his hand or his foot or his fat belly that was in the way!!! Then, there's a very convenient EDIT from whoever was recording. All of sudden, his story goes from OUCH, to "I'm lucky I'm still alive, I almost died." WTF WTF LOSERRRRR SHAME ON YOU PAPS! I would've made sure ur ass really got hurt if u were in front of MY car like that!

1744 days ago


Is that Courtenay Semel driving????

1744 days ago


he should have kept out of the way! obviously as soon as she got in, they were going to get away from all the cameras. the driver even waved goodbye. if she really wanted to kill someone she would/could have!

1744 days ago


I laughed my a** off when i watched this video to bad the driver didn't break his wrist off. This is same guy who always followed LL around in a cab.

1744 days ago


She should have checked for injuries with he Boobs!

1744 days ago

Booger McGee    

I don't like the Paps at all. Not one bit.

Having said that it took me a couple viewings to realize the guy who claims to be hurt was not the one filming this all. He was on the far side of the car (passenger side) and looks like it just stuck his arm out and got thumped. I watched it again and again at that point and his reaction, barely caught, looks like he was standing there and only stuck his arm out - maybe for one last shot. How smart do you have to be to do that and yet be surprised a driver is about to hit the gas?

If anything the person FILMING this sounded like the one who just about damn-near got rolled over.

1744 days ago


Not impressed. He doesn't have a case. Don't put your hand in front of a car that will be driving off. This is what happens when you get in the way of a car. Dumbass. Does this mean I can jump in front of a car and then cry about it afterwards?.. I think not.

1744 days ago
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